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Gc  ML. 

929.2  ^ 






3  1833  01204  3383 






ST.    LOUIS  ^7>u~~^l 

+**»'—■  <Hn  — wem 


^4t<//ior  of  "  TTie  Berkiciths,"  "  Geo/^e  Beckwith  of  Maryland  "  cmcJ 
"  Dances  of  the  Dakotah." 






\  In  the  compilation  of  the  following  volume  I  have 
JSS  conformed  strictly  to  family  tradition,  as  given  me 
by  elder  members  of  the  five  branches  of  the 
fc  Chouteau  family, 
s^  Eeferences  have  also  been  made  to  the  following 
~x    authors,  etc. :  Eeaves,  Shepard,  Scharf ,  Billon,  news- 


;  paper  files,  records  of  Church,  City  and  State, 
published  and  unpublished  memoirs,  travels  and 

Contemplating  a  future  publication,  relating  to 
the  "  Military  Service  of  St.  Louis  Creoles  and  their 
Ancestors,"  I  would  respectfully  request  material 
relating  to  the  same,  covering  military  service  in  any 
of  the  American  wars. 

Paul  Beckwitii. 

June  1st,  1893, 

St.  Louis,  Mo. 



IN       FRIENDLY      REMEMBRANCE,      THIS      VOLUME       IS 


G.  BROWN    GOODE,  LL.   D. 


"  A  Creole  is  one  born  of  European  parents,  in 
the  American  colonies  of  France  or  Spain,  or  in 
the  Slates,  which  were  once  such  colonies.  Espe- 
cially those  of  French  or  Spanish  descent  who 
are  natives  of  Louisiana  and  their  descendants." 

Marie  Tiieeese  Bourgeois.  1.  Left  an  orphan 
at  a  tender  age,  was  placed  tinder  the  care  of  the 
Ursuline  Ktiiis  in  New  Orleans,  La.,  where  she  mar- 
ried, in  1749,  Rene  Angnste  Chouteau,  a  native  of 
Beam,  France.  He  came  to  New  Orleans  in  early 
youth  and  engaged  in  business,  and  at  the  time  of 
his  death  was  possessed  of  considerable  means. 

2.  Auguste  Chouteau,  married  Marie  Therese 
Auguste  Chouteau.  2.  Born  in  New  Orleans, 
Sept.  17,  1750.  As  a  youth  of  14,  in  charge  of  the 
first  party  of  colonists,  landed  Feb.  15,  176-i,  on  the 
site  of  the  present  city  of  St.  Louis.  He  superin- 
tended the  erection  of  the  first  house  built,  and  em- 
ployed the  Indian  women  and  children  in  digging  out 
the  cellar  and  carrying  the  earth  away  in  their 

He  was  chief  clerk  of  Maxent,  Laclede  &  Co.,  and 
represented  the  interest  of  Mr.  Laclede  in  the  new 
settlement.  In  the  words  of  Mr.  Laclede  to  Col. 
Chouteau,  "  You  will  proceed  to  the  site  on  the  left 
bank  of  the  river,  where  we  blazed  the  trees,  and 
erect  a  house  to  store  the  tools  and  shelter  the  men. 


8  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

I  give  you  two  men,  on  whom  you  can  depend,  to  aid 
you,  and  I  will  join  you  before  long."  Upon  the 
death  of  Mr.  Laclede  in  1768,  Col.  Chouteau  settled 
up  his  estate,  and  from  this  time  entered  into  busi- 
ness on  his  own  account.  He  was  then  a  man  of  38, 
grown  up  with  the  village,  known  to  all  the  inhab- 
itants of  this  upper  country,  at  the  head  of  large 
business  interests,  was  acquiring  property,  prominent 
in  the  affairs  of  the  village,  a  man  of  education,  had 
drawn  up  the  first  plat  of  the  village.  All  this  com- 
bined soon  made  him  most  prominent  in  the  place, 
and  in  a  very  few  years  Col.  Chouteau  grew  to  be 
considered  by  his  contemporaries  the  founder  of  the 

At  the  transfer  to  the  U.  S.  in  1S01,  Col.  Chouteau 
was  the  most  prominent  citizen  of  the  place,  and 
filled  the  following  positions  under  the  new  govern- 
ment :  In  1801,  presiding  justice  of  the  court  of  Oyer 
and  Terminer ;  1S08,  appointed  colonel  of  the  first 
regiment  of  militia ;  1809,  president  of  the  St.  Louis 
board  of  justices,  and  commissioner  of  the  U.  S.  in 
negotiating  several  treaties  with  the  various  tribes  of 
Indians  in  the  vicinity.  In  1807,  he  opened  a  bank- 
ing and  brokerage  house,  the  first  in  the  city.  In 
1806,  was  selected  chairman  at  a  meeting  of  the  citi- 
zens to  ingraft  resolutions  relating  to  the  "dastardly 
attack  on  the  U.  S.  ship  of  war  Chesapeake  by  the 
British  ship  of  war,  the  Leopard."  In  1816  he  was 
elected  first  president  of  the  first  regularly  organized 
banking  house. 

Col.  Chouteau  never  left  St.  Louis,  and  died  there 
Feb.  21,  1825.     He  married  Sept.  21,  1786,  Marie 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  9 

Thcrese  Cerre,  who  was  born  at  Kaskaskia,  jSTov. 
26,  1769,  and  died  in  St.  Louis  Aug.  14,  1842, 
Daughter  of  Gabriel  Cerre  who  was  born  in  Mon- 


treal,  Canada,  May  22,  1734,  he  was  one  of  a  large 
family  of  brothers  and  sisters,  Pierre ;  Louis 
married  Bergaye ;  Marienne  married  Globlinski ; 
Marie  married  Louis  Panet ;  Amelie  married 
Leveque,  all  of  whom  remained  in  Canada. 
Gabriel  Cerre  in  his  early  youth  removed  to  Kas- 
kaskia, where  he  became  the  leading  merchant  and 
fur  trader.  He  was  bitterly  opposed  to  the  American 
cause,  in  the  revolutionary  war,  until  after  an  inter- 
view with  Gen.  Clark,  who  not  only  secured  his  friend- 
ship and  sympathy,  but  also  his  aid  with  the  Indians 
of  Illinois,  over  whom  Mr.  Cerre  had  great  influence. 
Mr.  Cerre  married  in  1765  Catherine,  daughter  of 
Antoine  Gerard  and  Marie  LaFontaine  of  Kaskas- 
kia. He  with  his  family  came  to  St.  Louis  in  1781, 
where  he  continued  in  the  fur  business  until  his 
death,  which  occurred  April,  4,  1805.  Mrs.  Cerre 
died  July  31,  1800.  The  children  of  Gabriel  and 
Catherine  Gerard  Cerre  were  :  Therese,  married  Au- 
guste  Chouteau  ;  Julie,*  married  Antoine  Soulard  ; 

*  Julie  Cerre,  born  Aug.  10,  1775,  and  died  May  19, 1S45,  she  married  Nov. 
1G,  1795,  Antoine  Pierre  Soulard,  who  died  Nov.  9,  1825.  He  was  the 
son  of  Henri  Francois  Soulard  and  Marie  Francoise  Leroux,  and  was 
born  at  Rochfort,  France,  in  17C6.  His  father  had  been  an  officer  in  the 
French  navy,  and  he  himself  had  adopted  the  same  profession.  Leaving  the 
navy  with  the  rank  of  lieutenant,  he  came  to  St.  Louis,  where  he  was 
appointed  "  Royal  Surveyor  for  Upper  Louisiana"  which  he  held  until 
the  transfer  in  1801.  They  had  the  following  children:  James  "  Gaston" 
Soulard,  born  in  1797,  married  Mch.  '20,  1S20,  Elizabeth,  daughter  of 
Col.  Thomas  Hunt,  U.  S.  A.,  and  moved  to  Galena,  Ills.,  where  many  of 
his  descendants  are  still  living;  Henry  "  Gustave  "  Soulard,  born  May, 

10  Creoles  of  /St.  Louis. 

Pashcal  Leon,  born  Oct.  18,  1771,  died  at  St.  Louis 
May  9,  1819,  married  the  only  child  of  Michael 
Lamie,  who  was  born  in  Montreal  and  came  to  St. 
Louis  in  1765.  His  son  Michael  Lamie  Cerre,  mar- 
ried Helene  Lebeau. 

3.  Auguste  Aristede  Chouteau,  married  Con- 

stance Sanguinett. 

4.  Henry  Chouteau,  married  Clemence  Cour- 


5.  Edward  Chouteau,    born   Mch.    3,  1807, 

died  May  18,  1816. 

6.  Gabriel  Sylvestre  Chouteau,  born  Dec.  33 , 

1794,  died  June  18,  1887.      He  was  a 
lieutenant  of  militia,  in  the  war  of  1812. 

7.  Eulalie  Chouteau,  married  Rene  Paul. 

8.  Louise  Chouteau;  married  Gabriel  Paul. 

9.  Emilie  Chouteau,    married  Thomas  Floyd 

Smith,  IT.  S.  A. 
Auguste  A .  Chouteau.  3.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  Oct. 
21,  1792,  and  died  in  1833  at  Little  Rock,  Ark., 
when  on  a  visit  to  his  nephew,  Capt.  G.  P.  Paul,  U. 
S.  Army,  then  stationed  there.  Mr.  Chouteau  mar- 
ried June  10,  1810,  Constance  Sanguinett,  who 
was  born  Mch.  27,  1792  and  died  in  1834,  grand- 
daughter of  Simon  Sanguinett,  a  notary  of  Quebec, 

1801,  married  Harriet,  daughter  of  Dr.  Harvey  Lane,  of  St.  Genevieve, 
who  married  a  "  Carroll  of  Carrollton;"  Elizabeth  Soulard  died  unmar- 
ried; Benjamin  Soulard,  married  Rose  Closey  of  Pittsburg,  and 
had  children,  Dr.  Soulard;  Mary;  Blanche  married  Gen.  Turner.  Dr. 
Harvey  Lane  married  Juliene,  daughter  of  Col.  Hamtramck,  who  was 
born  in  Prussia,  Aug.  21,  1757,  and  joined  the  Continental  Army  in  1775, 
in  1802  held  the  rank  of  colonel.  The  daughters  of  Dr.  Harvey  Lane 
were,  Harriett*,  married  James  G.  Soulard,  and  Josephine,  married  Jules 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis,  11 

Canada,  who  married  Angelique  Duchouquett,  their 
son  Charles,  born  in  Quebec  in  17-10,  died  at  St. 
Louis,  Oct.  18,  1818;  he  married  first,  Veronica 
Cardin,  and  was  a  widower  without  children,  when  he 
came  to  St.  Louis  in  1775,  where  he  married  April 
12,  1779,  Marie  Anne  Conde,  who  died  in  1822, 
daughter  of  Dr.  Auguste  Conde,  a  native  of  France, 
and  was  at  the  time  post-surgeon  of  the  French 
army  stationed  at  Fort  Chartres.  He  removed 
to  St.  Louis  in  1775,  where  he  was  for  many  years 
one  of  the  prominent  physicians  of  the  village.  The 
children  of  Charles  Sanguinett  and  Marie  Anne 
Conde  were,  Catherine,  born  Feb.  20,  1781,  married 
Francois  Benoist;  Charles,  Jr.,  born  Dec.  9,  1783, 
married  Cecille  Brazeau  ;  Simon,  born  Aug.  1,  1785, 
married  first  Marie  Graevor  and  secondly  Mary  Pou- 
pont,  nee  Thonin ;  Celeste,  born  Sept.  23,  1787, 
married  J.  B.  Lemoine ;  Marie,  born  Feb.  2,  1790, 
married  J.  Garrier.  They  left  one  daughter  who 
married  John  Hagan,  the  first  postmaster  of  St. 
Louis,  who  was  also  M.  C.  from  Mo.  Constance 
married  Auguste  Chouteau;  Christopher,  born  Mch. 
8,  1791,  died  unmarried;  Eulalie,  born  May  14, 
1796,  married  Joseph  Bright;  Adelaid,  born  Feb.  7, 
1798,  married  J.  S.  Tbolozan ;  Anne,  born  March 
25,  1800,  married  Horatio  Cozzins. 

10.  Auguste  Eene  Chouteau,  bom  in  St- 
Louis  in  1811,  and  died  in  St.  Louis  in 
1817.  He  married  Xov.  23,  1836,  Ee- 
becca  West  Sefton,  who  was  born  in 
Cincinnati  Feb.,  1819,  daughter  of  John 
Sefton,  who  was  of  Scotch  ancestry  and 

12  Creoles  of  Si.  Louis. 

born  in  the  north  of  Ireland.  He  married 
Nancy  Dodge,  widow  of  Joseph  Conn, 
who  was  born  in  Kentucky  and  was  the 
daughter  of  Israel  Dodge,  who  came  to 
Missouri  before  that  Territory  was  ceded 
to  Spain.  His  son  and  step-son,  Henry 
Dodge,  and  Louis  F.  Linn,  were  both 
U.  S.  Senators  at  the  same  time,  Linn 
from  Missouri  and  Dodge  from  "Wiscon- 
sin. Augustus  C.  Dodge,  son  of  the 
above  Henry  Dodge,  was  U.  S.  Senator 
from  Iowa,  and  afterwards  Minister  to 
Spain.  She  married  secondly  June  29, 
1852,  J.  A.  Sire,  who  was  born  at 
Rochell,  France,  Feb.  19,  1799,  and 
came  to  St.  Louis  in  1821,  where  he 
entered  the  Chouteau-Sarpy  Fur  Co., 
and  died  July  15,  1851.  His  widow 
was  living  in  St.  Louis  in  1893. 

11.  Edward  A.  Chouteau,  married  Elizabeth 

J.  Christy. 

12.  Virginia     Chouteau,    married   Joseph    C. 

Edward  A.  Chouteau.  11.  Born  in  St.  Louis 
Dec.  26,  1811,  died  there  June  1,  1864. 
He  married  Aug.  8,  1849,  Elizabeth  Julia  Christy, 
who  afterwards  married  Peter  L.  Foy,  and  had  two 
children  by  this  second  marriage,  Julius  and  Agnes. 
She  was  daughter  of  Samuel  C.  Christy  and 
*Melanie  Eugenie  Jarot.     He  was  born  in  Indiana, 

*  Melame  Eugene  Jarot,  born  in  Ste.  Genevieve,  daughter  of  Nicola  Jarot 
and  Julia  Beauvais.     He  was  a  native  of  Vesseau,  Franehe  Conti  France. 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  13 

and  came  to  Kaskaslda  about  1820,  where  he  mar- 
ried and  removed  to  near  East  St.  Louis,  where  for 
several  years,  he  managed  several  flour  mills,  and  a 
saw  mill  owned  by  his  wife.  Subsequently  they 
moved  to  East  St.  Louis,  where  he  engaged  in 
merchandising,  and  died  there.  After  his  death 
Mrs.  Christy  came  to  St.  Louis,  they  had  the  follow- 
ing children,  Julia,  Joseph,  Felicite  and  Charles, 
all  died  young;  Mary  Felicite,  married  first,  Lieut. 
Church,  U.  S.  A»,  and  had  two  children,  Alonzo 
and  Christy  Church.  She  married  secondly  James 
Scanlan  and  had  three  children,  Philip,  Andrew  and 
Marie    Therese. 

13.  Samuel  Auguste  Chouteau,  married  Ida 
Eeba  Taylor. 

14.  Eugenie    Chouteau,  born    in   St.    Louis, 
July  29,  1850,  was  living  there  in  1893. 

15.  Marie  Isabelle  Chouteau,  married  Charles 
J.  Healey. 

Samuel  Auguste  Chouteau.  13.  Born  in  St. 
Louis,  May  15,  1813,  educated  at  the  ';  Oratory" 
of  Cardinal  Xewman's  School,  Birmingham,  En- 
gland, and  at  the  Polytechnic,  Dresden,  Saxony,  as  a 
civil  engineer,  and  in  1893  was  living  in  St.  Louis. 

He  came  to  Kentucky  and  then  removed  to  St.  Louis  with  Bishop 
Dubonrg,  and  married  1st  Miss  Barbo,  sister  of  the  Mrs.  Baptiste  Valle 
and  Gebeau,  by  this  marriage  he  had  a  daughter,  who  married  Dr.  Tiffin, 
whose  children  were:  Mary  Ann  married  Dr.  Berry,  Cornelia  married 
Kay  McNair.  Mr.  Jarot  married  secondly  and  had  children:  Adele 
married  MacCracker;  Melanie  married  Samuel  C.  Christy;  Frances  died 
young;  Vital  married  Miss  Crotea;  Julia  married  Short,  secondly, 
William  Morrison;  Felicite"  married  James  Waddell,  secondly,  Charles 

14  Creoles  of  JSt.  Louis. 

He  married,  June  16,  1381,  his  cousin,  Ida  Reba 
Taylor,  daughter  of  George  E.  and  Theresa  Paul 
Taylor.  She  was  bom  in  St.  Louis  Feb.  21,  1S59, 
and  died  at  Hot  Springs  Ark.,  Mch.  21,  1893. 

16.  Auguste    Chouteau,    born  in   St.    Louis, 

-Nov.  7,  1890. 
Mary  Isabelle    Chouteau.     15.     Born    in    St. 
Louis,  June  2,  1856,  was  living   in   New  York  in 
1893.     Married  Oct.  12,  1886,  Charles  J.  Ilealy  of 
New  York. 

17.  Charles   Edward   Healy,    born   in  Jersey 

City,  Aug.  30,  1SS8. 

18.  Francis  C.  Healey,  born  Aug.  18,  1S90. 
19. .  Virgil  J.  Healy,  born  Jan.  1893. 

Virginia  Chouteau.  12.  Born  in  St.  Louis, 
June  16,  1816,  died  there  Aug.  11,  3856.  Married 
Mch.  8,  1836,  Joseph  C.  Barlow,  who  was  born  in 
Philadelphia  Mch.  10,  1803,  and  came  to  St.  Louis 
about  1829,  where  he  was  for  many  years  indentified 
with  the  business  interests  of  the  village,  town  and 
city.  He  married  secondly  May  4,  1876,  Catherine 
M.  Clark,  a  widow,  daughter  of  Major  Chauncey 
Morgan  of  Binghampton,  X.  J.  They  removed  to 
Brooklyn,  JiT.  Y.,  where  he  died,  surviving  his  wife 
but  a  few  years. 

20.  Joseph  Augustus  Barlow,  born  June  10, 

1839,  died  Dec.  28,  1S43. 

21.  Edward    Chouteau   Barlow,  married  Har- 

riet Kipling. 

22.  Mary  Celeste  Barlow,  born  Jan.  7,  1844, 

living    in   Brooklyn,    2s".    Y.,    in  1893, 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  15 

23.  Helen    Clemence  Barlow,  married  James 

A.  Phinney,  U.  S.  A. 

24.  Martha  Therese  Barlow,  born    April  13, 

1848,  died  May  14,  1849; 

25.  Estelle    Xaomi   Barlow,    married   Henry 

A.  Morgan. 

26.  Joseph    Richard    Kenrick  Barlow,    mar- 

ried Cornelia  Hidenburg. 
Edward  Chouteau  Baelow.  21.  Born  in  St. 
Lonis  May  1,  1844.  He  removed  with  his  father  to 
Brooklyn,  ^".  Y.,  and  in  1893  was  in  business  at 
Roselle,  IS".  Y.  He  married  May  4,  1876,  Harriette 
Kipling  of  Roselle. 

27.  De  La  Rue  Kipling  Barlow,  born  Mch. 

31,  1877,  living  at  Roselle,  in  1893. 

28.  Grace  Chouteau   Barlow,    born  July  14, 

1879,  died  1887. 

29.  Edward  Chouteau  Barlow,  born  Xov.  28, 

1881,  died  1887. 

30.  Kathleen  W.  Barlow,  died  1891. 

31.  Faith  Chouteau  Barlow,  born  March  31, 

1888,  living  at  Roselle  in  1893. 
Helex  Clemexce  Baelow.  23.  Born  in  St. 
Louis,  Jan.  15,  1846.  She  died  in  Brooklyn  Aug. 
8,  1882.  Married  Sept.  24,  1S62,  Major  James  A. 
Phinney,  U.  S.  Army.  He  was  for  several  years 
U.  S.  Consul  to  Yokahoma,  Japan.  They  settled 
in  Kew  York  City  upon  their  return,  where  they 
both  died. 

32.  Susan  B.  Phinney,    married  J.    James. 

33.  Marguerite    H.    Finney,     married    John 

W.  Bishop. 

16  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

.  34.  James  Allen  Phinney,  married  Sallie  E. 

35.  Helen  Chouteau  Phinney,  born  May  28, 

1872,  living  at  Germantown,  Perm.,  in 

1893,  unmarried. 
Susan  B.  Phxxxey.     32.     Born  in  St.  Paul,  Minn., 
Nov.  10,  1S63,  living  at  Roselle,  X.   Y.,  in   1893. 
Married  Feb.  15,  1887,  Joseph  James  of  Boselle. 

36.  Poy  Chouteau  James,  born  July  3,  1888. 

37.  George   Kenneth  James,    born  July  12, 

1890,  died  1892. 
Marguerite  Huxter  Phixxey.     33.     Born  at  St. 
Paul,    Minn.,  Sept.   9,    1866,  living   at   Elizabeth, 
N.  J.,  in  1893.     Married  in  1S86,  John  W.  Bishop 
of  that  place. 

38.  John  W.  Bishop,  Jr.,  born  Dec.  9.  1887. 

39.  Helen  Clemence   Bishop,  born  Aug.  31, 


40.  Katherine  B.  Bishop,  died  1892. 
James  Allex  Pphxxey.     31.     Born  at  Yokahoma, 
Japan,  April  30,  1S6S.     Married  at  St.  Louis,  Dec. 
25,  1889,  Sallie  E.   Goodman ;  they  were  living  in 
Chicago  in  1893. 

41.  James  A.  Phinney,  Jr.,  born  in  Chicago, 

July,  1891. 
Estelle     Naomi     Baelow.      25.      Born    in    St. 
Louis,  May  8,  1850,  died  Nov.  6,  1875.     Married 
Oct.  5,  1871,  Henry  A.  Morgan  of  New  York  City ; 
he  was  living  in  Chicago  in  1893. 

42.  Virginia   Morgan,   living   in    Chicago    in 


Creoles  of  Si.  Louis.  17 

Joseph  R.  K.  Barlow.  26.  Born  in  St.  Lonis, 
Aug.  2,  1853,  removed  with  his  father  to  Brooklyn, 
where  he  was  living  in  1893,  engaged  in  the  import- 
ing and  commission  business  in  ]N~ew  York  City. 
He  married  June  27,  1874,  Cornelia  Hidcnburg  of 
Brooklyn,  AT.  Y. 

43.  Charles    Gould    Barlow,    bom    Jan.    11, 


44.  Richard    Kenrick   Barlow,  born    Feb.    3, 

Henry  Chouteau.  4.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  Feb. 
11,  1805.  Was  for  many  years  county  clerk  and 
recorder.  In  1812,  established  the  firm  of 
Chouteau  &  Riley,  afterwards  Chouteau  &  Valle. 
He  was  one  of  the  many  killed  in  the  railroad 
disaster  on  the  Gasconade  JSTov.  1,  1855.  He 
married  July  10,  1827,  Clemence  Georgina  Cour- 
sault,  born  in  Philadelphia,  Jan.  27,  1810,  and  died 
in  St.  Louis,  Oct.  6,  1859.  Daughter  of  Edward 
Coursault,  born  in  Xormandy,  France.  Owner  of 
merchant  vessels  in  the  West  India  trade.  He  died 
at  Baltimore  in  1814,  married  Feb.  10,  1801, 
Aglae  Paul,  daughter  of  Eustache  Paul,  born  at 
Cape  Francais,  San  Dimingo,  in  1781.  Was  Lady 
of  Honor  to  Hortense,  Queen  of  Holland,  and  died 
in  Baltimore  Oct.  10,  1854.  .Their  children  were : 
Clemence,  married  Henry  Chouteau ;  Edward,  died 
in  Baltimore ;  Lewis,  a  prominent  physician  of 
Louisiana,  died  in  Xew  Orleans. 

45.  Aglae  Chouteau,  married  Neree  Valle. 

46.  Henry  A.  Chouteau,  married  Julia  Deaver. 

47.  Gilman    Chouteau,    born    in    St.    Louis, 


18  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

Dec.  2,  1836,  was  living  there  in  1S93. 
From  early  youth  Mr.  Chouteau  has 
followed  the  business  of  a  commission 
merchant.  In  1883,  he  retired  from 
active  business,  devoting  himself  to  the 
care  of  his  large  estate. 

48.  ISTorbert    Sylvester   Chouteau,  born    May 

17,  1841,  was  in  business  with  his 
brother,  up  to  the  time  of  his  death, 
Oct.  31,  1883. 

49.  Corinne   G.    Chouteau,  married  John   X. 


50.  Beatrice    Chouteau,   married   John    O'F. 


51.  Lelia  C.  Chouteau,    married   J.   S.  Win- 

Aglae  Chouteau.  45.  Born  in  St.  Louis  Aug. 
31,  182S;  was  living  there  in  1893.  Married 
April  23,  1842,  Xeree  Francis  Yalle,  who  was  born 
in  Ste.  Genevieve  County,  Mo.,  May  9,  1818.  He 
was  for  several  years  in  partnership  with  his  father- 
in-law  in  the  iron  business  ;  afterwards  Mr.  Yalle  pur- 
chased large  interests  in  mining  property  in  Colorado, 
and  died  at  Alpine,  in  that  State,  April  14,  1882. 
Grandson  of  Francois  Yalle  of  Ste.  Genevieve,  who 
had  three  sons,  Francois,  Felix  and  John  Baptiste. 
Francois  Yalle  married  in  Ste.  Genevieve,  and  had 
the  following  children  :  Amadee,  married  Sylvanie 
Sarade  ;  John  ;  Frank ;  Xeree,  who  married  Aglae 
Chouteau ;  Clotille,  married  Rosier  and  moved  to 
Xew  Orleans ;  Mary,  married  Thomas  Eeyburn,  one 
son,  Yalle  Reyburn.    Felix  Yalle,  died  in  18S9,  leav- 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  19 

ing  a  widow  and  several  children.  John  Baptiste 
Yalle  left  a  son  Jules,  a  practicing  physician  in  St. 
Louis  in  1893. 

52.  Blanche  Valle,  married  John  A.  Dillon. 

53.  Genevieve  M.  Valle,  married  A.   L.  Ran- 

Blanche  Yalle.  52.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  Mch.  9, 
1846;  was  living  in  New  York  City  in  1893.  Mar- 
ried Jan.  25,  1865,  John  A.  Dillon,  who  was  born 
in  St.  Louis  Oct.  29,  1843.  lie  was  for  several  years 
manager  of  the  "  St.  Louis  Post-Dispatch  "  and  in 
1893  was  on  the  editorial  staff  of  the  "  New  York 
World;"  son  of  Patrick  Dillon,  who  was  born  in 
Londonderry,  Ireland,  Mch.  17,  1790.  He  held  rank 
as  a  commissioned  officer  against  the  British  Govern- 
ment, in  the  Irish  rebellion  of  1807.  He  escaped 
from  Ireland  and  came  to  Philadelphia,  where  he  en- 
gaged in  business,  and  removed  to  St.  Louis  in  1818. 
He  married  twice,  first  in  Oct.,  1818,  in  St.  Charles, 
to  Annie  F.  Nash.  She  died  in  1834,  leaving  two 
daughters,  Mrs.  Dr.  Charles  and  Mrs.  Captain 
James  B.  Eades.  His  second  wife  was  Eliza  Jane 
Eades,  of  Kentucky,  whom  he  married  Jan.  26, 
1836.  He  died  Jan.  21,  1851.  By  his  second  mar- 
riage he  had  the  following  children  :  Eliza,  married 
Count  de  la  Vaulz,  of  France,  formerly  an  officer  in 
the  Pontifical  Zouaves  ;  wrere  living  in  Paris  in  1893. 
Arthur;  John  A.,  married  Blanche  Yalle. 

54.  Gertrude  Pia  Dillon,  born  in  Rome,  Italy, 

Feb.  21,  1866. 

55.  John  A.  Dillon,  Jr.,  born  in  Rome,  Italy, 

Feb.  19,  1867. 

20  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

56.  Maud  M.  Dillon,  born  in  St.  Louis,  Aug. 

25,  1868. 

57.  Blanche    Marie    Dillon,    born    Aug.    28, 


58.  Adele  Dillon,  born  Nov.  18,  1874. 

59.  Genevieve    M.    Dillon,     born     July    10, 


60.  Ethel  Dillon,  born  Oct.  7,  1879. 
Gexevieve  Marie  Yalle.  53.  Born  in  St.  Louis 
Sept.  7, 1847,  was  living  a  widow  at  Tallahassee,  Flor- 
ida, in  1893.  Married  Oct.  21,  1875,  Dr.  Arthur 
Lee  Randolph,  who  was  born  at  Tallahassee  Aug. 
8,  1847,  and  died  there  July  31,  1SS4. 

61.  Yalle   Joseph   Randolph,   born    June    4, 


62.  Mary    Page   Randolph,    born    Sept.    28, 


63.  Arthur    Lee    Randolph,    born     June    8, 

Hexry  Auguste  Chouteau.  46.  Born  in  St. 
Louis,  Nov.  24,  1830.  Died  from  the  effects  of  the 
accidental  discharge  of  his  gun  Oct.  7,  1854.  He 
married  Oct.  4,  1852,  Julia,  daughter  of  Larkin  and 
Laforce  Papin  Deaver.  She  was  born  in  1833,  and 
after  her  first  husband's  death  married  James  Hewitt 
of  St.  Louis,  and  in  1893  was  living,  a  widow,  in 
Washington,  D.  C. 

64.  Bertha  Chouteau,  married  Lucas  Turner. 

65.  Azby  Chouteau,  married  Cora  Baker. 
Bertha  Chouteau.     64.     Bom  in  St.  Louis,  June 
3,  1855,  was  living  there,  a  widow,  in   1893.     Mar- 
ried   Nov.  15,    1876,    Lucas   Turner,  grandson    of 

Creoles  of  Si.  Louis.  21 

Thomas  Turner,*  and  son  of  Major  Henry  S.  and 
Julia  Hunt  Turner,  who  were  married  Feb.  1,  1841. 
Major  Turner  was  born  in  King  George  County, 
Va.,  was  admitted  in  1830  to  the  U.  S.  Military 
Academy,  Brevet  2nd  Lieut,  of  Dragoons  in  1831, 
2nd  Lieut,  in  1835,  1st  Lieut,  in  1837,  Capt.  of 
Dragoons  in  1816.  He  was  sent  by  the  U.  S.  Gov- 
ernment in  1837  to  France  to  study  the  cavalry 
tactics  of  that  country,  in  order  to  prepare  a  manual 
of  instruction  for  the  U.  S.  cavahy.  He  married 
Julia,  daughter  of  Commodore  Theodore  Huntf  and 
Anne,  his  wife,  daughter  of  J.  13.  C.  Lucas.  Major 
Turner  served  throughout  the  Mexican  war,  and  was 
breveted  Major  for  gallant  and  meritorious  conduct 
in  the  battles  of  San  Pasqual,  San  Gabriel  and 
Plains  of  Mirk  Cala.  He  resigned  from  the  army 
in  1818  and  entered  the  banking  business  with  his 
brother-in-law,  James  H.  Lucas,  and  Gen.  "W.  T. 
Sherman,  U.  S.  A.     In  1867  the  firm  was  dissolved 

•Thomas  Turner,  born  in  Fauquier  County  ,VaM  married  Eliza  Ran- 
dolph, daughter  of  Robert  Randolph,  of  the  Randolphs  of  Virginia,  a 
descendant  of  Pocahontas.  He  married  Elizabeth  Carter,  daughter  of 
Charles  Carter,  of  Shirley,  Va.  Through  this  marriage  they  were  related 
to  the  Fitzhughs,  Lees,  Curtis',  Harrisons,  and  Mary  Ball,  who  married 
Augustine  Washington  and  was  mother  of  George  Washington. 
tCommodore  Theodore  Hunt  was  born  near  Trenton,  N.  J.,  in  1788, 
and  in  1803  was  appointed  a  midshipman  in  the  U.  S.  Navy;  was  on 
board  the  "  Philadelphia  "  under  Capt.  Bainbridge  in  the  engagement 
in  the  harbor  of  Tripoli.  He  came  to  St.  Louis  in  1813,  and  married 
June  23,  1814,  Anne,  daughter  cf  J.  B.  C.  Lucas.  In  1816  he  was 
appointed  Recorder  of  Titles,  which  office  he  held  at  the  time  of  his 
death,  Jan.  21,  1832.  His  widow  afterwards  married  Wilson  P.  Hunt. 
The  children  of  Com.  Hunt  were:  Theodosia  Hunt,  married  Henry  C. 
Patterson,  Sept.  24,  1839;  their  daughter  Anne  married  Vicomte 
d'Anchalles  of  France;  Julia,  married  Henry  S.  Turner;  Charles  Lucas 
Hunt,  married,  April  C,  1842,  Mary  Owens. 

22  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

and  Major  Turner  retired  to  his  farm.  Elected  in 
1863  President  of  the  Union  Nat.  Bank,  in  1869 
President  of  the  Lucas  Bank,  resigned  in  1871  to 
attend  to  his  large  estate,  and  died  Dec.  16,  1881, 
leaving  the  following  children  :  Thomas  T.,  married 
Miss  Campbell ;  Charles  H.,  married  Maggie  Bar- 
low; J.  Lucas,  married  Bertha  Chouteau  ;  Henry  S., 
married  Ada  Ames  ;  ~W.  P.  H.,  married  Maud  Valle  ; 
Julia,  married  W.  H.  Lee  ;  Lottie,  married  George 
Paschall ;  Louise,  married  John  O'Brien. 

66.  J.  Lucas  Turner,  born  Oct.  22,  1877. 

67.  Bertha  C.  Turner,  born  Sept.  30,  1880. 

68.  Julian  H.  Turner,  born  Jan.  10,  1883. 

69.  Thomas  J.  Turner,  born  July  25,  1884:. 

70.  Charles  H.  Turner,  born  May  20,  1886. 

71.  Virginia     S.    Turner,     born     Aug.    26, 

Azby  Chouteau.  65.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  Dec.  8, 
1853,  was  living  there  in  1893.  Graduated  from 
the  Washington  University  in  1871,  and  from  the 
St.  Louis  Law  School  in  1877.  He  married  July 
25,  1883,  Cora  Baker  of  Chicago,  daughter  of 
Marion  and  Mary  Young  Baker,  and  granddaugh- 
ter of  Gov.  Shelby,  first  governor  of  Kentucky. 

72.  Azby  Chouteau,  born  June  30,  1881. 

73.  Henry  Armistead    Chouteau,   born   Sept. 

28,  1889. 
Corintxe  G.  Chouteau.  49.  Born  in  St.  Louis, 
Aug.  5,  1813,  was  living  there,  a  widow,  in  1893. 
Married  John  "N.  Dyer,  Feb.  12,  1867 ;  he  was  born 
in  Fulton,  Mo.,  Dec.  1,  1833,  and  died  in  St. 
Louis,  July  4,  1889.     Mr.  Dyer  was  at  the  time  of 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  23 

liis  death,  and  had  heen  for  many  years,  librarian 
of  the  St  Lonis  Mercantile  Library  Association. 

74.  Henry    Chouteau    Dyer,    born    Aug.    9, 

1872. . 

75.  Marguerite  B.  Dyer,  born  June  11,  1874. 

76.  John  Xapier  Dyer,  born  Jan.  14,  1877. 

77.  Lelia  Clemence  D}Ter,  born  Sept.  1,  1S79. 
Beatrice  Chouteau.  50.  Born  in  St.  Louis, 
Sept.  1,  1817,  living  there  in  1893.  Married  Jan. 
15,  1867,  John  O'Fallon  Clark,  who  was  born  in 
St.  Louis,  Dec.  17,  1844.  Graduate  of  Washing- 
ton University.  Entered  the  wholesale  house  of 
Glasgow  Bros.  &r  Co.,  which  business  he  relinquished 
to  engage  in  the  insurance  business,  which  he  was 
following  in  1893.  Great-grandson  of  Colonel 
John  Clark  of  Caroline  Count}r,  "Va.,  who  moved  to 
Kentucky  in  1781,  and  had  one  daughter,  Francis, 
who  married  Dr.  James  CT Fallon,*  and  had  six  sons, 
four  of  whom  distinguished  themselves  in  the 
Revolutionary  war,  two  of  whom,  George  Rogers 
Clark,  was  a  general  in  the  Revolutionary  army, 
died  single,  and  William  Clark,  a  general  in  the 
wars  of  the  Revolution  and  1812,  born  in  Virginia 
in  1770,    died   in    St.    Louis  in  1838.      Territorial 

*  Dr.  James  O'Fallon,  born  at  Athlone,  Ireland,  a  descendant  of  the 
kings  of  Ireland.  Came  to  America,  and  served  under  Washington  as  a 
surgeon  in  the  Continental  army,  and  died  in  Louisville,  Ky.,  in  1793. 
Married  Francis,  daughter  of  John  Clark  of  Virginia,  and  Kentucky, 
and  had  children,  Bryan,  John,  born  at  Mullberry  Grove,  Ky.,  in  1791, 
served  in  the  army  throughout  the  Indian  wars,  and  participated  in  the 
Battle  of  Tippecanoe,  where  he  was  wounded,  and  siege  of  Fort  Meigs, 
resigning  his  commission  of  captain  in  1814,  came  to  St.  Louis.  He 
married  twice :  First,  Hannah  Stokes,  second,  Caroline  Sheets,  leaving 
four  sous  and  one  daughter,  who  married  Dr.  Charles  Fope. 

24  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

Governor  of  Missouri  from  1S13  to  1821,  and 
Superintendent  of  Indian  affairs  in  1822.  He  mar- 
ried Miss  Hancock  of  Virginia,  descendant  of  the 
Marlborough  family  of  England,  and  had  children, 
Lewis  Merriwether  Clark,  graduate  of  the  U.  S. 
Military  Academy  in  1825,  married  Miss  Churchill ; 
"William  ;  Jefferson, married  Susan  Glasgow  ;  George 
Rogers  Clark,  married  Helen  Glasgow,  and  had  the 
following  children  :  Sadie,  married  Vorhees  ;  Nellie, 
married  Lauderdale;  John  O'Fallon,  married  Bea- 
trice Chouteau. 

78.  Henry    Chouteau    Clark,    born   July    15, 

1868,  died  July,  1874. 

79.  Beatrice  Clark,  born  in  1870. 

80.  Carlotta  Clark,  born  July  27,  1872. 

81.  William    Glasgow   Clark,   born  Xov.  26, 


82.  Clemence  Eleanor  Clark,  born  April  13, 


83.  John  O'Fallon  Clark,  born  May  18,  1880. 
8L  Hariette  Kennerly  Clark,   born  Jan.   25, 


85.  Conine  Lueile  Clark,  born  Jan.  4,  1886, 

died  1886. 
Lelia  Clemexce  Chouteau.  51.  Born  in  St. 
Louis,  Jan.  28,  1850,  living  in  Tallahassee,  Fla., 
in  1893.  She  married  Oct.  IS,  1874,  John  Still 
Winthrop,  who  was  born  in  Xew  Berne,  X.  C, 
Mch.  31,  1848. 

86.  E valine  Susan   Winthrop,   born  Aug.  1, 


87.  Gillman  Winthrop,  born  Aug.  15,  1881. 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  25 

88.  John  Winthrop,  born  Jan.  12,  1888. 

89.  Francis   Bayard   Winthrope,    born    June 

18,  1884,  ' 

90.  Guy   Lewis    Winthrope,    born    June    26, 

Eulalie  Chouteau.  7.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  in 
1799,  died  May  18,  1835,  at  Memphis,  Tenn., 
when  en  route  to  Cuba.  Married  April  9,  1812, 
Col.  Rene  Paul,  who  was  born  in  1783,  at 
Cape  Francais,  Island  of  San  Domingo.  Sent 
to  Paris  to  be  educated,  entered  the  Ecole  Poly- 
technique,  where  he  remained  until  the  year  before 
graduation,  when  by  order  of  Napoleon  the  cadets 
were  given  rank  in  the  army.  Col.  Paul  received 
the  rank  of  captain  of  Sappeurs  et  Mineur  in  the 
Engineer  Corps,  serving  throughout  the  Spanish 
and  Italian  campaigns,  and  was  promoted  to  rank 
of  colonel  of  Engineers,  and  was  on  board  the 
French  flag  ship  at  the  naval  battle  of  Trafalgar, 
where  he  was  severely  wounded.  Recovering  from 
his  wounds  he  came  to  America  in  1808,  remaining  a 
short  time  in  Philadelphia.  lie  arrived  in  St.  Louis 
the  same  year,  where  he  entered  into  business  with 
Bartholomew  Berthold.  In  1813  the  partnership 
was  dissolved  and  Col.  Paul  engaged  in  surveyingthe 
government  lands,  a  hazardous  undertaking  in  those 
days.  He  surveyed  the  first  route  from  Chicago  to 
St.  Louis  by  appointment  of  Xinian  Edwards,  Gov- 
ernor of  Illinois.  Col.  Paul  was  the  city  surveyor 
when  St.  Louis  was  incorporated,  and  was  the  official 
surveyor  from  1823  to  1838,  and  established  the 
grades  of  the  first  paved  streets  of  the  city.     A  gen- 

26  Creoles  of  iSt.  Louis. 

tlcman  of  culture  and  polished  manners;  an  amateur 
musician  of  merit.  Died  in  the  city  of  his  adoption 
May  5,  1851.  Son  of  Eustache  Paul,  a  native  of 
France,  who  emigrated  to  Cape  Francais,  San  Do- 
mingo, where  he  had  large  estates.  Forced  to  fly 
from  the  island  in  1793,  during:  the  nesrro  iiisurrec- 
tion,  died  and  was  buried  at  sea.  He  married  in 
1777,  Marie  Anne  Scolastique  Masse,  daughter  of 
Rene  Masse,  a  former  governor  of  San  Domingo. 
She  came  to  Philadelphia  and  died  there,  May  20, 
180S.  They  had  the  following  children  :  Gabriel, 
married  Louisa  Chouteau;  Sophie,  married  Theotime 
Fleurrie  Generelly  of  Lyons,  France,  and  New 
Orleans,  La. ;  Rene,  married  Eulalie  Chouteau ; 
Aglae,  married  Edward  Coursault. 

91.  Eulalie  Paul,  died  young. 

92.  Gabriel    Rene    Paul,     married     Mary   A. 

Whistler;  secondly,  Louise  Rogers. 

93.  Edmond  Washington  Paul,- married  Ame- 

lie  de  St.  Vrain. 

94.  Amelie  Paul,  married  Peter  1ST.  Ham. 

95.  Louisa  Paul,   married   Charles   Dubrieul ; 

secondly,  George  Gosnell. 

96.  Tullia   Clemencia    Paul,   married   F.    W. 


97.  Julius  Paul,   born    in   St.   Louis,  Mch.  9, 

1S28,  died  there,  aged  16. 

98.  Julie  Paul,  died  young. 

99.  Henriette  Paul,  died  young. 
100.   George  Paul,  died  young. 

Gabriel  Rene  Paul.  92.  Born  in  St.  Louis, 
Mch.  21,   1813.     Appointed  to    the  U.   S.    Military 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  27 

Academy,  July  1,  1829,  graduated  July,  1834, 
served  throughout  the  Florida  war,  1S39;  Seminole 
war  1812,  and  captured  a  camp  of  the  tribe  near 
Tampa  Bay;  served  throughout  the  Mexican  war, 
participating  in  the  defense  of  Fort  Brown,  battles 
of  Monterey,  siege  of  Vera  Cruz,  Cerro  Gordo 
(where  he  was  wounded),  Contreras,  Cherebusco 
and  Molino  del  Key.  He  led  the  storming  party  at 
the  storming  of  the  Castle  of  Chapultepec,  where 
lie  personally  captured  the  enemy's  flag,  and  was 
promoted  to  the  rank  of  major  for  gallantly.  He 
was  presented  by  the  citizens  of  St.  Louis  with  a 
magnificent  sword,  upon  his  return  from  the  Mexi- 
can war.  He  served  in  the  Rio  Grande  expedition, 
during  which  he  captured  Carvajal  and  his  gang  of 
desperadoes  ;  he  participated  in  the  Utah  expeditions 
of  1858  and  '60,  and  was  engaged  in  the  surprise 
and  capture  of  a  band  of  hostile  Indians  at  Spanish 
Forks.  In  1861  and  '62  he  served  in  Xew  Mexico  ; 
subsequently  he  served  with  the  avmy  of  the  Poto- 
mac, taking  part  as  general  of  brigade  at  the  bat- 
tles of  Fredericksburg  and  Chancellorsville,  and  in 
the  Peninsular  campaign.  At  the  battle  of  Get- 
tysburg, while  directing  his  brigade  was  severely 
wounded,  from  the  effects  of  which  he  lost  his  sight. 
His  old  regiment,  the  29th,  Xew  Jersey,  presented 
him  with  a  diamond-hilted  sword.  At  the  time  of 
his  death,  Feb.  16,  1886,  he  held  the  rank  of  Brig. 
Gen.  U.  S.  A.,  after  fifty-one  years  of  continuous 
and  honorable  service,  in  the  army  of  his  native 
General  Paul  married  at   Fort   Gibson,    Mch.  24, 

28  Creoles  of  >$l.  Louis. 

1S35,  Mary  Anne  Whistler,  daughter  of  Colonel 
William  Whistler  of  the  4th  Inf.  U.  S.  Army, 
who  entered  the  army  in  1801  and  retired  in  1861. 
He  was  a  son  of  Major  John  Whistler,  who  was 
a  1st  Lieut,  of  the  1st  Inf.  in  1792,  of  an  old  and 
prominent  Colonial  Maryland  family. 

101.  Julia     Paul,     married      Gurdin     Chapin, 

U.  S.  A. 

102.  Harriet  Paul,  married  James  Duff. 

103.  Gertrude  Paul,  married    Charles    Stivers, 

U.  S.  A. 
101.  Augustus  Chouteau    Paul,    married    Cora 

Julia  Paul.  101.  Born  at  Fort  Gibson,  Ark., 
in  1838,  died  at  Culpepper,  Ya.,  in  1875.  Married 
Col.  Gurdin  Chapin,  IT.  S.  Army:  Graduated 
from  the  U.  S.  Military  Academy  in  1817.  Brevet 
2nd  Lieut.  7th  Inf.  1851,  2nd  Lieut.  1851, 1st  Lieut. 
1855,  Capt.  1861,  Major  11th  Inf.  1864,  retired  Jan. 
7,  1869,  and  died  at  his  plantation,  Culpepper,  Ya., 
Aug.  22, 1875.  He  was  breveted  major  for  gallant  and 
meritorious  conduct  at  the  battle  of  Peralta,  Mexico. 
Brev't  Lieut. -Col.  for  faithful  and  meritorious  serv- 
ices in  the  War  of  the  Rebellion  and  Brev't  Colonel 
for  meritorious  services  during  the  war. 

105.  W^atts    Chapin,  living   in   Washington  in 


106.  Paul      Chapin,     cadet     U.    S.     Military 

Academ}7  in  1893. 

107.  Julia  Chapin,  adopted  by  her  aunt,  Mrs. 

Duff,    and    was    living    in     England    in 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  29 

108.  Gurdin  Chapin,  adopted  by  his  aunt,  Mrs. 

Stivers,  and    was  living    in  Dayton,  O., 

in  1893. 
Hariete  Paul.  102.  Born  at  Little  Rock,  Ark., 
living  in  England  in  1893.  Married  James  Duff,  a 
native  of  Scotland,  who  in  1861,  was  commissary  in 
the  U.  S.  Army,  and  at  that  date  resigned  and 
entered  the  Confederate  army  with  rank  of  colonel 
of  Cavalry,  and  was  stationed  in  Texas.  After  the 
war  Col.  Dnff  returned  to  England,  where,  form 
ing  a  syndicate  of  English  capitalists,  returned 
to  America  and  settled  at  Denver,  Colorado,  as 
manager  for  the  company.  In  18S7  Col.  Duff 
resigned  his  position  and,  with  his  family,  re- 
turned to  England,  where  they  were  living  in 

109.  Julia  Duff,  married  James  Taylor. 

110.  Maggie  Duff,  born   in  Scotland,  died  in 

Denver,  Colo.,  1883. 
Julia  Duff.     109.     Born  in  St.  Louis,  was  living 
in  England   in  1893.     Married   James   Taylor,    an 
Englishman,  who  in  1887,  was  engaged  in  the  cotton 
trade  with  South  America. 

111.  Julia  Taylor. 

Gertrude  Paul.  103.  She  was  living  at  Day- 
ton, Ohio,  in  1S93.  Married  Charles  B.  Stivers,  U. 
S.  Army.  Born  in  Kentucky,  was  appointed  to  the 
U.  S.  Military  Academy  in  1852,  2nd  Lieut.  7th  Inf. 
July,  1856,  1st  Lieut.  April,  1861,  Capt.  1861, 
retired  Dec.  30,  1864.  Col.  Stivers  removed  to 
Dayton,  Ohio,  where,  in  1893,  he  was  principal  of 
a  large  academy. 

30  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

112.  Charles  Paul  Stivers,  born  in  Louisiana, 
was  appointed  to  the  U.  S.  Military 
Academy  in  1875,  2nd  Lieut.  9th  Inf. 
U.  S.  Army,  June  13,  1879. 

118.  William  X.  Stivers. 

ILL  Grace  Stivers. 

115.  Auguste  Stivers. 

116.  Katie  B.  Stivers. 

Augustus  Chouteau   Paul.     104.     Born   in  Al- 
bany,  2ST.    Y.j    was    a    student   of   the    St.    Louis 
University,  in  1858,  a  cadet  in  the  Kentucky  Mili- 
tary Institute,  whence  on  May  16,  1861,  under  call 
for  three  months'    troops,   he   entered  the   military 
service  of  the  United  States  as  Captain  of  Kentucky 
Mounted   Infantry,   remaining   in    that   rank    until 
Aug.   16,  1861,   when   he  was   mustered  out.     He 
again  entered  the  service  as  Captain  23d,  Kentucky 
Volunteers  Jan.  2,  1862,  and  as  such  participated  in 
the  campaigns  of   the   armies  of  the   "Ohio"   and 
the  "  Cumberland,"    including  the  battle  of  Stone 
River,  until  June  1,  1863,  when  he  was  appointed 
captain  and  assistant  adjutant-general,  and  in  this 
capacity    served    on    the    staff  of    General  Henry 
Baxter,    General    A.    A.   Humphrey    and    General 
Bryon    II.   Pierce.      During  his    entire    service  he 
participated  in  26  battles  and  a   large    number   of 
skirmishes;  he  was    taken  prisoner  by    the   enemy 
and  confined  in  southern  prison  for  eleven  months. 
He  was  breveted  "  Major  "  for  gallant  and  merito- 
rious service  in  the  battle   of  the  "Wilderness,  and 
Leut. -Colonel  for  gallant  and  meritorous  service  in 
the  battle  of  Spottsylvania  Court  House,  and  was 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  31 

mustered  out  Sept.  19,  1865.  He  declined  May  11, 
I860,  the  appointment  of  Second  Lieut.  12th  Inf.  U. 
S.  A.  He  was  appointed  Jan.  25,  1869,  2nd  Lieut. 
3rd  cavalry  U.  S.  A.,  and  was  promoted  to  1st 
Lieut.  Dec.  20,  1872,  resigning  May  26,  1881. 
During  his  12  years  of  service  in  the  regular  army 
he  was  on  the  frontier  participating  in  all  the 
11  Scouts  "  and  "  Campaigns  "  of  the  third  cavalry, 
after  hostile  Indians  in  JSTew  Mexico,  Arizona,  Wyo- 
ming, Montana,  Utah  and  Dakota,  including 
General  Crooks'  1876  campaign  against  the  Sioux 
and  Cheycnnes,  and  was  engaged  in  the  capture  of 
"  Crazy  Horse"  Village,  battles  of  the  "  Rosebud  " 
and  "  Slim  Buttes,"  and  in  1873,  was  U.  S.  Post- 
master at  the  ^National  Soldiers  Home,  Va.  He  mar- 
ried Jan.  21,  1866,  Josephine  Bradshaw,  daughter  of 
Dr.  William  Bradshaw  of  London,  England.  She 
was  born  Mch.  9,  1845,  and  died  at  Washington, 
D.  C.,Xov.  5,  1885. 

117.  Gabriel  Rene  Paul,    born  Jan.    8,    1868, 

died  Aug.  15,  1892. 

118.  Josephine  Paul,  born  Sept.  20,  1870,  died 

Mch.  17,  1872. 

119.  A.  Chouteau  Paul,  born  Sept.  25,  1873. 

120.  A.  William  B.  Paul,  born  Mch.  25,  1880. 
Gabriel  Rene  Paul.  92.  Married  secondly 
Louise  Doxon  Rogers,  born  at  Xewport,  Ky., 
living  in  Washington,  D.  C,  a  widow,  in  1893, 
•laughter  of  John  Doxon,  who  was  born  in  Cincin- 
nati, O.,  and  was  for  many  years  a  resident  of 
Newport,  where  he  died.  He  married  Elizabeth 
Xeland,  born  in  Virginia,  and  came  with  her  parents 

32  Creoles  of  /St.  Louis. 

to  Newport  at  an  early  day.  She  died  in  "Wash- 
ington, D.  C,  in  1SS2.  Louise  Doxon  married 
first  Alfred  H.  Rogers  of  Cincinnati,  who  died  two 
years  after  their  marriage,  leaving  one  son,  Alfred 
H.  Rogers,  who  graduated  from  the  U.  S.  Military 
Academy  in  1872,  2nd  Lieut.  15th  Inf.,  was  trans- 
ferred to  the  8th  Cavalry,  and  died  in  Washington, 
D.  C,  Mch.,  1879. 

121.  Beatrice  Paul. 

122.  Genevieve  Paul. 

Beatrice  Paul.  121.  Born  at  Newport,  Ky., 
removed  with  her  parents  to  Washington,  D.  C, 
where  she  married  Oct.  7,  1885,  Surgeon  Robert  A. 
Marmion,  U.  S.  Navy,  born  at  Harper's  Ferry,  W. 
Va.,  Sept.  6,  1811:.  Graduate  of  Mt.  St.  Mary's 
College,  Maryland,  in  1861,  received  degree  of  A. 
M.  in  1863,  degree  of  M.  D.  from  University  of 
Pennsylvania  in  1868,  and  entered  the  U.  S.  Navy  as 
assistant  surgeon  the  same  year,  surgeon  U.  S.N. 
1879.  Son  of  Dr.  Nicholas  Marmion,  born  near 
Downpatrick,  Ireland,  professor  of  Mathematics, 
Latin  and  Greek  at  the  Belfast  Academy,  came  to 
America,  accepted  the  position  of  Principal  of  New- 
ton Academy,  Shenandoah  Valley,  Va.  He  studied 
medicine  and  graduated  from  the  University  of  Penn- 
sylvania, and  removed  to  Harper's  Perry,  W.  Va., 
where  he  practiced  his  profession  until  his  death  in 
1882.  He  married  Lydia  Ingraham,  daughter  of 
Captain  John  H.  Hall  and  Statira  Preble,  whose 
ancestor,  Abraham  Preble,  of  Kent,  England, 
settled  at  Scituate,   Plymouth  Colony,   in   1636. 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  33 

123.  Paul    Marmion,    born    at    Norfolk,    Ya., 

Nov.  8,  1886. 

124.  Robert  Marmion,  born    at  Norfolk,  Ya., 

Apr.  20,  1891. 
Genevieve  Paul.  122.  Born  in  St.  Louis, 
removed  with  her  parents  to  Washington,  D.  C. 
Married  at  Norfolk,  Ya.,  Oct.  16,  1889,  Lieut.  Harry 
II.  Hosley,U.  S.  N.,  midshipman  U.  S.  Navy  1871, 
graduated  1875,  ensign  1876,  lieutenant  1884. 

125.  Genevieve  L.   Hosley,  born  at  Pockville, 

Md.,  Aug.  16,  1890. 
Edmond  "Washington  Paul.  93.  Born  in  St. 
Louis,  Feb.  22,  1816,  died  there  June  27,  1880. 
He  was  for  many  years  engaged  in  mercantile  pur- 
suits, which  he  finally  relinquished  to  engage  in  the 
real  estate  and  brokerage  business.  He  was 
captain  of  Company  B,  St.  Louis  battalion,  in  the 
Mexican  war.  He  married,  in  1836,  Amelie  de  St. 
Yrain,  born  in  St.  Louis,  in  1818,  and  died  there 
Oct.  1,  1892,  daughter  of  Charles  and  Eulalie 
Bouis  de  St.  Yrain.* 

•  Pierre  Charles  de  Hault,  Marquis  de  Lassus  et  de  Luzlere,  Knight  of  the 
Grand  Cross  of  the  Royal  Order  of  St.  Michael,  with  his  wife  Madame 
Uomatile  Josepha  Dumont  Danzin  de  Beaufort,  of  the  ancient  nobility 
of  France,  was  born  iu  the  town  of  BeaumarilHainault,  French  Flanders. 
He  left  there  during  the  early  part  of  the  French  revolution,  arriving 
iu  New  Orleans  about  1791,  and  removed  to  St.  Genevieve.  Their 
children  were,  Charles  de  Hault  de  Lassus,  a  colonel  in  the  Spanish 
service,  and  afterwards  governor  of  Upper  Louisiana,  James  Marcellius 
C. ;  Camilius  de  Lassus.  The  father  was  appointed  a  civil  magistrate, 
which  position  he  retained  until  the  traosfer  iu  1804.  Camilius  de  Las- 
sus married,  and  his  daughter,  Odelle,  mamed  Sylvestre  S.  Pratte,  who 
•lied  without  issue;  his  widow  then  married  Louis  Valle,  whose  sons, 
Leo  and  Paul,  married  and  left  large  families.  James  Marcellius  Ceran 
'!e  Lassus  de  St.  Vrain  was  born   at  Buchaine  in  Hainault  about  1770, 


34  Creoles  of  >Sl.  Louis. 

126.  Augustus  Paul,  born  iu  St.  Louis  in  1812, 

died  there  unmarried  in  18S2. 

127.  Charles  Paul,  born  in  St.  Louis,  April  2. 

1844,  was  living  there  in  1893.  In  1861 
he  was  captain  of  the  "Independents,'' 
a  section  of  the  "Broom  Rangers,"  a 
southern  organization,  and  was  at  the 
capture  of  Camp  Jackson  May  10,  1861. 
He  escaped  by  having  been  detailed,  under 
command  of  Basil  Duke,  one  of  twenty 
picked  men,  to  guard  the  bridges  over  the 
Osage  and  Gasconade  rivers,  with  orders 
to  burn  them  if  the  Federal  troops  were 
ordered  in  that  direction.  From  there  he 
went  south  and  entered  the  Confederate 
navy,  serving  on  board  the  Ram  Ar- 
kansas ;  when  passing  through  the  com- 
bined  Federal    fleets,  he   was    severely 

and  came  to  Louisiana  with  his  father,  and  with  him  removed  to  St.  Gene- 
vieve. He  had  been  in  the  French  naval  service  prior  to  the  revolution,  and 
for  a  time  had  command  of  a  Spanish  "  Galliot  "  on  the  upper  Mississippi 
river.  He  was  married  April  30,  179G,  to  Marie  Felicite,  daughter  of 
Louis  Chauvet  Dubreuiel,  of  St.  Louis,  and  died  there  June  12,  1818, 
leaving  sons,  Domitill,  Ceran,  Felix,  Savary  and  Charles  de  St.  Vrain, 
who  married  Eulalie  Bouis,  whose  father,  Antoine  Vincent  Bouis,  Sr., 
was  born  in  Genoa,  Italy,  about  1752,  and,  emigrating  to  St.  Louis,  mar- 
ried In  1782  Marie  Madelaine  Robert,  of  Caroudelet,  who  was  born  in 
1768,  and  died  in  July,  1834.  He  died  April  23,  1812.  Their  children 
were:  Antoine  Vincent,  Jr.,  who  married  Celeste  Vasques;  Andre  V. 
married  Angelique  Noise,  and  secondly,  Polly  Roddy ;  Pascall,  born  in  1789, 
graduated  at  the  U.  S.  Military  Academy  in  180C,  and  was  killed  in  a 
duel  in  1812,  leaving  a  widow  and  children;  Francis  V.,  married  Helen 
Croisette;  Marie  Therese,  married  Sir  Richard  Dillon,  of  Montreal, 
Canada;  Eulalie,  married  Charles  de  St.  Vrain,  whose  daughter,  Araelie. 
married  Edmond  W.  Paul;  Julie  Odelle,  married  Lucien  Durnaine;  Eliz- 
abeth, married  Samuel  English. 


Creoles  of  67.  Louis.  35 

wounded    in    the    head    and    thigh    and 
rendered  incapable  of  further  service,  was 
honorably    discharged,  and    returned  to 
St.  Louis  several  years  after  "the  war. 
12S.    Medora  Josephine  Paul,  married   W.  H. 
Medora.  Josephine  Paul.     128.     Born  at   Point 
Coupee,  La.,  Feb.  M,  1847,  was  living  in  St.  Louis  in 
1803.     Married  Wm.  H.  Chamberlain  of  Massachu- 
setts.    He  served  throughout  the  war  in  the  U.  S. 
Vol.  Service  ;  after  the  war  he  came  to  St.  Louis,  and 
engaged  in  business. 

129.    Paul   Chamberlain,  born  in   St,  Louis  in 
1876.  ±1j32di46 

Amelie  Catherine  Paul.  94.  Born  in  St.  Louis, 
June  14,  1819.  Died  in  Peoria,  111.,  1850.  Married 
Peter  jST.  Ham,  a  native  of  Winchester,  Va.,  who 
came  to  St.  Louis  at  an  early  day,  and  engaged  in 
the  banking  business ;  after  retiring  from  the  banking 
business  he  owned  and  commanded  a  steamboat  ply- 
ing on  the  Mississippi  river  in  the  Xew  Orleans  trade. 
Mr.  Ham  married  secondly  Lize  Chauvin  of  St. 
Louis ;  she  died,  leaving  two  sons.  He  married 
subsequently  twice,  and  died  near  New  Orleans, 

130.  Jules  Ham,  born  in  St.  Louis.  He  was 
a  staff  officer  in  the  Confederate  army, 
was  taken  prisoner  at  the  battle  of  Fort 
Donaldson,  returned  to  St.  Louis  on 
parole,  where  he  shortly  afterwards  died 
of  consumption  caused  by  exposure. 

131.  Rene  Ham,  born  in  St.  Louis,  removed  to 

36  Creoles  of  S(.  Louis. 

Algiers,  La.,  where  he  married  and  died, 
leaving  a  widow  and  children. 

132.  William  Ham,  born  in  St.  Louis,  removed 

south,  where  he  married. 

133.  Annie    Ham,  born  in  St.  Louis,   married 

in  New  Orleans  to  Mr.  Clairteau  of  that 
city,  and  where  she  was  living  in  1893,  a 
widow  with  several  children. 
Louisa  Aglae  Paul.  95.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  June 
14,  1819,  died  there  in  1864 ;  married  twice ;  her  first 
husband  was  Charles  de  Beauregard  Dubreuil,  son 
•of  Louis  Chan  vet  Dubreuil,  who  was  born  in  Ko- 
chelle,  France,  in  1736 ;  his  father,  Rene  Chauvet 
Dubreuil,  of  the  ancient  nobility  of  France,  was  an 
attorney  for  the  king,  and  married  Marie  Dagnon. 
Louis  Dubreuil  came  to  St.  Louis  in  1765,  and 
married  Sept.  10,  1772,  Susanne,  daughter  of  John 
Santous  and  Subada  Tu}raret :  he  died  July  19, 1794, 
leaving  nine  children  :  Marie  Felicite,  married  James 
Ceran  de  St.  "Vrain  ;  Antoine,  removed  to  St.  Gene- 
vieve, where  he  married  in  1S16,  and  left  a  large 
family;  Susanne,  married  Louis  Tartaran  de  La 
Baume  ;*    Celeste,    married  Charles  Auguste  Fre- 

*  Louis  Tartaran  de  LaBaume,  of  the  French  nobility,  was  born  in  Lau- 
guedoc,  France,  in  1 764,  and  married  there,  Adelaid  du  Temple.  During 
the  revolution  they  came  to  St.  Louis,  where  he  died,  leaving  children: 
Marie  Louise  born  iu  France,  married  in  St.  Louis  to  Albert  Tisson ; 
Pierre,  Auguste,  born  iu  France,  married  in  St.  Louis  to  Elizabeth  McPher- 
son;  Theodore,  died  in  France.  Mr.  LaBanme  married  secondly  at 
St.  Louis,  June  8,  1797,  Susanne  Dubreuil,  their  children:  Louise  A. 
married  in  France;  Theodore,  married  Elizabeth  Hammon;  Louis  Tarta- 
ran; Charles  E.,  married  Dora  Shaw,  Susanne,  married  Jonas  Newman; 
Engenia,  married  Peter  E.  Blow;  Alexander,  married  in  France. 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  37 

mon  ;*  Louis  Ceran,  removed  to  Baton  Rouge,  La., 
where  he  married  and  left  two  sons,  Louis  and 
Charles;  Charles,  married  Louisa  Paul;  Elinore, 
married  William  Sharpe ;  Clarise,  married  Edward 
Hempstead,  first  delegate  to  Congress  from  Missouri ; 
Constance,  married  Paul  Ligueste  Chouteau. 

134.  Eulalie    Dubreuil,     married    A.    Farley; 

secondly,  J.  Enemos. 
Eulalie  Dubreuil.  131.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  died 
in  Texas  in  1872.  Married  twice  ;  her  second  hus- 
band was  John  Enemos,  one  of  the  editors  of  the 
New  Orleans  "  Picayune."  Her  first  husband  was 
Augustus  Farley,  whom  she  married  in  St.  Louis, 
and  who  died  in  Texas. 

135.  Charles    Farley,    married    and    living   in 

Texas  in  1893. 

136.  Louisa  Farley,  married  James  Gorman. 

137.  James  Farley,  married  and  living  in  Texas 

in  1893. 
Louisa   Farley.     136.     Born  in  Texas,  living  at 
Dallas    in    1893.     Married  James    Gorman  of  that 

138.  James  Gorman. 

139.  Eulalie  Gorman. 

140.  Joseph  Gorman. 

141.  Thomas  Gorman. 

♦  Augustus  Fremon  de  Lauriere,  Lord  of  da  Buffay  and  des  Crois,  of 
Nantes,  France,  came  to  St.  Louis  about  1796,  and  engaged  in  business; 
he  married  May  21,  1799,  Josephine  Celeste,  daughter  of  Louis  Chauvet 
Dubreuil;  their  children:  Loraiue,  married  G.  V.  Bright  of  Lexington, 
Ky.;  Celeste,  married  E.  M.  Duvall  of  Cincinnati;  Ozite,  married  Lucius 
Phipps;  DuBuffay,  married  bis  cousin  Zeliua  Dubreuil;  their  children 
were:  Rosa,  William  and  Stella;  Ch;irles,  married  Celeste  Dubreuil; 
Leon  aud  William  died  unmarried. 

38  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

Louisa  A.  Paul.  95.  Married  secondly,  George 
Gosnell,  who  was  born  in  Virginia,  and  died  in  St. 
Lonis.  He  was  a  member  of  the  colonial  family  of 
that  name,  and  a  descendant  of  the  great  navigator, 
Gosnell,  who  is  mentioned  in  the  early  records  of  the 
Virginia  colony,  and  whose  descendents  are  to  be 
found  in  Maryland  and  Virginia. 

142.  George    Gosnell,    born   in   St.    Lonis    in 

1850,  living  in  the  northwest  in  1893. 

143.  Tullia  Gosnell,  born  in  St.  Lonis  in  1851, 

was  living  in  Louisville,  Ky.,  in  1893 ; 

married  Edward  Bullitt  of  Louisville,  a 

descendant  of  Captain  William  Bullitt, 

the  pioneer  of  Kentucky. 
Tullia  Clemexcia  Paul.  96.  Born  in  St. 
Louis,  Dec.  11,  1821,  living  there  in  1893.  Mar- 
ried May  5,  1812,  Frederick  Williams  Beckwith 
who  was  born  in  Shepardsville,  Ky.,  Oct.  8,  1813. 
He  studied  for  the  Methodist  ministry,  but  owing  to 
throat  troubles,  relinquished  his  studies  and  came 
to  St.  Louis  in  1840,  where  he  engaged  in  busi- 
ness, and  died  there  Dec.  30,  1854.  Son  of  John 
Williams  Beckwith,  a  planter  of  Maryland,  lineal 
descendant  of  George  Beckwith,  who  in  1648  emi- 
grated to  Maryland  from  Yorkshire,  England.  His 
pedigree  is  traced  to  'the  X orman  Conquest  of  En- 
gland. John  W.  Beckwith  married  Mary  Floyd 
Smith,  sister  of  Major  Thomas  Floyd  Smith  who 
married  Emilie,  third  daughter  of  Col.  August 
Chouteau;  daughter  of  Thomas  Smith,  of  Va., 
whose  brother,  Judge  William  Smith,  was  U.  S. 
Senator     from     Alabama    in    1816.     Her    mother, 

Creoles  of  Si.  Louis.  39 

Jibigail  Floyd  Smith,  was  sister  of  Col.  John  Floyd, 
the  pioneer  statesman  and  soldier  of  Kentucky, 
whose  son  and  grandson  were  governors  of  Vir- 
ginia. Her  grandmother,  Abigail  Davis,  wife  of 
William  Floyd  of  Accomac  Comity,  Ya.,  was 
hister  of  Samuel  Davis,  grandfather  of  Jefferson 
Davis,  president  of  the  Southern  Confederacy. 
The  children  of  John  W.  and  Mary  Floyd  Smith 
Beckwith  were:  Mary,  married  James  Bucklin, 
son  of  the  first  mayor  of  Louisville ;  Minerva, 
married  Alfred  Bullitt,  of  Bullitt  County,  Ky. ; 
Frederick  TV".,  married  Tullia,  C.  Paul,  Basil, 
died  unmarried. 

144.  Frederick     Williams    Beckwith,    married 

Alice  Samuels. 

145.  Minerva  Eulalie    Beckwith,  born   in    St. 

Louis,  Dec.  29, 1S45,  died  there  in  1872; 
married  William  L.  Hull,  of   St.  Louis. 

146.  Mary   Amelie    Beckwith,   born    Sept.   21, 

1846,  died  in  1852. 

147.  Paul  Edmond  Beckwith. 

Frederick  Williams  Beckwith.  144.  Born  in 
St.  Louis,  Mch.  22,  1842.  Student  of  the  St.  Louis 
University  and  Bardstown  College.  In  1861  was  a 
member  of  the  southern  organization,  known  as  the 
"Broom  Bangers, "  for  which  he  was  banished  from 
the  State,  by  the  Federal  authorities,  under  penalty 
of  imprisonment  should  he  return.  One  of  the 
coldest  nights,  during  the  winter  of  1862-3,  he  rode 
horseback,  in  disguise,  from  Alton,  111.,  to  St. 
Louis,  returning  to  Alton  before  daylight,  caught 
cold  and  died  from  the  effect,  Jan.  26,^1863.     He 

40  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

married  Alice,  daughter  of  Dr.  Samuels,  of  St. 
Louis.  She  married  again  and  removed  to  Texas, 
where  she  died. 

148.  Fredericka  Beckwith,  died  young. 
Paul  Edmoxd  Beckwith,  147.  Born  in  St. 
Louis,  Sept.  22,  1818.  Student  of  Bardstown  col- 
lege, St.  Louis  University  and  the  University  of 
Bonn,  Prussia.  He  served,  in  1866-7,  in  the  "Pon- 
tifical Zouaves."  U.  S.  Indian  agent  in  1875.  He 
followed  his  profession  of  mining  engineer  in 
Colorado  up  to  1S86,  when  he  entered  the  civil 
service  of  the  U.  S.  government.  He  married  in 
1872,  and  had  the  following  children  : 

149.  Paul  Beckwith,  Jr.,  died  young. 

150.  Hattie   Eulalie  Beckwith,    born  Oct.    15, 


151.  Aimee  Beckwith,  born  Kov.  5,  1876. 

152.  Chord  Beckwith,  died  young. 

Louise  Chouteau.  8.  Born  in  St.  Louis  in  1799. 
Died  there  Oct.  24,  1832.  Married  Mch.  30,  1817, 
Gabriel  Paul,  born  at  Cape  Francais,  Island  of  San 
Domingo,  in  1777.  Was  sent  in  early  youth  to  Paris 
to  complete  his  education.  He  came  to  Philadelphia 
at  an  early  day  and  removed  to  St.  Louis  in  1817.  He 
was  a  "  Chevalier"  of  one  of  the  military  orders  of 
France,  a  gentleman  of  culture  and  commanding 
presence,  an  artist  and  musician  of  merit.  Son  of 
Eustache  and  Marie  Anne  Scolastique  Masse  Paul, 
of  San  Domingo,  whose  children  were,  Gabriel,  mar- 
ried Louise  Chouteau ;  Sophie,  married  T.  F.  Gen- 
erelly ;  Penc,  married  Eulalie  Chouteau ;  Aglac, 
married  Edward  Coursault. 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  41 

153.  Estelle    Felicite    Paul,    married    R.    W. 


154.  Adolph  Paul,  married  Mary  Reel,  secondly, 

Virginia  Menkins. 

155.  Theresa  Louise  Paul,  married  George  P. 

Estelle  Felicite  Paul.  153.  Born  in  St.  Louis, 
July  21,  1821,  died  there  in  1883.  Married  May  23, 
1843,  Richard  W.  Ulrici,  who  died  Aug.  23,  18S6. 
Son  of  Waldemar  Ulrici,  who,  with  his  wife,  came 
from  Germany  and  settled  in- St.  Louis,  at  an  early 
day,  where  he  engaged  in  business  as  a  wine  mer- 
chant. His  children  were,  Richard  "W.,  who  married 
Estelle  Paul ;  Reinard,  who  married  Julia  Lane ; 
Robert,  married  in  Havana;  Rudolph,  married 
Jacqueline,  sister  of  Peter  1ST.  Ham;  Meinard; 
Helena,  married  Mr.  Dryer. 

156.  Bertha  Ulrici,  died  young. 

Adollti  Paul.  151.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  Jan.  29, 
1824.  Died  there  Mch.,  1882.  He  married,  first, 
Jan.  24,  1855,  Mary,  daughter  of  John  TV.  Reel 
and  Eugenia  Saugrain,  who  was  a  daughter  of  Dr. 
Antoine  Saugrain. 

157.  Adolph   Paul,    Jr.,   living   in  Chicago  in 

Adolph  Paul.  154.  Married  secondly,  Virginia 
Menkins.  Her  mother  was  a  daughter  of  Peter 
and  Mary  La  Rue  Prim,  and  a  sister  of  Judge 
Wilson  Prim,  one  of  the  best  criminal  lawyers  that 
ever  practiced  at  the  St.  Louis  bar.  He  married 
twice;    first,    Amelie,     and     secondly    her     sister, 

42  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

Marguerete  Cmion,  who  was    living  in  Chicago,  a 
widow,  in  1893. 

158.  Virginia  Paul,  living  in  Chicago  in  1893. 
Theresa  Paul.  155.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  Mch.  18, 
1829,  died  there  in  1873.  Married  Aug.  9,  1816, 
George  R.  Taylor,  who  was  born  in  Alexandria, 
Va.,  ^N"ov.  11,  1818,  and  died  in  St.  Louis,  April 
6,  1880.  Graduate  of  the  law  school  of  Charlottes- 
ville, Va.,  practiced  law  in  Alexandria  for  several 
years.  He  removed  to  St.  Louis  and  formed  a  part- 
nership with  Judge  Wilson  Prim.  Mr.  Taylor  was 
prominently  identified  with  the  building  interests  of 
St.  Louis,  and  was  for  many  years  president  of  the 
Mo.  Pacific  R.  R.  Co.  He  was  a  gentleman  of 
courtly  manners,  and  was  proud  of  his  English 
ancestry,  claiming  relationship  with  the  Marlborough 
and  other  prominent  families  of  England. 

159.  Adolph   Taylor,    living   in    St.    Louis    in 


160.  Laura  Taylor,  married  Albin  Mellier. 

161.  Ida  Reba  Taylor,  married  her  cousin,  S.- 

Auguste  Chouteau. 

162.  Therese    Taylor,   living   in    St.   Louis    in 

1893,  unmarried. 

163.  Louisa  Taylor,  entered  the  convent  of  the 

Sacred  Heart,  became  a  religieuse,  and 
died  in  1881. 
161.  Agnes  Taylor,  entered  the  convent  of  the 
Sacred  Heart,  became  a  religieuse,  and 
died  in  1886. 

165.  George  R.  Taylor,  Jr. 

166.  Walter  Cerre  Taylor,  born  in    St.  Louis, 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  43 

married  June  15,  1892,  Martha  Kells 
Lowman,  niece  of  Samuel  Cupples  of 
St.  Louis. 
Laura  Taylor.  160.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  Xov. 
24,  1852,  living  there  in  [1893.  Married  Oct.  29, 
1873,  Albin  Mellier,  who  was  born  Sept.  15,  1850, 
in  Faj-ette  County,  Penn.  Educated  at  Princeton 
College,  K".  J.  He  entered  mercantile  life  in 
St.  Louis,  where,  in  1893,  was  president  of  the 
Mellier  Drug  Co.  He  was  a  grandson  of  Amadee 
Auguste  Mellier,  a  native  of  France,  who  married 
Miss  Yverdon  of  Switzerland ;  they  had  three  chil- 
dren, Amadee,  Jr.,  born  in  France  and  came  to 
America  with  his  parents  in  1830,  and  settled  near 
Baltimore,  Maryland ;  they  afterwards  removed  to 
Fayette  County,  Penn,,  where  he  purchased  the  old 
Gallatin  homestead,  and  came  to  St.  Louis  about 
1846,  where  he  was  associated  with  the  Collier 
White  Lead  Co.  for  several  years,  and  established 
the  wholesale  drug  house  of  Richardson,  Mellier  & 
Co.  He  married  Christine  Haverstock  of  Phila- 
delphia, and  died  in  St.  Louis,  Dec.  19,  1889. 

167.  Ida  Mellier,  born  June  15,  1875. 

168.  Pebecea  Mellier,  born  Jan.  30,  1876. 

169.  Adele  Mellier,  born  Sept,  17,  1878.  ' 

170.  Duncan  Mellier,  born  Sept.  5,  1881. 

171.  Taylor  Mellier,  born  Dec.  17,  1883. 

172.  Lina  May  Mellier,  born  April  15,  1885. 

173.  Margaret  Mellier,  born  Xov.  17,  1887. 
Emilie  Chouteau.     9.     Born  in  St.   Louis,  April 
14,  1802;  died   at  Cincinnati,  Ohio,    June  5,  1843; 
married  iSTov.  4,  1825,  Major  Thomas  Floyd  Smith. 

44  Creoles  of  Si.  Louis. 

He  was  born  in  Fincastle  Count}7,  Va.,  1784,  and 
died  near  St.  Louis,  Dec.  1843.  Major  Smith  was 
appointed  ensign  of  Rifles  in  1813,  3rd  Lieut,  in  1813, 
2d  Lieut,  in  1814.  He  particularly  distinguished 
himself  in  the  Indian  wars,  and  at  the  engagements  of 
Stone}7  and  Seconda  Creeks.  He  was  adjutant  to  Gen- 
eral Gaines,  and  led  the  storming  party  in  the  attack 
on  Fort  Erie,  participating  in  the  night  attack  on  the 
English  flotilla.  He  was  promoted  captain  in  1819, 
and  was  transferred  to  the  first  regiment  of  infantry 
in  1821.  He  served  in  the  Black  Hawk  war,  and 
was  breveted  major  for  ten  years'  faithful  service. 
He  resigned  from  the  army  Oct.  30, 1837,  returning 
to  St.  Louis.  His  father,  Thomas  Smith,  was  born 
in  Virginia,  and  killed  in  1786  by  the  Indians  at  the 
storming  of  Brashears  Fort,  near  Bear  Grass  Creek, 
Ky.  He  married  Abigail,  daughter  of  William  and 
Abigail  Davis  Floyd,  sister  of  Col.  John  Floyd,  the 
pioneer  statesman  and  soldier  of  Kentucky. 

174.  Azzelda  Smith,  died  young. 

175.  Mary  Smith,  died  young. 

176.  Louis   Chouteau  Smith,    born    at    Baton 

Rouge,  La.,  in  1829,  living  in  St.  Louis 
in  1893.  He  married  his  cousin,  Mary, 
daughter  of  Alfred  and  Minerva  Beck- 
with  Bullitt.  Alfred  Bullitt  was  grand- 
son of  Capt.  William  Bullitt,  pioneer  of 
Kentucky,  who  had  two  sons,  William 
and  Cuthbert.  Cuthbert  married  Ann 
Neville  and  had  children,  Allied  jST. 
married  Minerva  Beckwith  ;  Ann  Aman- 
thus,  married  G.  W.  Weisinger;    Will- 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  45 

iam,  married  Virginia  Anderson ;  Ann 
E.,  married  Albion  Stoddard ;  Caroline, 
married  Dr.  Tom  Wilson.  William  Bul- 
litt had  several  daughters,  one  married 
General  Atkinson,  U.  S.  A.,  and  sec- 
ondly Major  Steward,  U.  S.  A. ;  Dianna, 
married  Gen.  Phil.  Kearney,  U.  S.  A. 
Another  daughter  married  Count  de 
Kanzo,    of     Sweden. 

177.  Thomas  Floyd  Smith ,  Jr. ,  married  Blanche 


178.  Philomina     Smith,    married    Charles    T. 

Lamed,  U.  S.  A. 
Thomas  Floyd  Smith,  Jr.  177.  Born  Sept.  30, 
1832,  at  the  military  post  near  Little  Pock,  Ark., 
and  died  in  Kentucky  in  1888.  He  was  appointed 
Lieut,  in  8th,  Reg.  U.  S.  Infantry  in  1855,  and  re- 
signed in  1858.  He  was  captain  of  the  Washington 
Guards  of  St.  Louis,  and  was  with  General  Frost  in 
the  campaign  against  the  Kansians  in  1861,  was  ad- 
jutant of  his  regiment  at  Camp  Jackson,  but  escaped 
capture.  He  took  no  further  part  in  the  war  but 
returned  to  Pewee  Valley,  Ky.,  wdiere  he  had  prop- 
erty, and  where  he  died.  Married  Blanche,  daughter 
of  George  W.  and  Amanthus  Bullitt  Weisinger,  of 
Louisville,  Ky. 

179.  Lelia  Smith. 

180.  Amanthus    Smith,    married    Carl    Yung- 

bluth,  a  native  of  Germany,  who,  in 
1893,  was  engaged  in  the  manufac- 
turing business  at  Louisville,  Ky. 

181.  George  Smith. 

46  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

182.  Thomas  Smith. 

183.  Nannie  Smith. 

Piiilomexa  Smith.  178.  Born.  Xov.  24,  1836, 
living  in  New  Jersey  in  1893.  Married  Col.  Charles 
T.  Larned,  Paymaster  U.  S.  Army,  born  in  Michi- 
gan, was  appointed  Paymaster  in  the  army,  in  1S61. 
Major,  Aug.  30,  1861.  Brvt.  Lieut.-Col.  Mch.  13, 
1868,  for  faithful  and  meritorious  sen-ices  during  the 
war.  Died  at  Washington  City.  He  was  son  of 
Benjamin  F.  Larned,  who  was  born  in  Massachu- 
setts, appointed  ensign  U.  S.  Army  in  1813,  and 
died  Sept.  6,  1862,  with  rank  of  Colonel  Paymaster 
General  U.  S.  Army,  he  was  breveted  Capt.  Aug. 
5,  1811,  for  gallant  conduct  at  the  defense  of  Fort 

184.  William  Larned,   in   1893,   was   editor    of 

the  "  Spectator, •,  a  local  newspaper,  and 
was  for  several  years  dramatic  editor 
of  the  "  St.  Louis  Republic." 

185.  Chouteau  Larned. 

186.  Grace  Larned. 

187.  Madeline  Larned. 

188.  May  Larned,  widow  of   Dr.   Nutthal,   of 

Memphis,  Tenn. 

189.  Dee  Larned. 

190.  Genevieve  Larned. 

191.  Gertrude  Larned. 

192.  Blanche  Larned. 

Marie  Tilereze  Bourgeois  Chouteau.  1.  Mar- 
ried secondly  Pierre  Liguest  de  Laclede,  and  came  to 
St.  Louis,  in  the  spring  of  1761,  where  she  died,  Aug. 
14, 181-4,  in  the  eighty- first  year  of  her  age,  "  respect- 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  47 

ed  by  all,  her  remains  were  consigned  to  the  earth  with 
all  the  ceremonies  of  the  Catholic  Church.'-  Pierre 
Lignest  de  Laclede,  came  of  a  noble  family,  members 
of  which  are  still  to  be  found  near  Pan,  France,  came 
to  Louisiana  in  1755,  and  entered  commercial  life 
in  $ew  Orleans.  In  1762,  the  firm  of  Maxent, 
Laclede  &  Co.,  were  given  the  exclusive  privilege  of 
trading  with  the  Indians  of  the  northwest,  and  in  the 
same  year,  Mr.  Laclede,  accompanied  by  Auguste 
Chouteau,  came  up  to  Fort  Chartres,  in  the  interests 
of  the  firm.  The  treaty  of  1763  put  an  end  to  the 
privilege,  and  Mr.  Laclede,  purchasing  the  interest 
of  his  partners,  left  Fort  Chartres,  and  on  the  west 
bank  of  the  river  selected  a  spot,  then  an  unbroken 
wilderness,  for  his  future  village.  For  the  next  few 
years  Mr.  Laclede  was  engaged  in  building  up  the 
new  settlement.  The  winter  of  1777-8  he  passed 
in  !New  Orleans,  and  died,  when  en  route  to  St. 
Louis,  June  20,  1778.  His  remains  were  buried  at 
the  mouth  of  the  Arkansas,  on  the  banks  of  the 

193.  Pierre  Chouteau,  married  Pelagie  Kieser- 

ean,  secondly,  Brigite  Saucier. 

194.  Victoire  Chouteau,  married  Charles  Gra- 


195.  Pelagie  Chouteau,  married  Sylvestre  La- 


196.  Marie    Louise    Chouteau,   married    Marie 

Joseph  Pap  in. 

Pierre  Chouteau,     193.  Born  in  New  Orleans, 

Oct.   10,  1758,  came  to  St.  Louis  with  his  parents 

Sept.,    1761.     His  earliest  manhood    was    devoted 

48  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

to  the  Indian  fur  trade,  in  which  he  laid  the  found- 
ation of  his  fortune.  His  trading  post  was  at  the 
mouth  of  the  Osage  river;  his  trade  was  chiefly  with 
the  Osage,  Pawnees,  Kiowas  and  the  neighboring 
tribes.  Some  years  after  the  trausfer  in  1801,  Mr. 
Chouteau,  then  about  fifty  years  of  age,  retired  from 
the  Indian  trade,  and  devoted  his  energies  to  the 
care  and  superintendence  of  his  large  estate.  He 
was  appointed  major  of  the  St.  Louis  battalion  of 
militia,  and  died  July  10,  1819.  He  married  twice. 
His  first  wife  was  Pelagie  Kiesereau,  whom  he  mar- 
ried July  26,  1783,  born  in  St.  Louis,  1767,  and 
died  there  Feb.  9,  1793.  Her  grandfather,  Gregory 
Kiesereau,  was  born  at  Port  Louis,  Brittany, 
France,  and  there  married,  in  1720,  Gillette  Lebourg ; 
they  emigrated  to  Cahokia,  where  they  were  living 
in  1740.  Their  only  son,  Rene,  called  "  Renard," 
was  born  in  France  in  1723,  and  married  Marie  M. 
Robillard,  who  died  in  St.  Louis,  Dec.  15,  1783, 
and  had  children,  Gregory,  born  at  Fort  Chartres  in 
1753,  married  Magdaline  St.  Francois  in  1771,  and 
left  numerous  children  ;  Paul,  born  in  !N"ew  Orleans, 
married  in  St.  Louis,  May  10,  1766,  Marie  Joseph 
Tayon  j*  Marie,  married  Antoine  Desherts. 

*  Joseph  Michael  Tayon,  born  in  Cauada,  in  1750,  came  to  St.  Louis 
in  1764,  and  died  there  in  1804;  he  married,  in  Canada  in  1728,  Marie 
Bossit,  she  died  in  St.  Louis  in  1797.  lie  was  a  man  of  influence  in  the 
village,  aud  for  many  years  was  syndic  or  overseer  of  the  village.  Their 
children  were,  Marie  Louise,  married  Jacques  Chauvin;  Marie  Josepha, 
married  Pascall  Gregory  Kiesereau,  May  10th,  1766;  their  daughter 
married  Pierre  Chouteau;  Marie  Anne,  married  Etienne  Daigle;  Joseph, 
married  Marie  Berger;  Charles,  Lieut,  of  militia  and  first  commandant 
of  St.  Charles,  married  Celeste  Deschamp;  Francis,  married  Pelagie 
Chauvin;  Helene,  married  Louis  Chevalier. 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  49 

197.  August  Pierre  Chouteau,  married  Sophie 

Lab  a  die. 

198.  Pierre  "  Cadet"  Chouteau,  married  Emilie 


199.  Paul    Ligucst     Chouteau,     married    first 

Constance    Dubreuil,    secondly   Aurora 

200.  Pelagic  Chouteau,    married  Bartholomew 

Pierre  Chouteau,  Sr.  193.  Married  secondly 
Feb.  14,  1791,  Brigite  Saucier,  born  at  St.  Philips, 
Territory  of  Illinois,  daughter  of  Captain  Saucier, 
a  retired  officer  of  the  French  army.  She  died  at 
St.  Louis,  May  18,  1829. 

201.  Francis  Gesseau  Chouteau,  married  Ber- 

enice Menard. 

203.  Cyprien  Chouteau,  born  in  St.  Louis, 
Oct.  1,  1802,  died  Feb.  1,  1879.  He 
was  employed  by  the  Chouteau-Sarpy 
Fur  Co.  at  their  trading  post  and  lived 
among  the  Indians  for  many  years.  He 
married  and  his  descendants  are  living  in 
Missouri . 

201.  Pharamond  Chouteau,  born  in  St.  Louis, 
Aug.  18,  1806,  died  May  28,  1831. 

205.  Charles  B.  Chouteau,   born  Feb.  2,  1808, 

died  in  St.  Louis,  1884. 

206.  Frederick  Chouteau,  born    in   St.    Louis, 

Oct.  16,  1809.  He  was  in  the  employ 
of  the  Chouteau-Sarpy  Fur  Co.  in  the  In- 
dian country.  He  married  and  his  descen- 
dants are  living  in  Missouri  and  Kansas. 

50  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

Augusts  Pierre  Chouteau.  197.  Born  in  St. 
Louis,  May  9,  17S6,  died  at  Fort  Gibson,  Ark.  He 
was  appointed  to  the  IT.  S.  Military  Academy  in  1804, 
Ensign  1st  Reg.  Inf.  U.  S.  Army,  in  1806;  resigned 
in  1809.  He  returned  to  St.  Louis,  where  he 
entered  the  employ  of  the  American  Fur  Company. 
He  married  Feb.  15,  1809,  his  cousin  Sophie, 
daughter  of  Sylvestre  Labadie. 

207.  Augustine  Chouteau,  died  unmarried. 

208.  Emilie  Sophie  Chouteau,  married    Nicola 

De  Menil. 

209.  Susanne    Chouteau,  married  L.    K.  Cor- 


210.  Marie  Antoinette  Chouteau,  married  P.  J. 

Watson . 

211.  Pierre  Sylvestre  Chouteau,  married  Louise 


212.  Virginie    Chouteau,     married     John     G. 

Emilie  Sophie  Chouteau.  208.  Born  in  St. 
Louis,  Sept.  14,  1813,  died  there  Mch.  20,  1874. 
Married  Oct.,  183G,  XieolaJDe  Menil,  who  was  born 
in  Foug,  France,  Oct.  7,  1812,  and  came  to  St. 
Louis,  June  28,  1838,  where  he  engaged  in  the 
drug  business.  He  was  a  practicing  physician 
for  many  years  and  died  in  St.  Louis,  July  9, 

213.  Emilie  De  Menil,  died  young. 

214.  Alexander  M.  De  Menil. 
Alexander   M.    De   Menil.     214.     Born   in   St. 
Louis,  Mch.  23,  1849.     Graduated  from  the  Chris- 
tian Brothers  Academy  in  18G9,  received  the  M.  A. 

Creoles  of  S(.  Louis.  51 

degree  in  1871,  and  in  the  same  year,  the  degree  of 
LL.D.  was  conferred  upon  him  by  the  Washing- 
ton University.  He  studied  law  and  was  admitted 
to  the  bar,  and  practiced  for  ten  years,  when  he 
relinquished  his  profession.  In  1877  he  was  elected 
to  the  house  of  delegates.  In  1879,  elected  to  the 
city  council,  signally  distinguishing  himself  in  both 
offices.  He  has  been  a  valued  contributor  to  the 
eastern  periodicals,'  and  has  been  connected  with 
^  The  Home  Journal,"  "The  Hornet"  and  the  St. 
Louis  magazines.  Mr.  De  Menil  was  one  of  four 
candidates  for  the  mayoralty  of  St.  Louis,  Mch. 
1893,  and  received  the  second  highest  vote  of  the 
democratic  convention.     He  married  twice. 

215.  Henry  ]STicola  De  Menil. 

216.  George  H.  De  Menil. 

Susaxxe  Chouteau.  209.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  in 
1815,  died  in  1879.  Married  Louis  K.  Cortanbert, 
who  was  born  in  Paris,  France,  of  an  eminent  French 
family,  many  of  whom  are  scientific  men  of  promi- 
nence. He  came  to  St.  Louis  in  18-10,  and  was 
appointed  to  a  position  in  the  city  government, 
retiring  from  this,  he  entered  into  commercial  life, 
and  died  shortly  after  the  death  of  his  wife. 

217.  Louise   Cortanbert,    married   J.    F.    Mc- 

Louise  Cortanbert.  217.  Born  in  St.  Louis, 
died  there  in  1892.  Married  Oct.  1G,  1867,  John 
F.  McDermott,  who  was  born  in  Glensfall,  jKL  Y., 
Dec.  10,  1834,  and  came  to  St.  Louis  in  1852.  In 
1893  was  living  in  St.  Louis,  engaged  in  mercantile 

52  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

218.  John  McDermott,  born  Oct.  6,  1868,  ad- 

mitted   to    the    bar,    and    in    1893   was 
practicing  his  profession  in  St.  Louis. 

219.  Phillipp  A.  McDermott,  born  in  St.  Louis, 

Jan.  19,  1870. 

220.  Emily  S.  McDermott,  born  Sept.  9,  1872. 

221.  Louis  P.  McDermott,  born  May  10,  1876. 

222.  Marie  L.  McDermott,  born  Mch.  3,  1885. 
Marie  ''Manette''  Chouteau.  210.  Born  in 
St.  Louis,  in  1816,  died  there.  Married  Pingrose 
J.  Watson,  one  of  several  brothers,  who  came  to  St. 
Louis  at  an  early  day  and  engaged  in  business. 

223.  Sophie  Watson,  married  F.  J.  Capitain. 
Sophie  Watson.  223.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  was 
living  in  Los  Angeles,  Gal.,  in  1893.  Married 
Francis  J.  Capitain,  who  was  born  in  Germany,  and 
came  to  St.  Louis,  in  1864,  where  he  engaged  in 
business,  and  was  living  there  in  1S93. 

224.  Manette    Capitain,  born   in    St.  Louis,  in 


225.  Pingrose  Capitain. 

226.  Isabelle  Capitain,  born  in  1876. 

227.  Chouteau  Capitain. 

Pierre  Sylyestre  Chouteau.  211.  Bom  in  St. 
Louis,  in  1819,  died  there  in  1886.  He  was  for 
many  years  connected  with  the  city  government, 
and  owing  to  ill  health  retired  from  all  active  pur- 
suits. He  married  in  1846,  Louisa,  daughter  of 
Eugenio  Alvarez,  who  was  born  in  Madrid,  Spain, 
and  came  to  St.  Louis  with  Captain  Piernas,  of  the 
Spanish  army,  in  1770,  at  the  time  of  the  transfer 
of   Upper   Louisiana   to   the    Spanish   government. 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  53 

He  was  for  many  years  the  king  of  Spain's  military 
store-keeper,  and  married  in  1782  Josepha  Crebean  ; 
their  children  were,  Manuel  Auguste,  married 
Brigite  LaTreve ;  Eugene,  married  Francis  Creley. 

228.  Sophie  Chouteau,  married  Dr.  Loring,  U. 

S.  A. 

229.  William  G.  Chouteau,  born  in  St.  Louis, 

May  25,  1853  ;  in  1893  was  in  the  employ 
of  the  city  government.  Married  Men. 
19,  1883,  Elizabeth  Music  of  Fleurisant, 
born  there  Aug.  25,  1863 ;  daughter  of 
Odine  Music  and  Virginia  Alvarez  ;  they 
were  living  in  Carondelet  in  1893  . 

230.  Auguste  Chouteau,  M.  D.     He  was  prac- 

ticing   his   profession    in    Dodge    City, 
Kansas,  In  1893  ;  unmarrried. 
Sophie  Chouteau.     228.     Born  in  St.  Louis ;  was 
living    in    San    Diego,    Cala.,    in    1S93 ;    married 
Leonard  Y.   Loring,  Surgeon    U.   S.  A.     Born   in 
Missouri;   First   Lieut.,    Ass't-Surgeon,  U.  S.  A. 
May    14,  1867;  Captain  Ass't-Surgeon,  U.  S.  A. 
May   11,  1870.     Dr.  Loring  retired  from  the  army 
with  rank  of  major,    and  was  living  in  San  Diego, 
Cala.,  in  1893.     Son  of  Charles  E.  Loring,  who  was 
born  in  Bourbon  County,  Ky.,  in  1812,  and  came  to 
St.  Louis  in  1S30,  where   he  was  prominent  in  mu- 
nicipal affairs.     He  married  May   Young,  who  was 
born  in  Lexington,  Ky.,  in  1816,  and  came  with  her 
father  to  St.  Louis,    where    he    purchased  a    large 
estate,  having  brought  with  him  many  slaves    and 
|  thoroughbred  cattle.     They  had  the  following  chil- 
dren, Sidnia,  married  Mr.  Grummon  *  Hon.   James 

54  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

M.,  married  Albcrtine  Gleeker  ;  Leonard  Y.,  married 
Sophie  Chouteau. 

231.  Chouteau    Loring,    Cadet  U.  S.  Military 

Academy  in  1893. 

232.  Adelaiede  Loring,  born  in   St.   Louis,  in 

1878,  was  living,  in  1893,  in  San  Diego ; 

Virginia  Chouteau.  212.  Born  in  St.  Louis, 
Feb.  8,  1826,  was  living  there  in  1893;  married  June 
4,  18-16,  John  G.  Priest,  who  was  born  in  Boston, 
Mass.,  July  16,  1825,  and  came  to  St.  Louis  in 
1841,  where  he  was  a  pioneer  in  the  real  es- 
tate business,  in  which  he  was  still  engaged  in 

233.  Augustus  Priest,  married  Mollie  McCar- 


234.  Thomas  H.  Priest,  married  Ida  Kelly. 

235.  Anne  M.  Priest. 

236.  Mark  Priest,  married  Elizabeth  Markley. 

237.  Warren    G.   Priest,  graduate  of   the    St. 

Louis    Medical    College,    was    the    City 
Dispensary  Physician  in  1893. 

238.  Virginia  Priest. 

239.  John  G.  Priest,  Jr. 

Augustus  Priest.  233.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  Nov. 
3  18-47  the  night  the  city  was  first  illuminated  with 
gas.  He  graduated  from  the  Leafland  College  of 
New  York  in  civil  engineering,  which  profession  he 
followed  for  a  short  time,  and  then  engaged  in 
Architecture,  which  he  relinquished  to  enter  the  em- 
ploy of  the  city  government.  He  married  in  1875 
Mollie  McCarthy,  who  died  in  1877. 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  55 

240.  Corwin  Priest,  graduate  of  the  Leafland 

College,  and  was    living  in  St.  Louis  in 

Thomas  H.  Priest.     234.     Born  and  died   in   St. 
Louis.  He  married  Ida  Kelly  of  ]^ew  York ;  she  mar- 
ried again,  and  in  1893  was  living  in  Boston,  Mass. 

241.  Chouteau  Priest,  living  in  Boston  in  1893. 
Mark  Priest.  236.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  was  living 
therein  1893.  Treasurer  of  the  Hagan  Theater  As- 
sociation, he  married  Elizabeth  Markley  of  St. 

242.  Mark  Priest,  Jr. 

Pierre  "  Cadet"  Chouteau.  198.  Born  in  St. 
Louis,  Jan.  19,  1789.  In  1806  he  accompanied 
Julius  Dubuque  up  the  Mississippi  river  to  the 
present  site  of  the  Dubuque  lead  mines,  returning 
in  1808 ;  in  1809  with  his  father  visited  the  various 
Indian  tribes  of  the  upper  Missouri  river,  returning 
November  of  the  same  year.  In  1813  he  entered 
into  partnership  with  Bartholomew  Berthold  ;  their 
store  was  in  the  first  brick  building  built  west  of  the 
Mississippi  river,  where  they  continued  in  business 
until  the  death  of  Mr.  Berthold  in  1831.  In  1820, 
Mr.  Chouteau  was  elected,  by  the  county,  a  member 
of  the  committee  that  framed  the  Constitution  of 
the  State  of  Missouri ;  about  this  time  the  firm  of 
Chouteau  &  Berthold  engaged  in  the  fur  trade,  in 
which  Mr.  Chouteau  continued  until  his  death,  Oct. 
6,  1865.  He  married  June  15,  1818,  his  cousin, 
Emilie,  daughter  of  Charles  and  Victoire  Chouteau 
Gratiot.     She  was  born  in  St.  Louis  Oct.  30,  1792. 

243.  Emilie  Chouteau,  married  John  F.  Sanford. 

56  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

244.  Julie    Chouteau,  married  William  Maffit, 

U.  S.  A. 

245.  Pierre  Chouteau,  born  Dec.  5,  1817,  died 


246.  Charles  Pierre  Chouteau,  married  Julia  A. 


247.  Benjamin  Chouteau,  born  Aug.  17,  1822, 

died  young. 
Emilie  Chouteau.     243.     Born  in  St.  Louis,  Feb. 

3,  1814,  and  died  there  in  1835.  Married  in  1832 
Major  John  F.  Sanl'ord,  who  was  born  in  Winchester, 
Va.,  of  English  ancestry.  lie  was  appointed  U.  S. 
Indian  Agent  in  1832,  at  which  time  he  came  to  St. 
Louis ;  in  1836  he  removed  to  Xew  York  City,  as 
representative  of  the  American  Fur  Company.  Mr. 
Sanford  was  the  originator  of  the  Ills.  Central  P.  P. 
Co.  He  married  secondly,  Isabella,  daughter  of 
Thomas  C.  Davis  of  New  York,  and  died  there  May 

4,  1857,  leaving  two  children,  by  his  second  mar- 
riage, John  A.  Sanford,  and  Emily,  who  married  the 
Count  Sala,  who  was  for  several  years  minister  from 
France  to  the  United  States. 

248.  Benjamin     Chouteau     Sanford,     married 

Louisa  Berthold. 
Benjamin  Chouteau  Sanford.  248.  Born  in 
St.  Louis,  May  16,  1831,  was  living  there  in  1893, 
after  a  residence  in  New  York  City  of  many  years; 
he  married  May  4,  1858,  his  cousin,  Louisa  Berthold, 
daughter  of  Pierre  Alexander  and  Virginia  Maclot 
Berthold.    She  was  living  in  St.  Louis  in  1893. 

249.  Pierre    Chouteau    Sanford,  married    Imo- 

gene  Hull. 

Creoles  of  /St.  Louis.  57 

250.  Virginia    Sanford,     bom    in    New    York 

City,  Jan.  23,  1873. 

251.  Irene  Sanford,  born  in  Xew  York  City, 

May  11,  1878* 

252.  Benjamin  Chouteau  Sanford,  Jr.,  born  in 
•New  York  City,  Oct.  6,  18S0. 

Pierre  Chouteau  Sastoed.  249.  Born  in  St. 
Louis,  Mch.  9,  1858,  living  in  St.  Louis  in  1893. 
He  married  Imogene  Hull  of  New  Haven. 

253.  Helen  Sanford. 
25£.  Louise  Sanford. 

255.  Zelina  Sanford. 

256.  Frank  Sanford. 

Julie  Chouteau.  211.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  Feb. 
28,  1816,  was  living,  a  widow,  in  St.  Louis  in  1893. 
Married  in  New  York  City  in  1812,  Dr.  William 
Maffitt  of  the  U.  S.  Army,  born  in  Virginia  ;  was  ap- 
pointed surgeon  in  U.  S.  A.  Jan.  1,  1836 ;  resigned 
Oct.  31,  1813,  and  died  in  St.  Louis  Oct.  1863. 

257.  Pierre    Chouteau    Maffitt,    married    May 


258.  William  C.   Maffitt,  living  in  St.  Louis  in 

1893,  unmarried. 

259.  Emilie     Maffitt,    living    in    St.    Louis   in 

1893  ;  unmarried. 

260.  Chas.    C.  Maffitt.     He   was  living  in  St. 

Louis  in  1893.  Prominent  in  Democratic 
circles;  director  in  the  St.  Louis  Mech. 
and  Agri.  Assotiation ;  director  of  the 
Laclede  Bank ;  and  prominent  in  other 
mercantile  and  commercial  institutions  of 
the  city ;  unmarried. 

58  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

261.  Julia  Maffitt,  married  Edward  Walsh. 

262.  Nancy  Maffitt,  married  Charles  C.  Bates. 
Pierre  Chouteau  Mafeitt.  257.  Living  in  St. 
Louis  in  1893.  Prominently  connected  with  the  busi- 
ness interests  of  the  city.  He  married  May  Skinker 
of  St.  Louis. 

263.  William  Maffitt,  born  in  St.  Louis  in  1871. 

264.  May  Maffitt,  born  in  St.    Louis  in  1874, 

and  died  there  in  1891. 

265.  Thomas  Maffitt,  born  in  St.  Louis  in  1877. 

266.  Julia  Maffitt,  born  in  St.  Louis  in  1882. 
Julia  Maffitt.  261.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  was  liv- 
ing there  in  1893.  Married  Edward  Walsh  of  St. 
Louis,  son  of  Edward  and  Isabella  Demun  Walsh. 
Mr.  Walsh  was  a  prominent  business  man,  connected 
with  many  of  the  important  business  enterprises 
of  the  city,  and  was  living  there  in  1893. 

.267.  Edward  Walsh. 
Nancy   Maffitt.     262.     Born  in  St.  Louis,    was 
living  there  in  1893.     Married  Charles  C.  Bates  of 
St.  Louis. 

268.  Maffitt  Bates. 
Charles  Pierre  Chouteau.  246.  Born  in  St. 
Louis,  Dec.  2,  1819,  living  there  in  1893.  Mr.  Chou- 
teau graduated  in  1837  from  the  civil  and  military 
institute  of  the  Peugnet  Bros,  in  New  York  City ; 
returning  to  St.  Louis  he  represented  his  father's 
interests,  in  the  firm  of  Chouteau  &  Mackerness 
from  1838  to  '41 ;  he  was  then  sent  to  London  to  rep- 
resent his  father  in  various  business  matters  of  great 
financial  magnitude.  He  displayed  great  business 
tact  and  energy.    Returning  to  St.  Louis  in  1845  he 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  59 

became  one  of  the  leading  and  most  influential  busi- 
ness men  of  the  city,  representing*  many  business 
enterprises  of  great  importance  and  financial  worth, 
and  in  almost  all  the  large  business  ventures  Mr. 
Chouteau  has  been,  if  not  the  leader,  at  least  inter- 
ested. He  married  Nov.  7,  1845,  his  cousin,  Julia 
Anne,  daughter  of  Charles  and  Julia  Anne  Belin 
Gratiot,  who  was  born  in  St.  Louis,  Sept.  24,  1824, 
and  was  living  there  in  1893. 

269.  Emilie  Chouteau,  born  in  St.  Louis,  Oct. 

1,  1846,  married   John  Henshaw  of  ]STew 
Orleans,  where  they  were  living  in  1893. 

270.  Pierre  Chouteau,  married  Lucile  M.  Chau- 


271.  Nannie  Chouteau,  married  Lieut.  Johnson, 

U.  S.  A. 
272., Henry  Chouteau,  born  Oct.  12,  1857. 

273.  Marie  Chouteau,  born  in  St.  Louis,  Feb. 

18,  1873,  was  living  there  in  1893 ;  un- 
married . 
Pierre  Chouteau.  270.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  July 
30,  1849 ;  graduated  at  Seeton  Hall,  New  Jersey ; 
returning  to  St.  Louis  entered  into  business.  Mr. 
Chouteau  was  living  there  in  1893.  Following  in 
the  footsteps  of  his  father,  he  has  been  identified 
with  all  the  prominent  business  enterprises  of  the 
city,  and  is  considered  one  of  the  most  energetic  and 
influential  business  men  of  St.  Louis.  He  married 
Lucille  Manette,  daughter  of  Robert  Chauvin,  of  St. 

274.  Lucille  Manette  Chouteau. 

Nannie  Chouteau.     271.     Born  in  St.  Louis,  was 

60  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

living  near  Indianapolis  in  1893.  Married  Lieut. 
David  D.  Johnson,  IT.  S.  Arm}'.  He  was  appointed 
to  the  U.  S.  Military  Academy  July  1,  1864;  2d 
Lieut.  5th  Art.  June  15,  1868 ;  1st  Lieut.  Oct.  7, 
1871.  He  was  stationed  near  Indianapolis  in  1893,  in 
charge  of  the  State  Military  School  of  Indiana. 

275.  Violet  Johnson. 

276.  Charles  Chouteau  Johnson. 

Paul  Liguest  Chouteau.  199.  Born  in  St. 
Louis,  Oct.  30,  1792,  died  Oct.  16,  1851.  He  was 
engaged  in  the  fur  trade,  and  passed  most  of  his 
active  life  among  the  Indians.  His  second  wife  was 
Aurora  Hay,  daughter  of  John  Hay  of  Belleville, 
Illinois.  She  died  ]STov.  3,  1830.  His  first  wife  was 
Constance  Duhreuil,  whom  he  married  Feb.  11, 
1813.  She  was  born  in  St.  Louis  in  1797,  and  died 
there  June  8,  1821.  They  had  the  following  chil- 
dren : 

277.  Alexandre  Liguest  Chouteau,  born  Feb. 

10, 1818. 

278.  Auguste  Liguest  Chouteau,  married  Eliz- 

abeth Bruner. 

279.  Charles  Liguest  Chouteau,  born  Aug.  19, 


280.  Cyprien  Liguest  Chouteau,  born  Sept.  31, 


281.  Charles  Louis  Chouteau,  born  Mch.,  1819'. 
Auguste  Liguest  Chouteau.  278.  Born  in  St. 
Louis,  April  22,  1815.  He  removed  to  Alton,  111., 
in  early  youth,  where  he  engaged  in  business  and 
married  there  Elizabeth  Bruner  of  that  place.  They 
had  children. 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  61 

282.  Mary  Chouteau,  married  and  was  living  in 

Chicago  in  1893. 

283.  Lillie  Chouteau. 

283.  Amadee  Chouteau. 

284.  Auguste  L.  Chouteau. 

285.  Julia  Chouteau. 

286.  Louise  Chouteau. 

287.  Blanche  Chouteau. 

Pelagie  Chouteau.     200.     Born  in  Louis,    Oct. 
7,  1790,  died   there  May  24,   1875.     Married,  Jan. 
10,  1811,  Bartholomew  Berthold,  son  of  Alexandre 
Berthold    and   Magdaline   Beltramy,    was   born    in 
1780,  near  the  city  of  Trent,  in  the  Italian  Tyrol. 
He  was  an  officer  in  the  Italian  army,  was  wounded 
and  taken  prisoner  by  the  French,  at  the  battle  of 
Marengo,  was  placed  on  parole  and  made  his  way 
to   England,   where,  meeting   General   Willet,  who 
had  fled  from  France  on  account  of  his  opposition 
to  Napoleon,  came  over  to  this  country  with  him. 
Mr.  Berthold  came  to  Philadelphia,  where,  forming 
a  partnership    with   Col.  Rene   Paul,  in    1808,  re- 
moved to  St.  Louis,  where  they  entered  into  busi- 
ness ;  the  partnership  was  dissolved  in  1812,  and  Mr. 
Berthold  then  entered  into  partnership  with  Auguste 
Chouteau,  in  merchandising,  until  1820,  when  they 
embarked  in  the  fur  trade,  which    continued   until 
Mr.  Berthold's  death,  April  20,  1831. 

288.  Pierre  Alexandre  Berthold,  married  Vir- 

ginia Maclot. 

289.  Auguste   Berthold,    born   Feb.    6,    1814, 

died  unmarried  in  1837. 

62  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

290.  Tulia  Berthold,  born  Oct.  18,  1815,  died 

unmarried,  in  1885. 

291.  Amedee   Berthold,    born  Feb.    10,   1818, 

died  unmarried  in  1886. 

292.  Clara     Berthold,     married     William     L. 


293.  Frederick     Berthold,     married      Virginia 

291:.  Emilie   Berthold,   married  Dr.  Kennedy, 

U.  S.  A. ;  secondly,  W.  "Waggaman. 
Pierre  Alexandre  Berthold.  288.  Born  in 
St.  Louis,  Nov.  17,  1811,  died  there  Nov.,  1888. 
He  married  Jan.  31,  1837,  Virginia  Elizabeth  Mac- 
lot,  born  July  23,  1801,  and  died  Oct.,  1892.  She 
was  the  daughter  of  John  X.  de  Maclot  de  Coligny 
and  Marie  Therese  Gratiot.  He  left  France  during 
the  revolution  and  settled  in  this  country.  The 
Coligny  family  were  one  of  the  ancient  noble 
families  of  France.  Louis  16th,  kino-  0f  France, 
tendered  Maclot  de  Coligny  a  commission  in  the 
army,  when  he  was  but  17  years  of  age.  He  had 
two  daughters,  Louisa  married  Col.  Thompson,  U. 
S.  A.,  of  Baltimore. 

295.  Louise    Berthold,    married     her    cousin, 

Benjamin  Chouteau  Sanford. 

296.  Pelagic  Berthold,  married  John  A.  Ladd. 

297.  Augustus  Berthold,  born  in  St.  Louis,  in 

1843.     Graduated  at  the  St.  Louis  Uni- 
versity, and  engaged  in  the  manufacture 
•  of   medicines,  in    1893  was   in    the  real 
estate  business. 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  63 

298.  Martha   Berthold,  living  in   St.  Louis,  in 

1893 ;  unmarried. 

299.  Bartholomew     Berthold,     married     Yiola 

Pelagie  Berthold.  296.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  in 
1841,  was  living  there  in  1893.  Married,  Oct.  9, 
1S67,  John  A.  Ladd,  who  was  born  in  St.  Louis, 
and  was  among  the  first  to  join  the  Confederate 
army.  He  served  throughout  the  war  and  returned 
to  St.  Louis,  where  in  1893  he  was  the  western 
agent  of  the  Lorillard  Tobacco  Company. 

300.  Pierre  Berthold  Ladd,  born  in  St.  Louis, 

June  18,  1869. 
Bartholomew  Berthold.  299.  Born  in  St. 
Louis  in  1851,  was  for  several  years  in  the  employ 
of  the  city  government,  died  Jan.  12,  1893.  He 
married  Jan.  7,  1883,  Yiola  Bipley,  who  was  living 
in  St.  Louis,  a  widow,  in  1893. 

301.  Marie  Louise  Berthold. 

302.  Virginia  Maclot  Berthold. 

Clara  Berthold.  292.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  April 
12,  1891,  living  there,  a  widow,  in  1893.  Married 
Feb  1, 1838,  William  L.  Ewing,  who  was  born  at  Mont 
Clair,  near  Vincenes,  Ind.,  Jan.  31,  1809,  son  of 
Nathaniel  and  Mary  Breading  Ewing,  who  was  a 
member  of  the  Indiana  Territorial  legislature  and 
had  moved  from  Pennsylvania.  William  Ewing  at 
1  the  age  of  twelve  accompanied  his  brother-in-law, 
Dr.  "William  Carr  Lane,  to  St.  Louis,  where  he 
attended  for  several  years  the  St.  Louis  University. 
In  1839  he  entered  the  wholesale  grocery  and  com- 
mission business ;  he  also  owned  several  steamboats 

64  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

plying  oil  the  Mississippi  river.  He  was  elected 
president  of  the  Merchants  ^National  Bank,  director 
of  the  St.  Louis  Agri.  and  Mech.  Association, 
and  was  connected  with  other  business  enterprises 
of  importance.  He  died  at  Bailey  Springs,  Ala.,  Oct. 
6,  1873,  where  he  had  gone  on  account  of  his  health. 

303.  Augustus  B.  Ewing,  married  Mary  Mac- 


304.  William L.  Ewing,  married  May  Fleming. 

305.  Frederick  Ewing,  married  Jessie  Valle. 

306.  Annie  Ewing,    married  "W.    C.  Mitchell, 

secondly,  G.  W.  Kerr. 

307.  Clara  Ewing,  married  William  S.  Taylor. 

308.  Pelagic  Ewing,  born  in  St.  Louis,  married 

Charles   F.  Taylor,  and   was  living   in 

Chicago,  in  1893. 
Augustus  B.  Ewixg.  303.  Born  in  St.  Louis, 
in  1839.  He  was  in  the  employ  of  the  firm  of 
Ewing  &  Tesson,  until  his  father's  death,  and  then 
represented  his  father's  interests  in  the  firm ;  retiring 
from  mercantile  pursuits  he  entered  into  mining,  and 
was  interested  in  several  of  the  great  paying  mines, 
amassing  a  large  fortune  from  his  successful  mining 
operations.  In  1893  was  President  of  the  Mer- 
chants Bridge  Co.,  Director  in  the  Mississippi 
Valley  Trust  Co.,  and  St.  Louis  Agri.  and  Mech. 
Association.  He  married  in  1869  Mary  MacCausland 
of  St.  Louis.  Her  grandfather  came  to  St.  Louis  at 
an  early  day  and  was  a  prominent  merchant. 

309.  Mark  Ewing. 

310.  ]Nathanial  Ewing. 

311.  Auguste  Ewing. 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  65 

312.  Marie  Ewing. 

313.  Clara  Ewing. 

314.  Frederick  Ewing. 

315.  Charles  Ewing. 

William  L.  Ewing.  304.  Born  in  St.  Louis, 
Mch.  16,  1843;  upon  leaving  school  he  entered  his 
father's  business  house,  where  he  remained  until  his 
father's  death,  in  1873;  he  then  retired  from  active 
business,  devoting  himself  to  the  care  of  his  estate 
in  St.  Louis,  and  Mont  Clair,  near  Vincenes,  Ind. 
In  1877  he  was  elected  to  the  State  Legislature, 
and  was  elected  speaker  in  1881 ;  he  was  elected 
mayor  of  St.  Louis,  at  the  expiration  of  his  second 
term,  he  retired  to  his  farm  at  Mont  Clair,  where  he 
was  living  in  1893.  He  married  May  Fleming  of 

316.  William  Ewing. 

Frederick  Ewing.  305.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  was 
living  in  Texas  in  1893.  After  leaving  school  he 
moved  to  Texas  in  1878,  where  he  purchased  a  ranch 
and  since  then  has  been  engaged  in  cattle  raising. 
He  married  Jessie  Valle,  daughter  of  Felix  Yalle  of 
St.  Louis. 

317.  Yalle  Ewing. 

318.  William  Ewing. 

319.  Frederick  Ewing. 

Annie  Ewing.  306.  Born  in  St.  Louis  in  1839, 
was  living  there  in  1893 ;  married  secondly  George 
W.  Kerr,  who  was  living  in  St.  Louis  in  1893,  her 
first  husband  was  William  C.  Mitchell,  who  died  in 
1880,  leaving  the  following  children. 

320.  Clara  Pelagie  Mitchell,  born  hi  St.  Louis, 


<>6  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

living  there  in  1S93,  married  Malcolm 
Macbeth,  who  was  born  in  Spartansburg, 
N.  C  July  11,  1S65.  Son  of  James  R. 
and  Agnes  Pearson  Macbeth ;  he  came 
to  St.  Louis  with  his  parents  in  1867 
and  in  1893  was  engaged  in  the  real 
estate  business. 

321.  May  Mitchell. 

Clara  Ewixg.  307.  Bom  in  St.  Louis  in  1856, 
living  at  Snow  Hill,  Md.,  in  1893  ;  married  William  S. 
Taylor  of  Snow  Hill,  Maryland. 

322.  Louise  Taylor. 

323.  William  Ewing  Taylor. 
32L  Victor  Taylor. 

325.  Sidney  Taylor. 

326.  George  Taylor. 

327.  Alfred  Taylor. 

Frederick  Berthold.  293.  Born  in  St.  Louis, 
died  there  Oct.  3,  186S.  He  was  for  many  years, 
and  up  to  the  date  of  his  death,  associated  with 
William  L.  Ewing  in  the  wholesale  grocery  and 
commission  business.  He  married  April  15,  1847, 
Virginia,  daughter  of  John  B.  and  Adele  Cabanne 
Sarpy,  who  afterwards  married   Armand  Peugnet. 

328.  Amedee  Berthold,  died  unmarried. 

329.  Clara  Berthold. 

330.  Sarpy  Berthold,  married  Anne  C.  Bernard. 

331.  Julia  Berthold. 

332.  Virginia  Berthold. 

333.  Lillie  Berthold. 

Sarpy  Berthold.  330.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  was 
educated  at  the  St.  Louis  University,  and  in  1893 

Creoles  of  Si.  Louis.  67 

was  engaged  in  the  lumber  business ;  he  married 
Anne  Caroline  Bernard,  granddaughter  of  John 
Bernard,  who  was  for  many  years  cashier  of  the 
Mo.  Nat.  Bank. 

334.  Virginia  Sarpy  Berthold. 

Eivtilie  Berthold.     294.     Born  in  St.  Louis  Jan. 

29,  1824,  died  there  Mch.  6,  1893  married  twice ; 
her  second  husband  was  Major  "William  TVraggaman 
U.  S.  Army;  he  resigned  from  the  army  in  1861, 
and  settled  in  St.  Louis,  where  he  engaged  in 
business ;  by  this  marriage  they  had  no  children. 
Her  first  husband,  Dr.  Alfred  "W".  Kennedy,  IT.  S. 
A.,  was  born  in  Kentucky.  Surgeon  United  States 
Army  in  1840,  died  June  3,  1857,  on  the  plains, 
when  en  route  from  one  military  post  to  another, 
his  infant  son  dying  at  the  same  time. 

335.  Clare  Kennedy,  married  Robert  J.  Lucas. 
Clare  Kexnedy.  335.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  Dec. 
14,  1850,  was  living  there  in   1893.     Married  May 

30,  1871,  Robert  J.  Lucas,  who  was  born  in  St. 
Louis,  Feb.  28,  1850.  In  1893  was  engaged  in  the 
real  estate  business.  Great-grandson  of  Robert 
Edward  Lucas,  who  was  born  in  Normandy, 
France,  and  in  1758  was  Procurateur  du  Roi ;  he 
married  Mile,  de  l'Arche,  their  son,  Jean  Baptist 
Charles  Lucas,  Avas  born  in  France,  Aug.  14, 
1758,  and  married  Anne  Sabin,  she  was  born 
Aug.  10,  1764,  and  died  in  St.  Louis,  Aug.  3, 
1871.  They  came  to  this  country  in  1784,  and 
bought  a  farm  o,n  the  Monongahela  river.  In  1803 
was  elected  to  Congress  from  western  Pennsylvania, 
and  in  1805  sold  his  farm  and  came  to  St.  Louis, 

68  Creoles  of  /St.  Louis. 

where  he  acquired  an  immense  estate,  and  died  there 
Aug.  IS,  1842.  His  children  were,  .Robert,  who 
graduated  Prom  West  Point,  and  entered  the  army, 
and  was  killed  on  the  Canadian  frontier  in  1813 ; 
Charles,  born  Sept.  28,  1792,  was  admitted  to  the 
bar,  elected  to  the  territorial  legislature,  and  was 
killed  in  a  duel  with  Thomas  H.  Benton  ;  Anne, 
born  Sept.  20,  1796,  married  Capt.  Theodore  Hunt, 
I  J.  S.  Xavy ;  Adrien,  born  in  1791,  was  drowned  in 
the  ice  on  Loutre  Lake,  Mo.,  in  1816;  James  H; 
William,  died  unmarried.  James  H.  Lucas,  was 
born  in  St.  Louis,  JSTov.  12,  1800,  he  was  appointed 
county  clerk  in  1825,  and  elected  mayor  of  St. 
Louis,  in  1852.  He  married  Marie  Emilie  De* 
Kuisseau,  whose  father  was  Indian  Agent,  at  the 
post  on  the  Arkansas,  where  Mr.  Lucas  had  pur- 
chased a  farm  ;  they  returned  to  St.  Louis  in  1837, 
and  Mr.  Lucas  was  interested,  or  the  promoter  of  all 
the  great  business  enterprises  of  his  day,  establish- 
ing* in  1851,  a  banking  house;  he  died  Xov.  11, 
1873.  Mrs.  Lucas  died  Dec.  21,  1878,  leaving  the 
following  children,  William,  married  Mary  Honer; 
Lizzie,  married  Hicks,  secondly,  Judge  Hagar,  U. 
S.  Senator  from  California ;  Robert,  married  Clare 
Kennedy ;  Charles,  married  Miss  Morton ;  James, 
married  Florence  Dedrick ;  Henry,  married  Miss 
Espenschied ;  Joseph,  married  Miss  McLaran ; 
Nancy,  married  Dr.  J.  B.  Johnson. 

336.  Marie  Lucas,  born  May  21,  1872. 

337.  Florence  Lucas,  born  July  21,  1871. 

338.  Clara  Lucas,  born  Dec.  6,  1876,  died  Xov. 

23,  1892. 

Creoles  of  Si.  Louis.  69 

339.  Robert  Lucas,  born  Dec.  26,  1877. 

340.  Alfred  Lucas,  bom  June  28,  1881. 
3-41.  William  Lucas. 

342.  Adriene  H.  Lucas. 

343.  \V.  K.  Lucas,  born  Dec.  29,  1892. 

344.  Eugene  V.  Lucas,  born  Dec.  29,  1892. 
Fraxcts  Gesseau  Chouteau.  201.  Born  in  St. 
Louis,  Feb.  27,  1797.  Removed  to  the  upper  Mis- 
souri, and  settled  on  the  present  site  of  Kansas  City, 
of  which  place  he  was  the  founder,  and  for  many 
years  with  his  family  were  the  only  inhabitants. 
He  never  left  the  place  and  died  there.  Married 
Berenice,  daughter  of  Peter  Menard,  a  native  of 
Canada,  who  moved  to  Kaskaskia,  at  an  early  day. 
She  died  in  1891,  almost  one  hundred  years  of  age ; 
they  had  the  following  children : 

345.  Louis  Amedee  Chouteau,  born  Feb.   13, 


346.  Pierre  Menard  Chouteau. 

347.  Frederick      Chouteau.       married      Adele 


348.  Edward  Chouteau,  born  Feb.  27,  1825. 

349.  Brigite    Chouteau,    born    Jan.    8,   1837, 

married  A.  Hopkins  and  had  one  daugh- 
ter, who  died  young. 
Pierre  Menard  Chouteau.    346.    Born  in  Kansas 
City,  and  died  there ;  his  widow,  in  1893,  was  living 
in  Colorado  Springs,  Col. 

350.  Mamie    Chouteau,  married   F.  N.    Chick 

of    Kansas    Cit}',   was    living   there    in 

70  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

351.  Odile  Chouteau,  married  Henry  Rice  of 

Kansas  City ;  was  living  there,  a  widow, 
in  1893. 

352.  Marie    Chouteau,    died   in    St.    Louis,   in 
9  1891. 

Victoike  Chouteau.  194.  Born  in  New  Orleans, 
1760;  died  in  St.  Louis,  June  15,  1825.  Married 
June  5,  1785,  Charles  Gratiot,  only  son  of  David 
and  Marie  Bernard  Gratiot,  a  native  of  Lausanne, 
Switzerland,  and  descended  from  a  noble  Huguenot 
family  of  Rochelle,  France,  who  fled  from  France 
after  the  revocation  of  the  Edict  of  Nantes.  He 
was  sent  to  England  when  12  years  of  age  to  receive 
an  English  education  ;  when  he  was  16  years  of  age. 
He  afterwards  joined  his  uncle  Bernard,  in  Canada, 
remaining  in  Montreal  a  short  time,  he  entered 
the  employ  of  the  Fur  Company  of  the  Northwest.  In 
1783,  after  several  years  of  hardships  and  hazard- 
ous adventures,  Mr.  Gratiot  removed  to  St.  Louis, 
and  being  a  man  of  education,  energy  and  enter- 
prise, soon  acquired  a  fortune.  During  the  revolu- 
tion he  was  an  earnest  patriot  and  rendered  valuable 
assistance  to  the  American  troops  who  were  desti- 
tute of  money  and  provisions,  advancing  many 
thousand  dollars  for  which  he  received  script.  For 
this  he  incurred  the  displeasure  of  the  British  govern- 
ment, and  a  large  reward  was  offered  for  his  head, 
and  the  property  left  him  by  his  uncle,  Mr.  Bernard, 
in  Montreal,  was  confiscated.  He  was  at  one  time 
captured  by  the  Indians  but  was  rescued  by  a  party 
of  friendly  Indians  when  Avithin  two  days  of  the 
English  frontier.    In  1805  and  '8  he  was  the  presid- 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  71 

ing  judge    and  afterwards  a  justice    of   the  peace. 
Mr.  Gratiot  died  in  St.  Louis,  April  20,  1817. 

353.  Julie  Gratiot,  married  John  P.  Cabanne. 

354.  Yictoire   Gratiot,    married   Sylvestre  La- 


355.  Charles  Gratiot,  married  Ann  Belin. 

356.  Marie  Therese  Gratiot,  married   John  1ST. 


357.  Henry    Gratiot,    married    Susan    Hemp- 


358.  Emilie  Gratiot,  married  Pierre  Chouteau. 

359.  Louise    Isabelle    Gratiot,   married    Julius 

De  Mun. 

360.  Marie  Brigitte  Gratiot,  born  Jan.  6,  1798, 

died  Sept.  7,  1805. 

361.  John  "  Bunyion  "  Gratiot,  married  Marie 


362.  Paul  Benjamin  Gratiot,  married  Virginia 

Julie  Gratiot.  353.  Born  July  21,  1782;  died 
April  14,  1852.  Married  April  8,  1797,  John  P. 
Cabanne,  who  was  born  in  Pan,  Prance,  Oct.  18, 
1773,  and  died  in  St.  Louis,  June  27,  1841.  Son  of 
Jean  and  Jeanne  Dutilhe  Cabanne.  John  P.  Ca- 
banne came  to  ^Tew  Orleans,  where  he  remained  for 
a  time  and  removed  to  St.  Louis  in  1804,  where  he 
was  for  many  years  engaged  in  the  fur  trade. 

363.  Adelle  Cabanne,  married  John  B.  Sarpy. 

364.  John  Charles  Cabanne,  married  Virginia 


365.  Julia  A.  Cabanne,  married  J.  W.  Kings- 

bury, U.  S.  A. 

72  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

366.  Louisa  Cabanne,  born  Aug.  12,  1811,  died 

Aug.  4,  1841.  Married  April  28,  1835, 
Lieut.  Albert  Gallatin  Edwards,  U.  S. 
Ann j,  who  was  appointed  to  the  U.  S. 
Military  Academy  in  1831,  2d  Lieut.  1st 
Inf.  1837  ;  resigned  from  the  army  in  1837. 
They  had  one  child  who  died  in  infancy. 

367.  Frank  Cabanne,  died  unmarried. 

368.  Lucien  Dutihle  Cabanne,  married  Susan 


369.  Louis     Julius    Cabanne,    married    Stella 

Johx  Charkes  Cabanne.  364.  Born  in  St.  Louis, 
Nov.  4,  1806,  died  there  July  17,  1854.  He  married 
Feb.  12, 1835,  Virginia  Carr,  daughter  of  Judge  Will- 
iam C.  Carr,  who  was  born  in  Albemarl  County, 
Ya.,  April  15,  1783,  and  came  to  St.  Louis  in  1803, 
where  he  entered  into  the  practice  of  law.  He  was 
appointed  circuit  judge  and  died  April  1,  1851.  He 
married  twice,  first  in  St.  Genevieve,  Xov.  17,  1807, 
Anne  Marie,  daughter  of  Dr.  Aaron  Eliot,  of  Con- 
necticut. She  died  Aug.  11,  1826,  leaving  chil- 
dren, Anna,  married  G.  W.  Kerr ;  Virginia,  married 
Charles  Cabanne  ;  Cornelia, married  Thomas  P.Dyer ; 
Charles,  died  unmarried.  Judge  Carr's  second  wife 
was  Dorcas,  daughter  of  Silas  Bent,  whom  he  mar- 
ried, Dec.  10,  1829.  Children  by  this  second  mar- 
riage were,  Walter,  Dabney,  Charles  B.,  Thomas 
and  Robert.  Judge  Silas  Bent  was  born  in  Massa- 
chusetts, April  14,  1768,  son  of  Silas  Bent  of  Sud- 
bury, who  commanded  the  famous  "  Tea  party  in 
Boston  Harbor,  Dec.  16,   1773."     He  was  the  first 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  73 

settler  of  Marietta,  Ohio.  He  married  Martha  Kerr 
of  Winchester,  Va.,  and  came  to  St.  Louis  in  1806. 
He  was  appointed  judge  of  Common  Pleas  in  1S07, 
judge  of  the  Superior  Court  of  Missouri,  1813,  and 
died  April  20, 1333,  leaving  several  children,  Dorcas, 
who  married  Judge  Carr,  and  others. 

370.  John  Pierre  Cabanne,  died  April  18, 1863, 

aged  26,  unmarried. 

371.  Joseph  Charless  Cabanne,  married  Susan 


372.  Sarpy  Carr  Cabanne,  married  Julia  Goode. 
Joseph  Charless  Cabanne.  371.  Born  in  St. 
Louis,  Oct.  16,  1846.  Student  of  the  Christian 
Brothers  Academy  and  eastern  colleges,  in  1893 
was  one  of  the  prominent  business  men  of  St.  Louis. 
He  married  in  1868  Susan  Mitchel,  daughter  of  Col. 
D.D.  Mitchel  who  was  at  one  time  U.  S.  Indian  Com- 
missioner; who  married  Martha  Berry  and  had  three 
children,  Susan,  Winnie  and  Fannie.  Martha  Berry 
Mitchel  was  a  daughter  of  Major  Taylor  Berry  and 
Francis  Christy,  his  wife,  daughter  of  Major  Will- 
iam Christy  of  St.  Louis. 

373.  John  Pierre  Cabanne,  born   in  St.  Louis, 

in  1869. 

374.  Sallie  Cabanne,  died  young. 

375.  Virginia    Carr  Cabanne,    married   A.  H. 


376.  Martha  M.  Cabanne. 

377.  Susanne  Cabanne. 

378.  Mamie  Cabanne. 

379.  Fannie  Cabanne. 

380.  Arthur  Lee  Cabanne. 

74  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

Virginia  Carr  Cabaxxe.  375.  Born  in  St. 
Louis,  in  1871,  was  living  there  in  1893.  Married 
Alexander  H.  Kayzer  of  St.  Louis. 
3S1.  Alexander  H.  Kayser,  Jr. 
Sarpy  Carr  Cabaxxe.  372.  Born  in  St.  Louis, 
Dec.  12th,  1817 ;  student  of  Washington  University 
and  eastern  colleges,  returning  to  St.  Louis,  in  1866, 
where  in  1893  was  engaged  in  business.  He 
married  April  7,  1869,  Julia,  daughter  of,  G.  W. 
Goode  of  Virginia  and  Francis  Wash,  daughter  of 
Judge  Wash  of  St.  Louis. 

382.  Lucien  Dutihle  Cabanne,  born  in  St.  Louis, 

Feb.  1,  1870,  and  in  1893  was  recorder 
of  the  Mississippi  River  Commission. 

383.  Francis  L.  Cabanne,  born  July,  1871. 

384.  Charles  Gratiot  Cabanne,  born  April  12, 


385.  William  Carr  Cabanne,  born  in  187-1,  was 

drowned  Aug.  4,  1883. 

386.  Julia  Cabanne. 

387.  Virginia  Elliot  Cabanne. 

388.  Christy  Cabanne. 

389.  Sarpy  Carr  Cabanne,  Jr. 

Julia  A.  Cabaxxe.  365.  Born  in  St.  Louis, 
July  8,  1809,  died  there  in  1836.  Married  May  5, 
1830,  Lieut.  James  W.  Kingsbury,  U.  S.  Army;  he 
was  born  in  Connecticut  and  appointed  to  the  U.  S. 
Military  Academy  in  1827,  2d  Lieut.  1st  Reg.  of 
Inf.  Aug.  1,  1830,  Capt.  Oct.  3d,  1837,  resigned 
Oct.  17,  1837,  Military  Storekeeper  1837,  resigned 
in  1813,  and  died  in  1854.  His  brother  Julius 
Kingsbury,  U.  S.  A.,   was  major  of  the  6th  Jieg. 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  75 

U.  S.  Inf.   in   1839,  and  was  breveted  for  gallant 
and  meritorious  conduct  in  the  Mexican  war. 

390.  Julius  Kingsbury,  born  in  in  1832,  was 

killed  by  lightning  in  1868. 

391.  Virginia  Kingsbury,   married   the   Count 

Armand  de  Giverville  of  France,  where 
they  were  living  in  1893. 

392.  Adelle  Kingsbury,  married  A.  M.  Water- 

man, U.  S.  A. 
Adelle  Kingsbury.     392.     Born  in  St.  Louis  was 
living  there,  a  widow,  in  1893.     Married  Alfred  M. 
Waterman,  U.  S.  Army. 

393.  Julius  K.    Waterman,    was    for     several 

years  connected,  in  an  official  capacity, 
with  various  R.  R.  Companies,  in  1»93 
he  was  living  in  Denver,  Colo.  He 
married  Julia  Turner  of  St.  Louis. 

394.  Alfred  Waterman. 

395.  Clarence  Waterman. 

396.  Grace  Waterman. 

397.  Virginia  Waterman. 

Luciex  Dutihl  Cabanne.  368.  Born  in  St.  Louis, 
July  28,  1814,  died  there  April  10,  1875.  He 
was  appointed  to  the  U.  S.  Military  Academy  in 
1831,  2nd.  Lieut.  1st  Reg.  of  Inf.  in  1837,  resigned 
in  1837.  He  married  Susan  Plummer  of  Warren- 
ton,  North  Carolina. 

398.  Shepard  Cabanne,  married  Julie  Chenie. 
Siiepabd  Cabanne.  398.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  Oct. 
4,  1838,  studied  and  graduated  in  law,  at  the  Cin- 
cinnati Law  School.  In  1861  at  the  breaking  out 
of  the  war  he  was  sent  for,  by  his  father,  who  was 

76  Creoles  of  /St.  Louis. 

then  in  Canada,  and  there  commenced  the  study  of 
medicine ;  he  graduated  from  the  Jefferson  Medical 
College  of  Xew  York,  and  was  living  and  practicing 
his  profession  in  St.  Louis  in  1893.  He  married  Oct. 
10,  1861,  Julie,  daughter  of  Antoine  Leon  Chenie ; 
she  was  born  in  St.  Louis,  Jan.  15,  1841;  was 
living  there  in  1893. 

399.  Susie  Plummer  Cabanne,  married  Robert 


400.  James  Shepard  Cabanne,  born  July   25, 

Susie  Plilmmer  Cabaxxe.     399.    Born  in  St.  Louis 
Aug.  25,  1866,  living  there  in  1893.     Married  Mch. 
22,   1890,   Robert  Goode,  brother  of    Mrs.    Sarpy 
Can*  Cabanne. 

401.  Susie  C.  Goode. 

402.  Francis  "W.  Goode. 

Louis  Julius  Cabaxxe.  369.  Born  in  St.  Louis, 
Feb.  22, 1818,  died  in  St.  Paul,  Minn.,  where  he  was 
engaged  in  business.  He  married  Xov.  4,  1846, 
Stella,  daughter  of  Col.  Alexander  MeXair,  who  was 
born  in  Pennsylvania  about  1776.  He  was  appointed 
a  lieutenant  of  infantry  in  the  U.  S.  Army.  In 
1804,  having  resigned  his  commission,  he  came  to 
St.  Louis,  where  he  engaged  in  business.  In  1810 
was  elected  sheriff  of  St.  Louis  County.  During 
the  war  of  1812-15,  he  raised  a  company  of  mounted 
dragoons,  of  which  he  was  elected  captain.  In 
1S16  he  was  appointed  register  of  the  land  office 
and  in  1820  was  elected  Governor  of  the  State  of 
Missouri.  He  married  Mch.  1805,  Margaret,  daugh- 
ter  of   Antoine  Pielhe,    and  died  Mch.  18,    1826. 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  77 

Their  children  were,  Louise,  married  Mr.  Garrison ; 
Roy,  married  Ben  Tiffin,  whose  children  were;  John 
II. ;  Lillburn  G.,  married  Jan.  23,  1893;  Minerva, 
daughter  of  Alexander  T.  Primm  of  Belleville,  111 ; 
Mary  died  unmarried ;  Margaret,  married  Paul 
Bakewell  of  St.  Louis. 

403.  Rielhe  Cabanne. 

404.  Jules  Cabanne. 

405.  Stella  Cabanne,  married  George  Walsh. 
Stella  Cabaxne.     405.     Born  in  St.  Paul,  Minn. 
She  married  George  Walsh  of  St.  Paul,  where  they 
were  living  in  1893. 

406.  Rielhe  Walsh. 

407.  Jules  Walsh. 

Charles  Gratiot.  355.  Born  in  St.  Louis, 
Aug.  29,  1786,  died  there  May  18,  1855.  Gradu- 
ated from  the  U.  S.  Military  Academy  in  1806,  2nd 
lieutenant  of  Engineers  in  1806,  captain  of  En- 
gineers in  1808,  served  with  distinction  in  the  war  of 
1812,  as  chief  engineer  under  General  Harrison,  and 
was  breveted  colonel.  lie  was  at  the  defense  of 
Fort  Meigs  in  1813,  Fort  McKensie  in  1814,  major 
of  Engineers  in  1815,  superintendent  of  fortifications 
on  the  Delaware  river  and  at  Hampton  Roads, 
planned  and  superintended  the  erection  of  Fortress 
Monroe,  the  largest  single  fortification  in  the  world  ; 
lieut. -colonel  of  Engineers  in  1819,  colonel  and 
principal  engineer  Engineer  Department,  Washing- 
ton, D.  C.  in  1828,  brevet  major-general  May  24, 
1828,  inspector  at  the  U.  S.  Military  Academy  in 
1838,  resigned  in  1839.  He  married  April  22,  1819, 
Ann  Belin  of  Philadelphia;  she  was  born  in  1799. 

78  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

408.  Marie   Victoire    Gratiot,  married  Charles 

F.  de  Montholon. 

409.  Julia  Augusta  Gratiot,  married  her  cousin, 

Charles  P.  Chouteau. 
Makie  Yictoire  Gratiot.  408.  Born  in  St. 
Louis,  Feb.  17,  1820,  living  in  France  in  1893. 
Married  in  Washington  City,  Nov.  1,  1837,  the  Mar- 
quis Charles  F.  de  Montholon,  son  of  the  Marquis 
de  Montholon,  Marshal  of  France  and  one  of  the 
Emperor  Xapoleon  Bonapart's  most  trusted  aides 
and  devoted  friends,  and  was  with  the  Emperor  at 
St.  Helena.  Charles  F.  de  Montholon  at  the  time 
of  his  marriage  was  an  attache  of  the  French  Lega- 
tion, under  M.  Paget,  then  Minister  to  the  United 
States.  At  the  time  that  Maximillian  was  Emperor 
of  Mexico  Madame  Charles  F.  de  Montholon  was 
Lady  of  Honor  to  the  Empress  Carlotta. 

410.  Charles  de  Montholon,    an  officer   in  the 

French  army  in  1893. 

411.  Alvine    de     Montholon,    married    Pozier 


412.  Julia    de    Montholon,    married     General 

Edmond  de    Garien,  who,   in  1893,  was 

Commandant  of  the  Military  District  of 

Pau,  France. 

Alvixe  de  Moxtholox.     411.     Born  in    France, 

was  living  there  in  1893.     Married  Pozier  Arrago, 

an  officer  in  the  French  army. 

413.  Pene  Arrago,  an    officer    in  the  French 

army  in  1893. 

414.  Jean   Arrago,    an    officer   in   the  French 

arnry  in  1893. 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  79 

Marie  Tiierese  Gratiot.  356.  Born  in  St. 
Louis,  Feb.  20,  1788,  died  at  Ste.  Genevieve,  Feb. 
6,  1815.  Married  Aug-.  16,  1806,  John  Nicolas  de 
Maclot,  son  of  John  Maclot  de  Coligny  and  Anne 
Joly  de  Mornay,  was  born  in  the  city  of  Metz, 
France,  June  18,  1767.  In  1801  he  came  to  St. 
Louis,  where  he  engaged  in  commercial  life,  and  in 
1809  erected  the  first  shot  tower  in  the  west.  He 
died  in  Davenport,  Iowa,  April  16,  1849. 

415.  Julia  Zelina  Maclot,  born  April  13,  1800, 

married  at  Baltimore,  Md.,  Henry  A. 
Thomson,  IT.  S.  Army,  and  was  living, 
a  widow,  in  1893. 

416.  Virginia       Elizabeth      Maclot,      married 

Pierre  A.  Berth  old. 
Hexry  Gratiot.  357.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  April 
25,  1789,  died  in  Baltimore,  Md.,  April  7,  1856. 
In  1825,  Mr.  Gratiot  and  his  brother  were  among 
the  first  to  take  up  mineral  lands  in  northern 
Illinois,  and  engage  in  the  mining  and  smelting  of 
lead  ores.  In  1816  they  moved  their  families  there  ; 
in  the  following  spring  they  moved  to  a  new  dis- 
covery, purchased  from  the  Indians,  and  erected  new 
cabins  and  furnaces,  and  making  this  place  their  res- 
idence, and  called  it  "  Gratiot's  Grove;"  there  they 
remained  during  the  Winnebago  outbreak  and  the 
Blackhawk  war,  Mi*.  Gratiot  taking  an  active  part 
in  both  wars.  Mr.  Gratiot  was  sent  to  negotiate 
the  release  of  two  young  girls  taken  by  the  Sauks 
and  Foxs;  Mr.  Charles  de  St.  Vrain,  their  agent, 
had  been  murdered  by  them  about  this  time,  and 
the  undertaking  was  an  exceedingly  hazardous  one  ; 

80  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

he  was  taken  prisoner  by  the  Indians,  but  b}r  the 
intercession  of  the  two  principal  Winnebago  chiefs, 
Mr.  Gratiot  and  the  two  girls  were  released,  upon 
the  payment  of  a  large  ransom.  In  1833  he  bought 
his  brother's  portion  in  the  mines,  which  he  con- 
tinued to  operate  for  a  few  years ;  he  then  gave  up  ; 
his  interests  there  and  turned  his  attention  to  farm- 
ing. He  married  Feb.  20,  1813,  Susan  Hempstead, 
who  was  born  in  Connecticut,  Feb.  30,  1797, 
daughter  of  Capt.  Stephen  Hempstead,  who  was 
born  in  New  London,  Conn.,  May  6,  1754,  and  died 
in  St.  Louis,  Oct.  3,  1851.  Capt.  Hempstead  was 
a  revolutionary  soldier,  and  companion  of  Capt. 
"Nathan  Hale,  in  his  ill-fated  expedition  in  the 
British  lines.  Capt.  Hempstead  married  Mary 
Lewis,  born  Feb.  24,  1759,  and  came  to  St.  Louis 
in  1811,  where  he  died  Sept.  23,  1820.  All  his 
children  were  born  in  Connecticut,  and  accompanied 
him  to  St.  Louis,  and  were  as  follows:  Edward;* 
Stephen  ;  Thomas  ;  Charles  ;f  William  ;  John  ; 
Joseph;  Mary,  married  H.  Keeny ;  Sarah,  married 
Elija  Bebee. 

417.  Charles  Gratiot,  married  Ann  Sheldon. 

418.  Edward    H.     Gratiot,    married  Ellen    J. 


*  Edward  Hempstead,  engaged  in  the  fur  trade  with  his  brother-in-law, 
Manuel  Lisa,  and  married  Jan.,  1809,  iu  Portage  des  Sioux,  Marie 
Lelevre,  and  died  June  3,  1873. 

t  Charles  Hempstead,  born  in  New  London,  Conn.,  1793,  came  to  St. 
Louis,  with  his  father  and  was  admitted  to  the  bar;  married  May  15, 
1819,  Rachel  Welt;  she  was  of  Philadelphia,  and  died  in  St.  Louis,  Oct. 
28,  1823,  leaving  two  sons,  Edward  and  Charles;  Edward  married 
Antoinette  Gratiot  and  moved  to  Arkansas. 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  81 

419.  Henry  Gratiot,  born  Oct.   25,  1825;  was 

living  in  Stockton,  California,  in  1893. 
He  married  Adele  Loremier,  grandneice 
of  Peter  de  Loremier  who  came  with 
Peter  Menard  from  Quebec,  Canada,  in 
1786,  and  under  Gen.  G.  R.  Clark  as- 
sisted at  the  conquest  of  Kaskaskia  and 
Yincennes.  Peter  de  Loremier  was  one 
of  the  first  fur  traders  on  the  Missouri, 
and  established  the  first  trading  post  at 
Fort  Loremier. 

420.  Adele  Gratiot,  married  Elihu    B.  Wash- 


421.  Stephen  Hempstead  Gratiot,  married  Mary 

J.  Chamberlin. 

422.  Susan  Hempstead  Gratiot,  married  T.  C. 

Charles  Hempstead  Gratiot.  417.  Born  in  St. 
Louis,  Mar.  15,  1814,  died  at  Gratiot,  Wis.  In 
1825  he  came  to  Galena  with  his  parents,  and  his 
early  youth  was  passed  at  Gratiot  where  he  entered 
into  business  with  Hon.  Frederick  Stahl.  After  one 
year  he  removed  to  Dubuque,  la.,  and  opened  the 
first  store  there  in  partnership  with  Peter  A.  Lore- 
mier, one  of  the  founders  of  Dubuque.  After  a  few 
years  Mr.  Gratiot  went  to  the  copper  regions  of 
Michigan,  where  he  opened  the  first  copper  mine  and 
was  rewarded  by  the  government,  acquiring  quite  a 
fortune.  In  1849  he  visited  the  gold  fields  of  Cali- 
fornia and  connected  himself  with  an  eastern  firm 
in  business  there.  Remaining  there  a  few  years, 
returned  to  Gratiot,  Wis.     In  1859  he  visited  Pike's 


82  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

Peak  and  was  stricken  down  with  paralysis,  from 
which  he  never  recovered.  Mr.  Gratiot  served  with 
distinction  during  the  Blackhawk  war,  and  when 
18  years  of  age  held  the  position  of  lieutenant  in 
that  memorable  struggle.  He  married  at  Willow 
Springs,  "Wis.,  Anne  Eliza  Sheldon,  born  at  De- 
troit, Mich.,  Nov.  17,  1819,  and  died  at  Gratiot, 
Jan.  9,  1882  •  daughter  of  Major  John  P.  and  Eliz- 
abeth Whiting  Sheldon.  Major  Sheldon  came  to 
Dubuque  in  1829  and  engaged  in  mining  and  smelt- 
ing ;  appointed  register  of  the  land  office  at  Mineral 
Point,  and  was  an  officer  in  the  war  of  1812,  was  bre- 
veted major,  afterwards  the  founder  and  editor,  of  the 
Detroit  "  Free  Press"  and  the  Madison  "Journal." 
He  was  born  at  Rehobath,  Mass.,  in  1792  ;  married 
Elizabeth  Whiting  in  1818,  and  died  at  Winfield, 
111.,  1871. 

423.  Marie    Louise    Gratiot,    married    J.    H. 


424.  Eliza  Gratiot,  married  Edward  Isaac  Col- 


425.  Henry  Rene   Gratiot,  married  Ella  Alice 


426.  Charles    C.     Gratiot,    married     Etta    S. 


427.  Leon  Pedreauville  Gratiot,  born  at  Green 

Point,  L.  I.,  Sept.,  1853,  was  drowned  at 
Gratiot,  Wis.,  in  1869. 

428.  Antoinette      Gratiot,      married      Joseph 

Marie  Louise  Geatiot.     423.     Born  at  Dubuque, 
Iowa,  Jan.  27,  1839;  living  in  St.  Louis  in  1893. 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  83 

Married  July  5,  1866,  James  H.  Chassaing,  who 
was  born  in  Baltimore,  Md.,  came  to  St.  Louis  in 
1857,  where  he  engaged  in  the  hotel  business.  In 
1893  he  was  part  owner  and  manager  of  the  Lin  dell, 
one  of  the  leading  hotels  of  St.  Louis.  Mr.  Chas- 
saing was  a  member  of  the  Loyal  Legion.  His 
mother,  a  Ducatel,  was  born  on  the  island  of  San 
Domingo,  and  with  her  parents  sought  refuge  in 
Baltimore,  Md.,  during  the  negro  insurrection  of 

429.  J.  H.  Chassaing,  died  young. 

430.  Edward  Chassaing,  died  young. 

431.  Charles  W.  Chassaing. 

432.  Edme  Chassaing. 

Eliza  Gratiot.  424.  Born  at  Willow  Springs, 
Wis.,  July  16,  1840,  living  in  1893,  a  widow,  at 
Coleridge,  Neb.,  married  Jan.  25,  1877,  Edward 
Isaac  Collins,  who  was  born  in  Darien,Ga.,  Nov.  4, 
1840,  and  died  in  Cedar  County,  Neb.,  June  5, 
1891 .  He  was  son  of  George  O.  and  Margarete  New- 
Tiall  Collins,  natives  of  Massachusetts ;  they  settled 
at  Galena,  111.  in  1861.  Edward  in  1886  removed  to 
Cedar  County,  Neb.,  where  he  purchased  a  farm, 
and  where  he  died.  He  was  twdce  elected  precinct 
assessor  and  in  1SS8  county  commissioner. 

433.  Elizabeth  Collins. 

434.  Theodore  Collins,  born  Dec.  14,  1882. 

435.  Edward  Collins,  born  Feb.  17,  1885. 
Henry    Rene   Gratiot.     425.     Born   at   Gratiot 
Grove,  "Wis.,  April  1,  1843,  living    at   Shullsburg, 
Wis.,   in  1893;  married  Dec.  11,  18S4,  Ella  Alice, 
daughter  of  Dr.  Noble  of  that  place. 

84  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

436.  Charles  H.  Gratiot,  born  Oct.  8,  1855. 

437.  Chester  A.  Gratiot,  born  Aug.  7,  1887. 

438.  "Willard  Gratiot,  born  Jan.  19,  1889. 

439.  Merle  Gratiot,  born  May  8,  1891. 
Charles  C.  Gratiot.  426.  Born  at  Utica,  N. 
Y.,  Dec.  25,  1848,  removed  with  his  parents  to 
Gratiot,  Lafayette  County,  Wis.,  in  1856,  attended 
school  at  Burlington,  Iowa,  and  Fulton,  111.  He 
served  in  the  U.  S.  Volunteer  Service  in  the  140th 
Ills.  Reg.  from  April  1,  to  Nov.  14, 1864.  He  grad- 
uated from  Jefferson  Medical  College,  Philadelphia, 
in  1880.  Was  mayor  of  Shullsburg  several  terms, 
•county  supervisor,  and  chairman  of  the  town. 
In  1889  was  aide-de-camp  to  the  commander-in- 
chief  of  the  Grand  Army,  and  in  1S93  was  actively 
engaged  in  the  practice  of  his  profession,  and  was 
largely  interested  in  lead  mining.  He  married  at 
Eau  Claire,  Wis.,  Jan.  19,  1870,  Etta  S.,  daughter 
of  Bradley  H.  Marcy,  who  was  a  descendant  of 
William  L.  Marcy,  Secretary  of  State  under  Presi- 
dent Pierce.  She  was  born  at  Willow  Springs, 
Wis.,  Nov.  19,  1855,  and  was  living  at  Shullsburg 
in  1893. 

440.  Charles  H.    Gratiot,  born  at  Eau  Claire, 

Aug.   23,  1871.      Killed   b3r  a  runaway 
horse  in  1879. 

441.  Harry   B.   Gratiot,  born   at   Eau    Claire, 

Mch.  9,  1874. 

442.  Leon  P.  Gratiot,  born  at  Santa  Barbarra, 

Cal.,  Nov.  10,  1875. 

443.  William  M.  Gratiot,  born  at  Santa  Bar- 

barra, Cal.,  Sept,  8,  1877. 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  85 

444.  Charles  G.  Gratiot,  born  at  Shullsburg, 

Wis.,  May  8, 1884. 

445.  Austin    Flint     Gratiot,    born    June    27, 


446.  Joseph  B.   Gratiot,  born  Aug.  28,  1888. 

447.  Mary  Ann  Gratiot,  born  Oct.  18,  1890. 

448.  Edward  C.  Gratiot,  born  Jan.  18,  1893. 
Antoinette  Gratiot.     428.     Born  Sept.  2,  1856, 
living,  a  widow,  at  Shullsburg,  Wis.,  in  1893.     Mar- 
ried Joseph  Brewster,  son  of  Charles  Brewster,  an 
early  settler  of  Shnllsbiirg. 

449.  ^Nettie  Brewster. 

450.  Charles  Brewster. 

451.  Hattie  Brewster. 

452.  Mary  Brewster. 

453.  Anna  Brewster. 

Edward  Hempstead  Gratiot.  418.  Born  in 
St.  Louis,  June  19,  1817.  He  attended  the 
Jacksonville  College,  Jacksonville,  111.,  of  which 
the  Rev.  Lyman  Beecher,  father  of  Henry  Ward 
Beecher,  was  then  president.  In  1825  he  came 
with  his  parents  to  Galena,  111.,  then  but  a  mining 
camp ;  the  following  year  the  family  settled  at 
Gratiot's  Grove,  then  in  the  territory  of  Michigan. 
He  entered  into  commercial  life  in  Galena,  estab- 
lishing the  firm  of  Kimbal  &  Gratiot,  afterwards 
changed  to  Gratiot  &  Childs.  Retiring  from  busi- 
ness, returned  to  Gratiot's  Grove,  where  he  engaged 
in  farming,  and  was  elected  county  treasurer,  which 
office  he  held  for  four  years.  Feb.  19,  1863,  was 
appointed  major  and  paymaster  in  the  U.  S.  Vol. 
Service,    retiring  at  the  close  of  the    war  with  the 

86  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

brevet  rank  of  Lieut-Col.  of  Volunteers.  Col.  Gratiot 
then  engaged  extensively  in  lumbering  and  opened 
lumber  yards  in  several  places.  He  removed  his 
family  to  Plattsville,  "Wis.,  where  he  resided  until 
his  death,  Dec.  17,  1882.  He  married  Oct.  12,  1846, 
at  Terre  Haute,  Ind.,  Ellen  J.  Hagar,  daughter  of 
George  and  Elinore  Waugh  Hagar,  granddaughter 
of  Jonathan  Hagar  whose  ancestor  was  from  Hol- 
land, the  founder  of  Hagarstown,  Maryland,  and 
whose  family  were  prominent  in  the  annals  of  that 
State.  In  1832  his  family  removed  from  Maryland  to 
Terre  Haute,  where  Ellen  married  Col.  Gratiot,  and 
then  with  her  husband  came  to  Wisconsin,  and 
died  in  Omaha,  Oct.  17,  1892. 

451.  Charles  Labadie  Gratiot,  married  Nancy 

455.  George  Henry    Gratiot,  born  at  Gratiot's 

Grove,  and  in  1893  was  living  in  Omaha, 
Neb.,  where  he  was  engaged  in  the 
grocery  business,  unmarried. 

456.  Julia  Gratiot,  married  Nov.,  1887,  Charles 

A.  Laughton  of  Litchfield,  Minn.,  where 
they  were  living  in  1893. 

457.  Susan  Hempstead  Gratiot,  born  at  Gra- 

tiot's Grove,  Wis.,  June  20,  1853,  was 
living  at  Galena,  111.  a  widow,  in  1893, 
married  at  Plattsville,  Wis.,  Dec.  21, 
1881,  William  W.  Wagdin,  son  of  John 
A.  Wagdin,  an  early  settler  of  Galena, 
was  born  near  there  in  1850,  graduated 
from  the  Galena  High  School  and  Wis- 
consin State  School ;  upon  his  return  to 

Creoles  of  Si.  Louis.  87 

Galena  he  entered  the  law  office  of  Col. 
M.  M.  Miller,  and  was  admitted  to  the 
bar  Feb.,  1871,  appointed  Master  in 
Chancery  1876,  serving  until  1880,  when 
he  was  elected  State's  attorney,  serving 
two  terms ;  he  died  at  Galena,  Jan.  27, 
1871,  and  was  buried  from  the  Episcopal 
Church  under  the  auspices  of  the  Royal 
Arch  Masons,  of  which  body  he  was  a 
prominent  member. 

458.  Ellen  Gratiot. 

459.  Edward  Gratiot,  died  young. 

460.  Adele  Gratiot. 

461.  Benjamin  Gratiot,  in  1893  was  living  in 

Chicago,  in  the  employ  of  the  city  gov- 

462.  Isabelle  Soulard  Gratiot. 

463.  Louis     Gratiot,    in    1893   wTas  living   in 

Omaha,  engaged  in  business. 
Charles  Labadee  Gratiot.     454.     Born  in  1850, 
died  in  Plattsville,  \Vis.,  March  11,  1889.     He  mar- 
ried Feb.  11,  1881,  Nancy  Tarrants  of  St.  Louis. 
She  was  living,  a  widow,  in  Denver,  Colo.,  in  1893. 

464.  James  Labadie  Tarrants,  living  in  Denver, 

Colo.,  in  1893. 
Adele  Gratiot.  420.  Born  in  Galena,  111.,  Nov. 
12,  1826,  died  in  Chicago,  111.,  Mch.  28,  1887. 
Married  at  Gratiot's  Grove,  Wis.,  July  31,  1845, 
Elihu  B.  "Washburne,  who  was  born  in  Livermore, 
Me.,  Sept.  23,  1816.  He  was  for  eighteen  years  a 
member  of  Congress  from  Illinois,  Secretary  of  State, 
U.  S.  Minister  to  the  court  of  France  for  eight  years. 

88  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

It  was  while  serving  his  country  in  that  capacity 
(during  the  Franco-Prussian  war)  that  he  was  in- 
strumental, by  his  foresight  and  judgment,  in  saving 
the  lives  of  many  German  families,  residents  of  Paris. 
He  wus  a  direct  descendant  of  John  Washburne, 
Secretar}'  of  the  Colony  of  Plymouth.  Mr.  Wash- 
burne  died  in  Chicago  Oct.  22,  1887. 

465.  Gratiot  Washburne,  born  in  Galena,  111., 

died   in  Louisville,  Ky.,  May  6,   1886, 

466.  Hempstead  Washburne,  married  Anne  M. 


467.  William  Pitt  Washburne,  born  April  24, 

1854,    living   in    Chicago    in    1893,    un- 

468.  E.    B.    Washburne,    Jr.,    born   July   28, 

1857,  at  Ray  ham,  Mass.,  died  in  Galena, 
Jan.  27,  1867,  unmarried. 

469.  E.  B.  Washburne,  Jr.,  born   in  Washing- 

ton,   D.    C,    Xov.    16,    1868,   living  in 
Chicago  in  1893,  unmarried. 

470.  Susanne  Adele    Washburne,  married  W. 

D.  Bishop. 

471.  Marie    Lisa    Washburne,    married   A.  H. 

Hempstead  Washbuexe.  466.  Born  in  Galena, 
111.,  3^ov.  11,  1852,  mayor  of  the  city  of  Chicago 
in  1893,  graduated  from  the  Kent  Hill  College, 
Maine,  in  1871,  and  took  a  two  years'  course  at  the 
University  of  Bonn  am  Rhine,  Prussia  and  in  1873 
entered  the  University  of  Wisconsin  as  a  law  student, 
graduating  the  same  year,  removed  to  Chicago  in 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  89 

1874,  taking  a  supplementary  course  in  the  Union 
College  of  Law,  graduating,  commenced  the  prac- 
tice of  law  in  the  city  of  Chicago  in  1875,  with 
Henry  S.  Robinson  as  a  partner  ;  the  firm  later  joined 
by  Judge  Lyman  Trumbull  was  changed  to  Trum- 
bull, Washburne  &  Bobbins.  Mr.  Washburne 
retired  from  the  firm  upon  being  elected  city  attor- 
ney. In  1880  he  was  appointed  master  in  chancery, 
but  declined  to  stand  for  a  renomination,  and  resumed 
the  practice  of  law.  In  1888  was  a  candidate  for 
the  congressional  nomination,  but  was  defeated  by 
an  almost  tie  vote.  March,  1891,  was  nominated  for 
the  office  of  mayor  by  acclamation  and  elected  at  the 
April  election  following,  which  office  he  was  filling 
in  1893.  He  married  June  28,  1883,  Annie  M., 
daughter  of  J.  Y.  Clarke,  president  of  the  Hiber- 
nian Bank.  She  was  born  July  7,  1856,  and  was 
living  in  Chicago  in  1893. 

472.  Adele  Bertrand    "Washburne,    born    April 

14,  1884,  died  May  15,  1884. 

473.  Clarke  Washburne,   born  Mch.  18,  1885. 

474.  Gratiot  Washburne,  born  July  4,  1889. 

475.  Hempstead  "Washburne,  Jr.,  born  Dec.  5, 

Susanxe  Adele  Washburne.  470.  Born  in  Ray- 
ham,  Mass.,  Apr.  21,  1859,  living  at  Bridgeport, 
Conn.,  in  1893.  Married  Feb.  21,  1882,  William  D. 
Bishop,  Jr.,  who  was  born  in  Bridgeport,  Dec.  16, 
1857,  graduated  from  Yale  College  in  1S80,  and 
received  his  degree  in  law  in  1886.  He  was  prac- 
ticing law  in  Bridgeport  in  1893 ;  he  was  secretary 
of  the  X.  Y..  JS\  H.  &  EL   R.  R.,  director   of  the 

90  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

Naugatuck  R,  R.,  director  of  the  Bridgeport  Water 
Company  and  interested  in  other  important  business 
enterprises  in  his  native  city. 

476.  Nathalie  Bishop,' bom  Sept.  18,  1885. 

477.  William  D.  Bishop,  born  June  21,  1889. 
Marie  Lisa  Washburxe.  471.  Born  in  Galena, 
111.,  Aug.  17,  1863,  living  at  Denver,  Colo.,  in 
1893.  Married  Oct,  7,  1885,  A.  H.  Fowler,  who 
was  born  in  Guildford,  Conn.,  July  13,  1852,  and 
removed  to  Leadville,  Colo.,  where  he  engaged  in 
mining  and  in  1893  was  living  in  Denver,  Colo. 

478.  Elihu  W.  Fowler,    born  in  Denver,  Dec. 

8,  18S6. 

479.  John  Elliot  Fowler,  born  in  Denver,  Sept. 

9,  1891. 

Stephen  Hempstead  Gratiot.  421.  Born  at 
Gratiot  Grove,  Xov.  21,  1831,  died  in  Washington, 
D.  G,  Dec.  18,  1866.  Mr.  Gratiot  attended  school 
at  Flushing,  JN\  Y.,  but  owing  to  ill  health,  gave  up 
his  studies  and  went  to  California.  In  1851  he 
returned  to  Missouri  and  made  his  home  at  Schulls- 
burg,  where  he  remained  a  few  years  and  then  went 
to  Beloit  College  to  finish  his  education.  At  the 
breaking  out  of  the  war  went  to  Washington  City  and 
accepted  a  government  position  in  the  second  audi- 
tor's office  of  the  Treasury  Department,  which  heheld 
until  his  death.  He  married  at  Gratiot,  Dec.  8,  1863, 
Mary  J.  Chamberlin,  born  at  Moreland,  Penn.,  May 
26,  1851,  living  in  1893,  a  widow,  at  Galena,  111., 
daughter  of  Thomas  and  Eliza  McBride  Chamber- 
lin. He  was  born  Jan.  28,  1805,  at  Washington, 
Penn.,    second    son   of    William   and    Effie  Smith 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  91 

Chamberlin;  she  was  the  youngest  daughter  of 
Col.  Smith  of  the  Revolutionary  war,  who  came 
from  South  Carolina  and  settled  near  Philadelphia  ; 
he  married  Effie  Drake,  a  descendant  of  Sir  Francis 


480.  Florence    Gratiot,  born    in   Washington, 

City,  D.  C.,  Sept.  24,  1864,  living  in  1893 
at  Webster  City,  Iowa.  Married  Sept. 
27, 1892,  William  G.  Bale,  of  that  place. 

Susan  Victoria    Gratiot.     422.     Born    in    St. 

Louis,  June  14,  1819,  died  in  Galena,  111.,  Jan.  24, 

1843.     Married  Jan.  1,    1841,  Thomas   C.  Chiles, 

who  died  about  1843. 

481.  Mary  Victoria  Chiles,  died  young. 

482.  William  Henry    Chiles,  born  in  Galena, 

Jan.  21,  1843.  Served  throughout  the 
war  in  the  U.  S.  Vol.  Service,  and  was 
killed  at  the  battle  of  Corinth. 
Louise  Isabelle  Gratiot.  359.  Born  in  St. 
Louis,  Oct.  15,  1786,  died  in  St.  Louis,  July  13, 
1878.  Married  May  31,  1812,  Jules  de  Mun  of  the 
nobility  of  France,  son  of  Jaques  de  Mun  and  Marie 
Madelaine  Millecour,  was  born  at  Port  au  Prince, 
island  of  San  Domingo,  April  25,  1782.  He  and 
his  brother  Augustin  (who  was  killed  in  Ste. 
Genevieve,  in  1816),  were  sent  to  France  to  be  edu- 
cated, and  afterwards  joined  their  parents  in  En- 
gland. About  1800  they  came  to  the  United  States, 
remaining  in  ]STew  Jersey  until  1808,  when  they 
removed  to  Ste.  Genevieve.  In  1816,  Mr.  de  Mun, 
A.  P.  Chouteau  and  others  embarked  in  a  fur 
trading   expedition    to  Santa   Fe    and   Chihuahua, 

92  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

Mexico,  where  they  were  arrested  by  the  Mexican 
authorities  and  thrown  into  prison ;  they  were  only 
released,  upon  demand  by  the  U.  S.  Government, 
two  years  afterwards.  In  1820  he  returned  with  his 
family  to  Cuba,  where  he  engaged  in  coffee  plant- 
ing, but  returned  to  St.  Louis  in  1831,  and  was 
appointed  secretary  and  translator  to  the  board  of 
U.  S.  Commissions,  and  in  18-12  was  elected 
recorder  of  deeds  for  St.  Louis,  where  he  died 
Aug.  10,  1813. 

483.  Isabella  de  Mun,  married  Edward  Walsh. 

484.  Julie  de  Mun,  married  Leon  Chenie. 

485.  Louisa    de    Mun,    married    Jan.,    1845, 

Robert  A.  Barnes,  who  was  born  in 
Washington,  D.  C,  Xov.  20,  1818. 
His  ancestors  came  from  England,  and 
settled  in  Charles  County,  Md.  in  1662. 
He  removed  to  Louisville,  Ky.  in  1834, 
and  to  St.  Louis  in  1840,  where  he 
entered  into  commercial  life.  For  twenty 
years  he  was  director  of  the  State  Bank 
of  Missouri,  and  died  1891,  leaving  no 

486.  Amelie  de  Mun,  born  in  St.  Louis  in  1836. 

Married  in  1860,  Charles  Bland  Smith, 
who  was  born  in  1830,  grandson  of 
William  Smith,  Sr.,  of  Culpepper,  "Va., 
who  moved  to  Lexington,  Ky.,  and  there 
married  Eliza  Brady,  and  came  to  St. 
Louis  in  1810,  where  he  engaged  in  the 
dry  goods  business.  He  died  Sept.  23, 
1817.     (His     widow     married     Edward 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  93 

Hempstead,  Dec.  29,  1827.)  His  chil- 
dren were,  John  B  ;  William,  marrried 
daughter  of  William  Stokes;  Henry; 
Dalzell ;  Julianna. 

John  B.  Smith  was  born  in  Lexington, 
Ky.,  Jan.,  1S00,  and  came  to  St.  Louis 
with  his  parents,  where  he  engaged  in 
business,  and  was  elected  president  of  the 
Mo.  Nat.  Bank,  and  U.  S.  Surveyor  of 
the   Port.     He   married    twice,    first   in 
New  York  in  1821,  to  Louisa,  daughter 
of  Capt.  Alex.  McDougal  of  the  British 
Navy.     The  children   by  this    marriage 
were,  Ellsworth F.,  married  Belle  Chenie  ; 
Charles  Bland,  married  Emelie  de  Mun  ; 
Julia  P.,  married  J.  H.  Wilson.    John 
Bland  Smith's  first  wife  died  in  1836,  he 
then    married    Penelope    Hepburne,  and 
died  Mch.  1,  1865. 
487.  Clara  de  Mun,  died  unmarried. 
Isabella  de  Mux.     4S3.     Born  in  St.  Louis,  died 
there  May  26,  1877.     Married   Feb.  11,  1840,  Ed- 
ward Walsh,  a  widower,  whose  daughter,  Helene, 
married  Solon  Humphreys,  of  New  York ;  was  born 
in  Tipperary,  Ireland,   Oct.  27,  1798,  one  of  a  fam- 
ily of   eleven  children.     He  came   to  St.    Louis  in 
1818,  where  he  engaged  extensively  in  milling  and 
steamboating,  forming  a  partnership  with  his  brother 
John.     He  was  one  of  the  original  directors  of  the 
Mo.  Pacific  P.  P.,  the  N.  Mo.  P.  P.,  the  O.  &  M. 
R.  P.,  and  was  the  originator  of  the  present  system 
of  street  railroads ;  Director  of   the  Bank  of   Mis- 

94  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

souri,  Missouri  Insurance  Company  and  other  im- 
portant business  enterprises,  and  died  in  St.  Louis 
Mch.  3,  1866. 

489.  Belle  Walsh,  died  unmarried. 

490.  Julius  S.  Walsh,  married  Josephine  Dick- 


491.  John  Walsh,  born  in  St.  Louis,  in  1844; 

died  there.  He  married  Sallie,  daughter 
of  Judge  Shannon,  of  Lawrence,  Kas., 
who  was  governor  of  Ohio,  and  after  re- 
moving to  Kansas  was  elected  governor 
of  that  State.  His  children  were,  Os- 
burn,  a  prominent  lawyer  of  Lawrence 
in  1893 ;  Mary,  who  married  General 
Thomas  W.  Sherman,  U.  S.  Army;  and 
Sallie,  who  married  John  Walsh.  His 
widow  removed  to  Washington,  D.  C, 
with  her  children,  and  married  Dr.  John- 
son of  that  city. 

492.  Marie  C.   Walsh   was  born  in  St.   Louis 

and  married  B.  M.  Chambers,  grandson 
of  John  Chambers,  who  was  born  in 
Dublin,  Ireland,  in  1784,  and  was  ban- 
ished from  the  country  by  the  British 
government  on  account  of  his  participa- 
tion in  the  Irish  rebellion.  He  came  to 
St.  Louis,  where  he  engaged  in  business, 
and  was  joined  by  his  son  Charles  in 
1803.  Charles  Chambers  married,  in 
1817,  Jane  Mullanphy*  in   ]STew  York, 

*  Jane  Mullanphy,  daughter  of  John  Mullanphy  and  Elizabeth  Brown, 
both  of  whom  were  born  in  Ireland,  and  came  to  Philadelphia  in  1794. 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  95 

and  came  to  St.  Louis  in  1819,  where  he 
died  in  1861.  Their  children  were,  Mar- 
garet, married  Com.  William  Smith,  U.  S. 
^avy ;  Ellen,  married  Capt.  Joseph  H. 
Lamotte,  U.  S.  Army;  Eliza,  married T. 
B.  Hudson;  Jane  J.,  married  B.  Frank- 
lin Thomas ;  Anne,  married  G.  A. 
Thatcher;  Mary  married,  first,  Waters 
and  secondly  James  Larldn  ;  John  H. ; 
Bart  M.  married  Marie  C.  Walsh; 
Thomas  became  a  Catholic  priest ;  Owen, 
died  unmarried. 

493.  Edward  Walsh,  Jr.,  was  born  in  St.  Louis 

where  he  was  living  in  1893.  Mr.  Walsh 
is  counted  among  the  influential  business 
men  of  the  city,  president  of  the  Missis- 
sippi Glass  Company,  one  of  the  largest 
of  its  kind  in  the  west,  and  connected 
with  other  important  commercial  enter- 
prises of  St.  Louis.  He  married  Julia 
Maffitt,  daughter  of  William  and  Julia 
Chouteau  Maffitt. 

494.  Daniel  E.  Walsh. 

In  1798  they  removed  to  Frankfort,  Ky.,  and  in  1804  came  to  St.  Louis, 
Where  he  entered  into  mercantile  life,  amassing  an  enormous  fortune. 
He  was  noted  throughout  the  -world  for  his  generosity  and  philanthropy. 
He  died  Aug.  29,  1833.  They  had  the  following  children,  Ellen,  died  in 
France,  Mch.,  1827;  Jane,  married  Charles  Chambers;  Anne,  married 
Major  Thomas  Biddle,  U.  S.  Army;  Mary,  married  Gen.  W.  S.  Harney, 
U.  S.  Array;  Eliza,  married  James  Clements;  Octavia,  married,  first,  Dr. 
Dennis  Delaney,  and  had  children,  Jane,  married  Capt.  Lindsey;  John, 
married  Miss  Morton;  Octavia,  married,  secondly,  Henry  Boyce,  of 
Louisiana,  and  had  one  child,  Mary,  -who  was  living  in  St.  Louis  in  1893, 
unmarried;  Judge  Bryan  Mullanphy,  died  unmarried,  and  a  daughter 
who  married  Major  Richard  Grahame,  U.  S.  Army. 

96  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

Julius  S.  Walsh.  490.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  Dec.  1, 
1842.  Graduated  at  the  Bardstown  College  in  1861, 
and  in  1863  the  St.  Louis  University  conferred  upon 
him  the  degree  of  M.  A.,  and  Columbia  College  that 
of  LL.B.  He  was  admitted  to  the  bar  of  the  State 
of  New  York.  In  1864  he  returned  to  St.  Louis 
and  entered  the  firm  of  J.  and  E.  Walsh;  he  has 
been  president  and  director  of  several  street  railway 
companies  and  in  1883  was  elected  director  of  the 
Third  Nat.  Bank.  In  1874  was  president  of  the  St. 
Louis  Mech.  &  Agri.  Association.  He  has  been 
connected  with  many  of  the  leading  business  enter- 
prises of  the  city.  He  married  in  1870,  Josephine, 
daughter  of  Charles  and  Mary  Thomas  Dickson. 
Mr.  Dickson  was  for  many  years  one  of  St.  Louis' 
most  enterprising  citizens. 

495.  C.  K.Dickson  Walsh,  born  Oct.  30,1872. 

496.  Isabella  de   Mun  Walsh,    born  Nov.  17, 


497.  Julius  S.  Walsh,  Jr.,  born  Oct.  22,  1876. 

498.  Robert  A.  B.  Walsh,  born  Dec.  25,  1877. 

499.  Ellen    Humphrey   Walsh,    born   Jan.    5, 


500.  Mary   Josephine   Walsh,    born  Dec.    30, 


501.  1ST.  S.    Chouteau   Walsh,  born  Nov.   25, 

Johx  "Bunyon"  Gratiot.  361.  Born  in  St. 
Louis,  Feb.  19, 1797,  student  of  Bardstown  College, 
and  returned  to  St.  Louis  in  1818 ;  in  the  fall  of  1825 
in  company  with  his  brother  Henry,  invested  in  min- 
eral lands  in  northern  Illinois  and  engaged  in  the  min- 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  97 

ing  and  smelting  of  lead  ores  ;  in  the  following  spring 
they  moved  their  families  to  their  new  home,  which 
they  named  ' '  Gratiot' s  Grove . ' '  At  the  breaking  out 
of  the  Winnebago  war,  Mr.  Gratiot  raised  a  company 
of  well-armed  and  mounted  men,  and  joined  the  com- 
mand of  General  Dodge.  Mr.  Gratiot  during  the 
Blackhawk  Avar  raised  a  company  and  participated 
at  the  battle  of  Bad  Ax.  In  1833  he  retired  from 
the  partnership,  and  with  his  family  removed  to 
Galena,  where  they  remained  until  1841  and  then 
came  to  Washington  County,  Mo.  Mr.  Gratiot 
was  elected  a  member  of  the  State  Legislature  from 
Washington  County  and  died  in  St.  Louis  in  1876. 
He  married  !Nov.  IS,  1819,  Adele  Marie  Antoinette 
Pedreuville,  born  in  Havre,  France,  in  1802,  daugh- 
ter of  Rene  Pedreuville,  a  native  of  Havre,  and  a 
noble  of  France,  who  filled  several  high  positions 
under  the  Emperor  Napoleon,  and  emigrated  to  Xew 
Orleans  after  the  political  troubles  of  1815,  where  he 
edited  the  "  New  Orleans  Bee"  and  in  1818  came 
with  his  family  to  St.  Louis ;  he  had  three  children, 
Leon,  Rene  and  Adele. 

502.  John     Rene    Gratiot,    married    Amanda 


503.  Stephanie  Pauline  Gratiot,  married  B.  G. 

501.  Theodore    A.     Gratiot,     married     Adele 

505.  Adele  Gratiot,  born  at  Gratiot's   Grove, 

died  at  the  convent  of  the  Sacred  Heart, 

in  St.  Louis,  when  16  years  of  age. 


98  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

506.  Jules  de  Man  Gratiot,  married  Alice  Wil- 

kinson . 

507.  Victoire  Anne   Gratiot,  born   in  Galena, 

111.,  died  unmarried. 

508.  Julie  Cabanne  Gratiot,  died  young. 

509.  Leon  Gratiot,  died  young. 

510.  Emilie  Gratiot,  married  Eugene  Baugher. 
John  Rene  Gratiot.  502.  Born  in  St.  Louis 
in  1820.  Died  at  "Washington,  Ark.,  in  1891.  He 
attended  the  civil  and  military  school  of  the  Peug- 
net  Brothers  in  ^Tew  York  City.  Appointed  to  the 
U.  S.  Military  Academy  in  1837,  from  which  he  grad- 
uated and  served  throughout  the  Mexican  war  under 
General  Harney,  as  a  Lieut,  of  Infantry.  After 
the  war  he  resigned  and  followed  the  profession  of 
civil  engineer.  In  1861,  he  raised  the  first  com- 
pany of  volunteers  in  southern  Arkansas,  and  joined 
the  Confederate  army ;  at  the  battle  of  Oak  Hills 
was  colonel  of  a  regiment.  He  married  Amanda 
Wheat  at  Washington,  Ark.,  where  she  was  living, 
a  widow,  in  1893. 

511.  Alexander  Gratiot. 

512.  aSTinette  Gratiot,   married   Baird   and  was 

living  in  Arkansas  in  1893. 
Stephanie  Pauline  Gratiot.  503.  Born  in  St. 
Louis  in  1821,  living  in  Washington,  Ark.,  in  1893. 
Married  in  1849,  at  Richwoods,  Mo.,  Bernard  Ferrar 
Hempstead,  who  studied  law  with  his  uncle,  Charles 
Hempstead  of  Galena,  and  with  his  brother, 
Governor  Hempstead,  of  Iowa,  was  admitted  to 
the  bar,  and  practiced  in  Arkansas  up  to 
the   time  of  his  death  in  1873.     He  was  a  son  of 

Creoles  of  Si.  Louis. 


Edward  Hempstead,  first  delegate  to  Congress 
from  Missouri,  and  Clarisse,  daughter  of  Louis  C. 
Dubreuil,  grandson  of  Stephen  Hempstead  of  New 
London,  Conn.,  who  came  to  St.  Louis  in  1811,  and 
married  Mary  Lewis  of  St.  Louis;  their  children 
were,  Edward,*  married  Clarise  Dubreuil ;  Stephen, 
married  Marie  Louise  Lefevre ;  Charles,  married 
Rachel  Wilt;  Thomas,  married  Cornelia,  daughter 
of  Judge  Henry  Yandenburg  of  Yincennes. 

513.  Yictoire  Anne  Hempstead,  born  in  Wash- 
ington, Ark.,  Jan.  31,  1855,  and  died  in 
Theodore  A.  Gratiot.     501.     Born  in  St.  Louis, 
July  15,  1824.     He  served  throughout  the  Mexican 
war  in  Col.  Doniphan's  regiment  of  volunteers,  and 
was  living  in  De  Soto,  Mo.,  in  1893.     He  married 
Feb.  17,  1851,  Adele,  daughter  of  Joseph  and  Ade- 
Jeide  Lesource  Bequette  of  Ste.  Genevieve,  Mo.  ;  she 
was   born  in  Washington  County,  Mo.,   Oct.   26, 

514.  jSTeomie  Gratiot,  born  jSTov.  18,  1851. 

515.  Yictoire  Gratiot,  married  S.  W.  Andrews. 

516.  Adele  Gratiot,  born   jn~ov.  13,  1856,  died 

Dec.  25,  18S0,  married  Mch.,  1880, 
Joseph  Gregory,  a  lawyer,  who  died  in 
1891,  son  of  Dr.  ^ST.  Gregory  of  Iron 
County,  Mo. 

*  Edward  Hempstead  was  born  in  Connecticut,  June  3,  1780,  was  admit- 
ted  to  the  bar  of  Rhode  Island  in  1801,  and  came  to  St.  Louis  in  1803, 
appointed  in  18C3  Dep.  Att.,  for  upper  Louisiana.  In  1812  was  first 
delegate  to  Congress,  and  married  Jan.  13,  1818,  Clarise,  daughter  of 
Louis  C  Dubreuil,  and  died  August  5,  1857. 

100  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

517.  Stephanie      Gratiot,      married       T.      H. 


518.  J.    P.    Biinyon     Gratiot,    born   Nov.    8, 

1860,  died  Feb.  5,  1864. 

519.  Derville  B.   Gratiot,   born  Dec.  7,  1S63, 

died  Feb.  5,  1861. 

520.  William  R.  Gratiot,  born  April  17,  1865, 

died  Mch.  4,  1891. 

521.  Isabelle  de   Mun  Gratiot,    born  May   31, 

1868,  died  Aug.  20,  1868. 

522.  Marie  B.  Gratiot. 

"Victolre  Gratiot.  515.  Born  Mch.  11,  1853. 
Married  Mch.  17,  1874,  S.  \Y.  Andrews,  who  was 
"born  in  Warsaw  County,  Mo. 

523.  Estelle  Andrews,  born  Dec.  26,  1874. 

524.  Jnlie  Andrews,  born  Aug-.  12,  1877. 

525.  Sanford  Andrews,  born  Sept.  6,  1882. 

526.  Pettie  Andrews,  born  Dec.  5,  1885.    v 
Stephanie  Gratiot.     517.     Born  Xov.  13,  1858. 
Married  Feb.  17,  1875,  Thomas  H.  Cheatham,  who 
was  born  Oct.  1,  1853,  and  was  living  in  De  Soto, 
Mo.,  in  1893. 

527.  Archie  Cheatham,  born  Feb.  12,  1876. 

528.  Thomas  Cheatham,  born   Feb.  28,  1878. 

529.  Adele  Cheatham,  born  Jan.  19,  1880. 

530.  Marie  Cheatham,  born  June  28,  1882. 

531.  Isabelle  Cheatham,  born  Jan.  11,  1886. 

532.  Baby  Cheatham,  born  April  11,  1888. 

533.  Paul  Cheatham,  born  Aug.  5,  1890. 

534.  Ruth  Cheatham,  born  Oct.  8,  1892.   , 
Jules  de  Mun  Gratiot.     506.     Born  at  Gratiot's 
Grove,  Wis.,  Jan.  1,  1831;  in  1893  was  connected 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  101 

with  the  I.  M.  R.  R.  at  De  Sota,  Mo.  Married 
in  1856,  Alice  Wilkinson,  born  in  Potosi,  Mo. ;  she 
was  a  granddaughter  of  General  Wilkinson,  and 
was  living  at  De  Sota,  Mo.,  in  1893. 

535.  Mary  Gratiot. 

536.  John  Bnnyon  Gratiot. 

537.  Frederick  Berthold  Gratiot. 

538.  Isabelle  Gratiot. 

539.  Louise  Gratiot. 

540.  Alice  Gratiot,  died  young. 
511.  Charles  Gratiot. 

542.  Rene  Gratiot. 
Emilte  Makie  Gratiot.  510.  Born  at  Richwood, 
Mo.,  in  18-18;  married  Sept.  11,  1867,  Eugene 
Charles  Baugher,  born  at  Emmetsburg,  Md.,  April 
17,  1813 ;  son  of  James  W.  and  Catherine  Troxell 
Baugher  of  Emmetsburg,  Md.  ;  her  father  was  of 
Pennsylvania,  whose  father  was  court  preacher  at 
the  Court  of  Wurtemberg,  Germany.  His  grand- 
father, Isaac  A.  Baugher,  served  as  quartermaster 
in  the  U.  S.  Army,  in  the  war  of  1S12-15.  Mr.  E. 
C.  Baugher  entered  the  U.  S.  Y .  S.  as  captain  1st 
Reg.  Md.  Vol.  and  major  of  the  13th  Maryland  Aret. 
Reg.  U.S.  Vol.  ;  in  1S93,  was  engaged  in  merchan- 
dising and  in  the  lumber  business  at  Richwood,  Mo., 
was  appointed  supervisor  of  the  census,  and  has 
served  as  post-master  for  8  years  ;  nominated  twice 
for  the  legislature  on  the  Republican  ticket,  and  was 
living  at  Richwood  Mo.,  in  1893. 

513.  Kate  Ninette  Baugher,  born  Oct.  1,  1868. 

511.  James    Gratiot    Baugher,  born    May   23, 
1870,  died  1870. 

102  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

545.  Carrie  Adele  Baugher,  born  Sept.  7,  1871. 

546.  Emma  L.  Baugher,  born  at  Meyersdale, 

Penn.,  Mch.  30,  1873. 

547.  Ninette  H.  Baugher,  born  at  Meyersdale, 

Penn.,  Feb.  20,  1876. 

548.  Mary  Eugenie  Baugher,  born  atBichwood, 

Dec.  24,  3879. 

549.  Marie  Antoinette  Baugher,  born  June  10, 


550.  Robert  Barnes  Baugher,  born  Aug.  11, 


551.  SanfordE.  Baugher,  born  Aug.  19,  1890. 
Paul  Benjamin  Gratiot.  362.  Born  in  St. 
Louis,  Mch.  13,  1800.  He  attended  school  at 
Bardstown  College,  returning  to  St.  Louis  when  18 
years  of  age,  entered  the  employ  of  the  American 
Fur  Co.,  and  was  engaged  in  visiting  the  various 
trading  posts  of  the  company.  In  1829,  he  formed 
a  partnership  with  J.  B.  Terry  and  moved  with  his 
family  to  Mineral  Point,  then  the  outskirts  of  the 
lead  mineral  belt  of  the  northwest,  were  the}7  en- 
gaged in  mining  and  smelting;  they  also  opened  a 
store  stocked  with  the  necessities  of  frontier  life. 
At  the  outbreak  of  theBlackhawk  war,  Mr.  Gratiot 
was  in  St.  Louis  on  business,  and  his  family  were  at 
Mineral  Point,  exposed  to  the  terrors  of  an  Indian 
war ;  his  brother-in-law,  Charles  Billon,  then  living  in 
Galena,  drove  in  a  sleigh  forty  miles  to  Mineral 
Point,  arriving  there  at  midnight ;  after  throwing  the 
few  articles  of  silver  they  had  into  the  sleigh,  in 
thirty  minutes  started  back  to  Galena,  they  were 
chased  b\-  a  pack  of  wolves  and  could  see  the  reflec- 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  103 

tion,  in  every  direction,  of  burning  cabins.  A  gov- 
ernment boat  with  provisions  happened  to  be  at 
Galena  and  all  the  women  and  children,  who  had 
taken  refuge  there  were  sent  down  the  river  to  a 
place  of  safety.  Mr.  Gratiot  was  one  of  those  de- 
tailed to  guard  the  boat,  and  to  bring  back  what 
arms  and  ammunition  he  could  procure  from  the 
government.  He  left  his  family  in  St.  Louis  and 
returned  to  Galena,  where  he  remained  until  the 
close  of  the  war.  He  then  sold  out  his  interests 
there  and  removed  to  the  old  Gratiot  homestead, 
near  St.  Louis,  and  engaged  in  farming,  and  where 
he  died  in  the  fall  of  1855.  He  married  June  6, 
1825,  Virginia  Billon,  born  May  19,  1805,  and  died 
Nov.  29,  1871.  Her  father,  Charles  Billon,  son  of 
Jean  and  Margaret  Robert  Billon,  was  born  in  Locle, 
Canton  Neufchattel,  Switzerland,  Jan.  10,  1766. 
His  ancestors  were  French  Huguenots  who  had  fled 
from  France,  after  the  revocation  of  the  Edict  of 
ISTantes.  In  1787  after  learning  the  watch-making 
business,  he  removed  to  Paris,  and  in  1795  emigrated 
to  Philadelphia,  where  he  established  himself  in  bus- 
iness and  married  there,  May  12,  1797,  Jeanne, 
daughter  of  Pierre  Stollenwerck,  who  was  born  at 
Cape  Francoise,  San  Domingo.  In  1818  Mr.  Billon 
with  his  family  moved  to  St.  Louis  and  died  there 
Sept.  8,  1822,  leaving  children,  Frederick,  his  son, 
was  born  April  30,  1801,  and  was  living  in  St.  Louis 
in  1893 ;  he  married  Eulalie  Generelly,  Mch.  20, 
1820,  and  had  children,  George,  Clara  and  Ida. 

552.  Charles  Billon  Gratiot,  born  in  St.  Louis 
April  3,   1828,   studied    medicine    under 

104  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

Dr.  White,  graduated  from  the  Missouri 
Medical  College,  m  1893  was  practicing 
his  profession  in  Cheltenham,  Mo.  He 
married  Oct.  2,  1867,  Edith,  daughter  of 
John  W.  Thornburg  of  St.  Louis. 

553.  Henry    Terry   Gratiot,    born  at    Mineral 

Point,  "Wis.,  July  10,  1830,  living  at 
Cheltenham,  in  1893,  unmarried. 

554.  Victoria   Sophia   Gratiot,  born  March  10, 

1831,  died  in  1866,  unmarried. 

555.  John  Sarpy  Gratiot. 

556.  Isabella  Gratiot,  born  Aug.  25, 1836,  died 


557.  Adolph   Paul    Gratiot,  married    Caroline 


558.  Marie  Therese    Gratiot,  born    April    15, 


559.  Paul   Benjamin    Gratiot,  born   Aug.  10, 

Adolph  Paul  Gratiot.  557.  Born  in  St.  Louis, 
Oct.  9,  1838,  followed  farming  all  his  life,  and  in 
1893  was  living  at  the  old  Gratiot  homestead  at 
Cheltenham,  Mo.  ;  he  married  Jan.  1868,  Caroline, 
daughter  of  David  Graham  and  Louisa  Deaver,  sister 
of  Larkin  Deaver  of  St.  Louis. 

560.  Paul  Adolph  Gratiot,  born  Feb.  22,  1870, 

living  at  Cheltenham  in  1893. 

561.  Bertha  Gratiot,  born  Sept.,  1874. 

562.  Clara  Gratiot,  born  Sept.  19,  1876. 

563.  Edith  Gratiot,  born  Sept.  19,  1876. 
Pelagie  Chouteau.     195.     Born  in  New  Orleans, 
La.,  in  1762,  died  in  St.  Louis,  June  5, 1812,  married 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  105 

July  27,  1776,  Sylvestre  Labbadie  ;  he  was  born  in 
Tarbs,  France,  and  died  in  St.  Louis,  June  19,  1791. 
Son  of  Dominick  and  Anne  jBeZacLabbadie,  their  son 
Sylvestre  came  to  St.  Louis  in  1769  and  engaged  in 
the  fur  trade,  and  afterwards  entered  into  partner- 
shop  with  his  brother-in-law,  Joseph  Marie  Papin, 
in  the  commission  business. 

564.  Sylvestre     Labbadie,     married     Yictoire 


565.  Emilie  Labbadie,  married  Bernard  Pratte. 

566.  Marie  Antoinette  Labbadie,  married  Sept. 

22,  1810,  John  TT.  Honey  of  Virginia, 
who  came  to  St.  Louis,  in  1808,  and  was 
in  the  city  employ,  and  secondly,  Oct. 
19,  1816,  John  S.  Little. 

567.  Pelagie    Labbadie,  married    Gregoire   B. 


568.  Sophie    Labbadie,   married    Auguste   P. 

Sylvestre  Labbadie.  564.  Born  in  St.  Louis, 
Oct.  1,  1779,  died  there  July  4,  1849.  He  was 
engaged  in  the  milling  business  in  181S  and  married, 
June  5,1S07,  Yictoire,  daughter  of  Charles  Gratiot; 
she  died  May  5,  1860. 

569.  Virginie  Labbadie,  married  J.  A.  Sire,  June 

6,  1827,  and  died  Sept.  18,  1828.  Mr. 
Sire  married  secondly  Rebecca  Sefton, 
widow  of  Auguste  A.  Chouteau. 
Emilie  Labbadie.  565.  Born  in  St.  Louis  in  1781, 
died  there  Xov.  3,  1844.  Married  May  13,  1794, 
Bernard  Pratte,  who  was  born  in  St.  Genevieve  in 
1772,  and  died  in  St.  Louis  April  1,  1836.    Son  of 

106  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

Jean  Baptist  and  Madeline  Lalumandiere  Pratte. 
Her  father,  Alphonse  Lalumandiere,  married  Aimee 
de  la  Haye,  whose  family  were,  of  the  old  French 
nobility.  Bernard  Pratte  came  to  St.  Louis  in 
1893,  where  he  engaged  in  commercial  life. 

570.  Sylvestre  S.  Pratte,  born  in  St.  Louis,  Sept. 
22,  1779,  and  was  in  the  employ  of  the 
American  Fur  Company  for  many  years  ; 
he  died  near  Pike's  Peak,  Colo.,  June, 
1828.  He  married  Odile  de  Lassus 
of  Ste.  Genevieve,  who  died  June  5,  1842, 
daughter  of  Camille  de  Lassus,  younger 
brother  of  the  last  Spanish  Governor  of 
Upper  Louisiana.  After  her  husband's 
death  she  married  Louis  Valle  of  Ste. 

571.  Bernard  Pratte,  Jr.,  married  Marie  Louise 


572.  Emilie  Pratte,  married  Kamsay  Crooks. 

573.  Therese  Pratte,  married  W.  B.  Alexander, 

secondly,  Louis  D.  Peugnet. 

574.  Celeste  Pratte,  married  StephenF.  Nidelet. 

575.  Pelagie  Pratte,   married  Louis  V.  Bogy. 

576.  Aimee  Pratte,  married  Joseph  Blaine. 
Bernard  Pratte,  Jr.  571.  Born  in  St.  Louis, 
Dec.  17,  1803,  died  there  July,  1887.  In  early  life 
he  was  engaged  in  the  fur  trade,  and  was  interested 
in  the  American  Fur  Company ;  he  owned  at  one 
time  a  steamboat  plying  in  the  New  Orleans  trade. 
He  was  elected  president  of  the  Bank  of  Missouri., 
and  was  mayor  of  the  city  of  St.  Louis  from  1844  to 
'45.  During  his  mayoralty,  occured  the  great  Hood, 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  107 

and  Major  Pratte  donated  his  entire  salaiw  to  the 
sufferers.  In  1850  he  retired  from  active  life  and 
purchased  a  farm  in  Montgomery  County,  Mo., 
where  he  died.  Mr.  Pratte  was  of  commanding 
presence  and  courtly  manners  and  was  prominent 
in  social  life  in  the  early  da}rs  of  St.  Louis.  He 
married,  July  20,  1824,  Marie  Louise,  daughter  of 
Antoine  and  Marie  Therese  Papin  Chenie. 

577.  Louise  Pratte,  married  Clay  Taylor. 

578.  Celeste   Pratte,  married   j^ov.  16,    1853, 

Augustus  C.  Tracy.  He  was  up  to  the 
date  of  his  death  engaged  in  the  whole- 
sale dry  goods  business  in  St.  Louis, 
where  his  widow  was  living  in  1893.  Son 
of  Edward  Tracy,  who  came  to  St.  Louis 
from  ]STew  York  in  1818,  and  entered 
commercial  life,  was  appointed  city  au- 
ditor and  re-appointed  in  1820.  He  mar- 
ried Mary  Ann,  daughter  of  Frederick 
Dent,  whose  sister  married  Gen.  U.  S. 
Grant,  President  of  the  United  States. 
The  children  of  Edward  Tracy  were, 
Charles,  married  Sophie  Morton ;  Ed- 
ward, married  Zoe  Papin;  Henry,  died 
unmarried;  John  W.,  died  unmarried; 
Augustus  C,  married  Celeste  Pratte; 
William,  married  Maggie  Sloan  and  was 
living  in  jSew  York  in  1893. 

579.  Julia   Pratte,   married   J.  H.    Dickinson, 

U.    S.    A.,      secondly,    Hon.     William 

580.  Lina  Pratte,  married  P.  G.  Robinson. 

108  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

581.  Bernard  Pratte,  married  Julia  Edwards  of 

Kentucky,  neice  of  Gen.  Zach.  Taylor. 

582.  Sylvestre  A.  Pratte,  married  May  Sloan. 
Louise  Pratte.  577.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  was 
living  there  in  1893.  Married  Xov.  16,  1853,  Clay 
Taylor,  son  of  Col.  X.  P.  and  Matilda  Christy 
Ta3flor;  daughter  of  Major  William  Christy,  who 
was  born  in  Carlisle,  Penn.,  Jan.  10,  1764:,  and  with 
his  parents  removed  to  Jefferson  County,  Ky.  In 
1788  was  appointed  lieutenant  of  a  troop  of  cavalry, 
participating  in  St.  Claire's  campaign,  in  1791  was 
adjutant  of  a  Kentucky  regiment  of  militia  and 
served  under  Gen.  Wayne.  In  1792  he  married 
Martha  Thompson,  of  Jefferson  County,  Ky.,  and 
continued  on  his  farm  until  1801,  when  he  came  to 
St.  Louis,  and  in  1809  was  elected  corporation  trus- 
tee, and  register  U.  S.  land  office;  appointed  major 
of  the  Louisiana  Rangers  and  died  April,  1837. 
His  children  were,  Sarah,  married  Dr.  Bernard  G. 
Farrar;  Mary  Anne,  married  Major  Thomas  Wright, 
U.  S.  Army;  Matilda,  married  Dr.  D.  V.  Walker, 
and  secondly  Col.  N".  P.  Taylor;  Francis,  married 
Major  Taylor  Berry  and  secondly  Judge  Robert 
Wash  ;  Eliza,  married  Gen.  W.  II.  Ashley,  U.  S. 
Army;  Hariet,  married  Capt.  James  Dean,  U.  S. 
Army;  Virginia,  married  Dr.  Edwin  B.  Smith; 
Edward,  died  unmarried ;  Howard,  married  Susan 
Preston,  of  Kentucky. 

583.  Bernard  Pratte  Taylor. 
581.  Porter  Taylor. 

Julia  Pratte.     579.     Born  in  St.  Louis,  was  liv- 
ing in  Denver,  Colo.,  in  1893.     Married  first,  Capt. 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  109 

John  H.  Dickinson,  U.  S.  A.,  born  in  Ohio,  was 
admitted  to  the  U.  S.  Military  Academy  in  1843, 
breveted  2d  Lieut.  4th  Art.  1847,  2d  Lieut.  1st  Art. 
1847,  1st  Lient.  1850,  captain  Q.  M.  1856,  resigned 
1864,  breveted  major  for  efficient  and  meritorious 
services  in  Ohio.  He  was  stationed,  at  Cincinnati  for 
many  years,  where  he  died  in  1870. 

585.  Louise  Dickinson,  married  Frank  Sherwin. 

586.  Sidney  Dickinson. 

587.  Julie  Dickinson. 

588.  Elizabeth  Dickinson. 

Julia  Pkatte  Dicklxsox.  579.  Married  secondly 
Hon.  William  Gilpin.  In  1856  was  2nd  Lient.  of 
Dragoons,  U.  S.  Arm}7,  1st  Lieut.  1856,  and  re- 
signed April,  1858.  Was  appointed  the  first  Terri- 
torial Governor  of  Colorado.  He  was  living  in 
Denver,  Col.,  in  1S93. 

589.  Marie  Gilpin. 

590.  Louis  Bogy  Gilpin. 

591.  William  Gilpin,  was  accidentally  killed  in 

1892  b}r  the  premature  discharge  of  his 

gun,  when  hunting. 
Louise  Dicklxsox.  585.  Born  in  Cincinnati, 
Ohio,  was  living  in  Boston,  Mass.,  in  1893.  Mar- 
ried Frank  Sherwin,  a  widower,  who  was,  prior  to 
1&86,  a  large  mining  operator  in  Colorado,  in  1893 
was  living  in  Boston  engaged  in  the  business  of 
a  mining  broker. 

592.  Jack  Sherwin. 

593.  Marie  Louise  Sherwin. 

Lixa   Pratte.     580.     Born  in  St.  Louis  and  died 
there.     She  married  Dr.  P.  G.  Robinson  of  North 

110  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

Carolina,  a  surgeon  in  the  Confederate  Army. 
After  the  war  came  to  St.  Louis.  His  mother, 
who  was  a  Miss  Gervais,  was  of  French  Huguenot 
extraction  ;  Dr.  Robinson  was  practicing  his  profes- 
sion in  St.  Louis  in  1893. 
591.  Paul  Robinson. 

595.  Gervais  Robinson. 

596.  Nina  Robinson. 

597.  Marie  Robinson. 

598.  Belle  Robinson. 

599.  Lee  Robinson. 

600.  Violla  Robinson. 

Syevestre  A.  Pratt.  582.  Bom  in  St.  Louis, 
died  there  in  1889 ;  he  married  May  Sloan  of  St; 
Louis.  She  was  living  in  St.  Louis,  a  widow,  in 

601.  Bernard  Pratte. 

602.  Sylvester  A.  Pratte. 

Emilte  Prattle.  572.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  died 
in  New  York  City.  Married  Mch.  10,  1825,  Ram- 
say Crooks,  a  native  of  Scotland,  who  came  to  this 
country  when  a  youth  ;  he  was  for  many  years  in  the 
employ  of  the  American  Fur  Co.,  and  returned  to 
New  York,  where  he  died. 

603.  Emily  Crooks,  married  Charles  Noel. 

604.  Marguerite      Crooks,     married     Edward 


605.  Virginia  Crooks,  married  John  S.  Gourd. 

606.  Ramsay  Crooks,  died  young. 

607.  Sylvester  Crooks,    living  in    New  York, 

unmarried.  / 

608.  Bernard  Crooks,  died  unmarried. 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  Ill 

609.  William  Crooks,  U.  S.  Army,  he  married 

twice,  and  in  1S93  was  living  in  St.  Paul, 

Emily  Crooks.    603.    Born  in  ^"ew  York  City,  was 
living  there  in  1S93.     Married  Charles  Noel  of  New 
York  City. 

610.  Marie  Noel,  married Hoguet  of  i!s"ew 


611.  Virginia  Noel,  entered  the  religious  order 

of  Dominicans. 

612.  Annette  Noel,  married  and  died  in  New 

Marguerite  Crooks.     604.     Born  in  New  York, 
died    there.      Married    Edward    Plunkett    of  New 
York  City. 

613.  John  Plunkett,  died  in  New  York  City. 

614.  Marie   Plunkett,    married  Corrigan, 

nephew  of  Archbishop  Corrigan  of  New 

615.  Svlvie  Plunkett. 

Virginia  Crooks.  605.  Born  in  New  York.  In 
1893  was  living,  a  widow,  in  Lyons,  France.  Mar- 
ried John  S.  Gourd  of  Lyons.  He  was  one  of  the 
largest  silk  manufacturers  of  Lyons. 

616.  Sophie  Gourd. 

617.  Alphonse  Gourd. 

618.  Fannie  Gourd,  married  Col.  Michel  of  the 

French  Army. 

619.  Henri  Gourd,  married Noel  of  New 

York,  and  was  living  there  in  1893. 
Theresa   Pratte.      573.      Married    twice,    first, 

112  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

March  21,  1821,  to  Walter  B.  Alexander;  he  came 
to  St.  Louis  in  1820,  as  chief  clerk  for  Col.  Stroth- 
er  and  died  there  July  15,  1826.  Married  secondly 
February,  1S30,  in  Philadelphia,  Louis  D.  Peugnet, 
born  in  France,  where  he  took  a  prominent  part  in 
the  political  troubles,  preceding  the  coronation  of 
Napoleon  the  third,  as  Emperor.  Mr.  Peugnet 
shortly  after  that  came  to  the  United  States  and  in 
company  with  his  brother  established  a  Civil  and 
Military  Academy  in  New  York  City. 

620.  Ernest     Peugnet,     married    Helene     S. 


621.  Armand  Peugnet,  married  Virginia  Sarpy 

Berth  old. 

622.  Louise  Peugnet,  married  Pratte  Nidelet. 
Erxest  Peugxet.  620.  Born  in  New  York  in 
1838.  Was  appointed  from  New  York  March  16, 
1863,  Captain  Assistant  Quartermaster  U.  S.  Vol. 
Service,  and  was  mustered  out  Oct.  6,  1865,  from 
the  Quartermaster  Department.  In  1893  he  was 
ensfasred  in  the  Fire  and  Marine  Ins.  business  in  St. 
Louis.  He  married  Helene,  daughter  of  John  P. 
Thompson,  of  Lexington,  Ky. 

623.  Marie  Therese  Peugnet,  born  in  1868. 
621.  Louis  D.  Peugnet,  born  in  1870. 
625.  Ernest  Peugnet,  born  in  1875. 

Aemaxd  Peugnet.  621.  Born  in  New  York  City, 
he  was  for  several  years  French  Consul  in  Cincinnati, 
Ohio.  In  1893  was  living  in  St.  Louis.  He  mar- 
ried in  Pome,  Italy,  in  1869,  Virginia  Sarpy,  widow 
of  Frederick  Berthold.  . 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  113 

626.  Maurice  Peugnet.     Born  in  1870,  and  in 

1893  was    a  cadet  at  the  U.  S.  !Naval 

Celeste  Peatte.  571:.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  was 
living  there  in  1893.  Married  Aug.  12,  1826, 
Stephen  F.  Xidelet,  born  on  the  island  of  San 
Domingo,  of  French  parentage,  came  to  Philadelphia 
when  a  youth,  and  in  course  of  time  by  energy  and 
industry  became  a  member  of  the  firm  of  Chapman 
&  Nidelet,  silk  merchants.  When  on  a  visit  to  St. 
Louis,  he  married  and  returned  to  Philadelphia, 
where  his  eldest  children  were  born.  In  1811,  with 
his  family,  returned  to  St.  Louis,  where  he  died  in 

627.  James  C.  aSTidelet,  born  in  Philadelphia, 

Jan.  15,  1834:.  Came  to  St.  Louis  with 
his  parents,  in  1811.  He  studied  medicine 
and  entered  into  the  practice  of  his  pro- 
fession in  St.  Louis.  In  1861  he  joined 
the  Confederate  army,  serving  as  chief 
surgeon  under  General  Price.  In  1866 
returned  to  St.  Louis,  and  accepted  the 
chair  of  Anatomy  in  the  Missouri  Medical 
College.  In  1872  was  appointed  police 
inspector,  and  in  1893  was  practicing  his 

628.  Sylvestre  JSTidelet,  born   in   Philadelphia, 

came  to  St.  Louis  with  his  parents,  grad- 
uating in  medicine,  engaged  in  the  prac- 
tice of  his  profession.  He  was  for  several 
years  surgeon  in  the  U.  S.  Army.  In 
1861  resigned  and  entered  the  Confeder. 

114  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

ate  Army  as  surgeon,  serving  throughout 
the  "war.  In  1893  he  was  living  in  St. 
Louis,  after   an    absence  of  many  years. 

629.  Pratt e  Xidelet,  married  Louise  Peugnet. 

630.  Mary  Xidelet,  died  unmarried. 

630.  Joseph  Xidelet,  died  unmarried. 

631.  Celeste  Nidelet,  married  Charles  Michel. 
63.2.  Frank  Xidelet,  married  Xettie  Renick. 

633.  Lizzie  Xidelet,  married  Fred  Yon  Phul. 
Celeste  Xidelet.  631.  Born  in  Philadelphia, 
Sept.  3,  1813,  was  living  in  St.  Louis  in  1S93. 
Married  Dr.  Charles  Michell,  who  was  born  and 
raised  in  Charleston,  S.  C.  He  studied  medicine  at 
various  schools  in  America  ^nd  Europe.  In  1861 
he  joined  the  Confederate  army  and  served  through- 
out the  war.  At  the  close  of  the  war  he  came  to 
St.  Louis,  where  in  1893  he  was  practicing  his 

634.  Charles  Michel],  born  July  19,  1875. 

635.  Celeste  Michell,  born  Dec.  7,  1877. 
Frank  Xidelet.  632.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  June 
9,  1816,  followed  the  profession  of  telegraphy,  and 
in  1893  was  in  the  employ  of  the  city  government. 
He  married  in  1S76,  Xettie,  daughter  of  Col.  Robert 
Renick,  who  came  to  St.  Louis  in  1810,  and  was 
identified  with  the  business  interests  of  the  citv- 

636.  Mary  Xidelet,  born  April  27,  1878. 

637.  Celeste  Xidelet,  born  Dec.  1,  1880. 

638.  Elizabeth  XTidelet,  born  Jan.  29,  1S83. 

639.  Stephen  Xidelet,  born  Aug.  9,  1888. 
Lizzie  Xidelet.     633.     Born  in  St.  Louis  in  1837, 
died  there  April  •!,  1881,  married  Frederick  von  Phul, 
grandson  of  William  von  Phul,  who  was  of  a  noble 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  115 

family  of  Germany,  was  born  in  Westhofen,  Central 
Pfalz,  Oct.  14,  1737,  and  came  to  America  in  1764, 
settling  in  Lancaster,  Perm.,  where  he  married  in 
1775,  Catherine  Graff ,  and  had  the  following  children, 
George,  Catherine,  William,  Sarah,  Henry,  Maria, 
Philip  and  Graff  von  Phul.     His    son  Henry   was 
bom    Aug.  14,     1784,    in   Philadelphia,  where  his 
parents  and  all  his  brothers  in  1792  died  of  the  yellow 
fever.    In  1800  he  removed  to  Lexington,  Ky.,  resid- 
ing there  10  years,  in  the  employ  of  Wm.  Holt,  the 
brother-in-law  of  Henry  Clay.     His  duties  were  to 
take  charge  of  the  keel  boats  loaded  with  flour,  lead, 
bagging   and    rope,    which   he  would    exchange    at 
various  points    on  the   river  for    cotton,  selling  the 
same  in    New  Orleans  and  returning  to  Lexington 
on  horseback.     In  1811  he  came  to  St.  Louis,  where 
he    volunteered    in   the    company    commanded    by 
Nathaniel  Boone,  son  of  Daniel  Boone,  and  with  his 
company  participated  in  the  Indian  wars.     He  con- 
tinued in  business  in  St.  Louis  and  in  1831  formed  a 
partnership    with    Theo.  McGill,  in  the    wholesale 
grocery  business,  and  afterwards  was  senior  partner 
of  the  firm  of  Von  Phul,  Waters  &  Co.     He  filled 
several  important  offices  under  the  municipal  gov- 
ernment and  died  Sept.  8, 1874.  He  married,  June  10, 
1816,  Rosalie  Genevieve,  daughter  of  Dr.  Antoine 
Saugrain*     He  was  born  in  Lexington,  Ky.,  June 

*  Dr.  Antoine  Francois  Saugrain,  born  in  Paris,  France,  Feb.  17.  1757, 
son  of  Claude  Marin  Saugrain,  who  was  librarian  for  many  years  of  the 
Arsenal  Library  of  Paris,  the  largest  in  France,  and  who,  by  his  presence 
of  mind,  saved  it  from  destruction  by  the  mob  during  the  revolution, 
died  in  Paris  in  1806,  aged  70.  Dr.  Saugrain  was  educated  as  a  pbysican 
and  chemist  and  at  an  early  age  entered  the  service  of  the  king  of  Spain, 

116  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

22,  1792,  and  had  the  following  children,  Marie,  mar- 
ried  T.M.  Taylor ;  Eliza,  married  Judge  William  M. 
Cook ;  Julia,  married  A.  T.  Bird,  a  Louisiana  planter ; 
Frederick,  married  Lizzie  Xidelet ;  Benjamin,  mar- 
ried Mattie  Lap,  and  served  throughout  the  war  as 
a  staff  and  line  officer  in  the  Confederate  army. 
Philip  married  first,  Miss  Chatard,  secondly  Miss 
Throckmorton;  Henry,  married  Mary  Daigel; 

640.  Celest  von  Phul,  married  Charles  Cook. 

641.  Stephen  von  Paul,  married  Xellie  Knapp. 

612.  Marie   von    Phul  married   Edward    Kim- 


613.  Elizabeth    von     Phul,      married     Joseph 

<544.  Adeline  von  Phul. 
645.  Sylvester  von  Phul. 
Celeste  Yon  Phul.     640.     Born  in  St.  Louis,  was 

■who  sent  him  to  Spanish  America  to  examine  the  geology,  mineralogy 
and  general  history  of  that  country.  He  returned  to  Spain  in  17S3.  In 
1787,  in  company  with  a  French  savant,  returned  to  America,  bringing 
with  him  letters  of  introduction  to  Benjamin  Franklin.  Dr  Saugrain  in 
his  explorations  iu  Kentucky  was  captured  by  the  Indians,  after 
much  suffering  made  his  escape,  returned  to  France,  and  in  1792  with  a 
party  of  French  colonists,  with  whom  was  the  lady  he  afterwards  married , 
settled  at  Gallopolis  O.,  where,  Mch.  20, 1793,  he  married  Virginie  Rosalie 
Micbau,  born  July  23,  177G,  daughter  of  John  Michau.  Dr.  Saugrain 
removed  to  Lexington,  Ky.,  and  in  1797  came  to  St.  Louis,  where  he 
became  the  principal  physician  of  the  village.  He  died  in  1820,  his 
widow  surviving  him  many  years.  There  children  were,  Rosalie,  married 
Henry  von  Phul ;  Frederick  j  Eliza,  married  James  Kennerly ;  Eugenie,  mar- 
ried John  Reel;  Henrietta,  married  Thomas  Noel;  Alphonse;  John  Michau, 
son  of  Andrew  Michau  and  Marie  Bailene  of  Petit  Cnamps,  Pari*,  mar- 
ried in  Paris  and  came  to  Gallopolis  O.,  in  1790  and  in  1800,  with  Dr.  Sau- 
grain came  to  St.  Louis,  where  he  was  appointed  a  justice  of  the  peace. 
Children,  Rosalie  Genevieve  married  Dr.  Saugrain;  Sophie,  married 
Dr.  John  H.  Robinson;  John  Alex;  Melchoir. 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  117 

living  there  in  1893,  married  Charles  Cook,  who  was 
born  in  Virginia  and  in  1893  was  engaged  in  the 
lumber  business  in  St.  Louis. 

616.  Frederick  Cook,  born  in  1881. 

647.  Sarah  Cook,  born  in  1882. 

618.  Charles  Cook,  born  in  1884. 

619.  Lizzie  Cook,  born  in  1885. 

650.  Henry  Cook,  born  in  1887. 

651.  Lucy  Cook,  born  in  1890. 

Stephen  Vox  Phul.  611.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  was 
living  there  in  1893  ;  he  married  ^STellie,  daughter  of 
George  Knapp  of  St.  Louis,  who  was  one  of  the 
original  owners  of  the  "Missouri  Republican." 

652.  Carroll  Von  Phul,  born  in  1890. 

Marie  Vox  Phul.  612.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  was 
living  in  Alabama  in  1893,  married  Edward  Kim- 
b rough,  who  was  engaged  in  business  in  Alabama. 

653.  Price  Kimbrough,  born  in  1886. 
Elizabeth  Vox  Phul.     643.     Born  in  St.  Louis, 
was  living  there  in  1893,  married  Joseph  Murphy, 
whose  father  was  St.  Louis  street  commissioner  in 

654.  Lucile  Murphy,  born  in  1S90. 
Pelagie  Pratte.  575.  Born  and  died  in  St. 
Louis,  married  Louis  Vital  Bogy,  born  in  St.  Gene- 
vieve, April  9,  1813,  and  died  in  St.  Louis,  Sept.  20, 
1877,  son  of  Joseph  Bogy,  born  in  Kaskaskia,  111., 
removed  to  Ste.  Genevieve  in  1805,  and  married 
Marie  Beauvais,  daughter  of  Vital  Beauvais,  whose 
ancestors  came  from  Canada  to  the  western  territory, 
in  1740 ;  Mr.  Bogy  after  leaving  school  entered  the 
law  office  of  Judge  Nathanial  Pope,  of  Kaskaskia,  111. 

118  Creoles  of  Si.  Louis. 

Upon  his  leaving  home  he  left  the  following  document 
with  his  mother :  "St.  Genevieve,  Mo. ,  Jan.  16, 1832. 
On  this  day  I  left  home,  under  charge  of  Mr.  Will- 
iam Shannon,  an  old  friend  of  my  father,  to  go  to 
Kaskaskia  to  study  law  in  the  office  of  Judge  Pope. 
My  education  is  very  limited,  but  with  hard  study  I 
may  overcome  it ;  I  am  determined  to  try  and  my 
intention  is  to  return  to  my  native  State  to  practice 
law  if  I  can  qualify  myself,  and  while  doing  so  to 
become  U.S.  Senator  from  my  native  State,  and  to 
work  for  this  until  I  am  sixty  years  of  age.  I  will 
pray  to  God  to  give  me  the  resolution  to  persevere 
in  this  intention.  I  have  communicated  this  to  my 
mother  and  given  her  this  paper  to  keep,  so  help  me 
God."  In  January,  1873,  he  was  elected  U.  S. 
Senator  from  Missouri,  and  in  the  April  following  he 
was  sixty  years  of  age.  Gov.  Keynolds,  of  Illinois, 
in  May,  1832,  issued  a  proclamation  asking  for  vol- 
unteers to  suppress  the  Indian  outbreak  in  Illinois 
and  Missouri.  Mr.  Bogy,  although  an  invalid,  vol- 
unteered as  a  private  soldier,  and  served  in  the  com- 
pany of  Capt.  Freeman,  participating  in  the  battles 
of  Wisconsin  Heights  and  Bad  Ax,  where  Black- 
hawk  was  captured.  Mr.  Bogy  returned  to  Kas- 
kaskia, where  he  resumed  his  studies,  until  Dec, 
1833,  when  he  entered  the  Saw  school  of  Transylvania 
University,  Lexington,  Ky.,  graduating  in  1835 
returned  to  his  native  State  and  settled  in  St. 
Louis  in  1835,  where  he  commenced  the  practice 
of  the  law.  lie  was  elected  to  the  State  legislature 
in  1810,  and  in  1819  decided  to  enter  the  political 
arena.     In  1818  he,  with  others,  purchased  the  f am- 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  119 

ous  Iron  Mountain,  which  proved  an  unsuccessful 
venture,  and  was  forced  to  resume  the  practice 
of  his  profession,  which  he  continued  to  do  until  the 
breaking  out  of  the  war,  when,  owing  to  his  well- 
known  Southern  sympathies,  he  could  not  sub- 
scribe to  the  iron-clad  oath  exacted  by  the  Federal 
authorities  of  all  business  and  professional  men  in 
St.  Louis,  he  Avas  therefore  compelled  to  relinquish 
his  practice.  In  1867  he  was  appointed  to  the  head 
of  the  Indian  Bureau  as  Commissioner  of  Indian 
Affairs.  In  1S73  he  was  elected  U.  S.  Senator  from 
Missouri,  and  in  March  of  that  year  took  his  seat. 

655.  Benjamin  Bogy,  died  Oct.  31,  1857. 

656.  Joseph  Bogy,  married  Eliza  Kimbell. 

657.  Celeste  Bogy,  married  Eugene  Karst,  who 

was  a  native  of  Germany  and  came  to 
St.  Louis  in  earlv  life  and  eng-a^ed  in  the 
banking  business. 

658.  Josephine  Bogy,  married  Thomas  Xoonan. 
Joseph  Bogy.  656.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  Dec.  4, 
1838.  After  leaving  school  he  engaged  in  the  lum- 
ber business,  which  he  relinquished  to  enter  mercan- 
tile life.  Married  July  12,  1860,  Eliza,  daughter  of 
E.  B.  and  Julia  Soulard  Kimbell.  Mr.  Kimbell 
was  a  native  of  the  State  of  Xew  York  and  removed 
to  Galena,  111.,  where  he  married  Julia,  daughter  of 
James  "  Gaston  "  Soulard,  and  removed  to  St.  Louis 
and  had  children,  Benjamin,  married  Fannie  Lopez 
of  New  Mexico  ;  Eliza,  married  Joseph  Bogy  ;  Mary, 
married  John,  son  of  Gen.  W.  S.  Harney,  U.  S.  A., 
and  Mary  Mullanphy,  whose  daughter  Antoinette, 
married  Henry  T.,  son  of  Gen.  Beauregard,  of  the 

120  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

Confederate  army;  Isabella,  married  John  Wherry; 
James  G.,  married  Kate  Stockton  ;  A  dele. 
(559.  Julia  A.  Bogy,  born  Oct.  9,  1861. 

660.  Louis  Vital  Bogy,  born  in  St.  Louis,  April 

16,  1864.  He  was  for  several  years  en- 
gaged in  newspaper  work,  which  he  relin- 
quished to  accept  a  governmental  position 
in  Washington  City.  Mr.  Bogy  was  the 
author  of  "  In  Office"  and  "  A  Common 
Man."  He  was  living  in  Washington 
in  1893: 

661.  Bernard  Pratte  Bogy,  married  Elonar  May 


662.  Henry  Soulard  Bogy,  born  May  12,  1870. 

663.  Ramsey  Crooks  Bogy,  born  July  11,  1872. 

664.  Genevieve  Bogy,  born  July  25,  1874. 
Bekntakd  Pratte  Bogy.     661.     Born  in  St.  Louis, 
Sept.  26,  1866,  was  engaged  in  business  in  St.  Louis 
in  1893.     He    married,  Feb.  5,  1890,    Elonar    May 
Griffith  of  St.  Louis. 

665.  Violet  Bogy,  born  Jan.  15,  1891. 
Josephine  Bogy.  658.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  was 
living  there,  a  widow,  in  1S93 ;  married  Sept.  3, 
1872,  Thomas  Xoonan,  who  was  born  in  St.  Louis, 
and  was  engaged  in  the  real  estate  business  at  the 
time  of  his  death,  Feb.  1,  1890. 

666.  Bogy  Xoonan,  born  Aug.  17,  1875. 

667.  Celeste  Xoonan,  born  Sept.  30,  1876. 

668.  Adele  Xoonan,  born  Jan.  6,  1879. 

669.  MaryXoonan,  bom  Dec.  20,  1883. 

670.  Irene  Xoonan,  born  Xov.  30,  1888. 

671.  Thomas  Xoonan,  born  June  27,  1890. 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  121 

672.  Sarpy  Noonan,  born  June  27,  1890. 
Aimee  Pratte.     576.     Born  in   St.  Louis,  died  in 
San  Francisco,    Cal. ;  married  Joseph  Blaine,  born 
in  England,  died  in  San  Francisco,  Cal. 

673.  Edna  Blaine,  married   Peter  Donahoe  of 

San  Francisco ;  he  was  a  prominent 
banker  of  that  city,  and  was  living  there 
in  1893,  they  had  several  children. 

674.  Joseph  Blaine. 

675.  Aimee  Blaine,  married  EL  T.  Schnelly  and 

was  living  in  California,  in  1893. 

676.  Bernard  Blaine.' 

677.  Jennie  Blaine. 

Pelagie  Labbadie.  567.  Married,  May,  1,  1777, 
Gregoire  Berald  Sarpy,  born  in  France,  in  1764, 
came  to  St.  Louis  in  1786,  where  he  died  May 
15,  1824.  Son  of  Charles  Sarpy  and  Susanne  Trent, 
residents  of  Fumel,  Gascony,  France ;  they  had  the 
following  children,  John  B.,  died  in  New  Orleans  in 
1798,  unmarried ;  Sylvestre  Delor,  married  and  died 
in  New  Orleans;  Susanne,  married  d' Alvarez  of 
France  ;  Marie,  married  Laporte  of  France  ;  Gregoire, 
Berald,  married  Pelagie  Labbadie. 

678.  John  B.   Sarpy,  married  Adele   Cabanne, 

secondly,  Martha  Pussel. 

679.  Susanne  Sarpy,  born  Oct.  22,  1800,  died 


680.  Pierre  Labbadie  Sarpy,  born  in  1805,  died 

in  the  Pocky  Mountains. 

681.  Thomas  L.  Sarpy. 

John  Berald  Sarpy.  678.  Born  Jan.  12,  1798, 
died  at  St.  Louis,  April  1,  185"      He  was  for  many 

122  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

years  engaged  in  the  fur  trade  in  the  employ  of 
Chouteau  &  Berthold.  He  married  twice  ;  his  first 
wife  was  Adele  Cabanne,  to  whom  he  was  married 
Sept.  17,  1820;  she  was  born  in  St.  Louis  in  1805, 
and  died  there  Mch.  27,  1833. 

GS2.   Virginia  Sarpy,  born  in  St.  Louis  and  was 

living  there  in  1893 ;  married  twice,  first 

to    Frederick  Berthold,  and  secondly  to 

Armand  Peugnet. 
Johx    Berald    Sarpy.     678.     Married  secondly, 
April  15,  1838,  Martha,  daughter  of  James  Pussel. 
She  died  in  Xova  Scotia. 

683.  John  B.  Sarpy,  born  Dec.  7,  1838,  died  in 

Paris,  France. 
684:.  Adele  Sarpy,  married  J.  L.  D.  Morrison. 
Adele  Sarpy.  681.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  May  10, 
184:2,  was  living  there  in  1893.  Married,  April  10, 
1861,  James  L.  D.  Morrison,  who  was  born  April  12, 
1816,  son  of  Robert  Morrison  of  Philadelphia,  who 
removed  to  Kaskaskia  in  1790.  He  married  Eliza, 
daughter  of  Col.  Lowiy  of  Baltimore,  Md.  By 
this  marriage  he  had  a  daughter  Lilly,  who  married 
Joseph   P.  Carr.*     J.  L.  D.  Morrison  as   a    youth 

*  Joseph  P.  Carr,  great-grandson  of  Walter  Carr,  of  Virginia,  grand- 
son of  Charles  Carr,  brother  of  Judge  William  C  Carr,  was  born  in  Vir- 
ginia, Oct.  29,  1774.  He  removed  to  Kentucky,  where  he  volunteered  in 
a  Kentucky  regiment,  under  Wayne,  and  served  tbroughout  the  Indian 
troubles.  In  181 S  he  again  volunteered  his  services  and  was  appointed 
paymaster  in  Col.  Dudley's  regiment,  he  was  taken  prisoner  by  the 
Indians  and  forced  to  run  the  gauntlet,  escaping  uninjured.  Returned, 
after  the  war,  to  his  farm,  where  be  died.  He  married  Elizabeth,  daughter 
of  Gen.  Levi  Todd,  of  Kentucky.  Children,  Lucieu,  married  Cornelia 
Crow,  of  St.  Louis;  Walter  C;  Robert  E.,  married  Sarah  Black;  Alfred, 
married  Angelica  Yeatman.  Walter  C  Carr,  born  in  Kentucky,  came  to 
St.   Louis  at   an  early  clay,  where  he   was  appointed  city  auditor.     He 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  123 

assisted  his  father,  who  was  then  the  first  large 
mail  contractor.  In  1832  entered  the  U.  S.  Navy 
as  a  midshipman  ;  returning  in  1836  to  Illinois  com- 
pleted his  studies  and  was  admitted  to  the  bar,  and 
died  in  St.  Louis  in  18S9. 

685.  Martha  Morrison,  married  Eugene  Kelly. 

686.  Virginia  Morrison,  married  Clark  Carr. 

687.  Julia  Olivia  Morrison,  born  Jan.  21,  1S67, 

died  Mch.  21,  1S70. 

688.  John    B.   Sarpy  Morrison,  born   Jan.   9, 

1871,  died  Aug.  13,  1875. 
Martha    Morrison.     685.     Born    in    St.    Louis, 
Mch.  4,  1S62,  married  Feb.  14,  1882,  Eugene  Kelly 
of  St.  Louis. 

689.  Florence  Adele  Kelly,  born  Jan.  11,  1883. 

690.  James  Henry  Kelly,  born  Aug.  21,  18S9. 
Virginia  Morrison.  686.  Born  in  St.  Louis, 
Dec.  10,  1863,  living  there  in  1893.  Married,  Feb. 
31,  1891,  Clark  Carr,  son  of  Eugene  A.  Carr,  who 
was  born  in  ISTew  York,  and  admitted  to  the  LT.  S. 
Military  Academy  in  1846,  graduated  Jul}7  1,  1850, 
and  was  appointed  Brevt.  2nd  Lieut,  of  Mounted 
Rifles,  2nd  Lieut.  1st  Cavalry  1855,  Captain  1858, 
Brevt.  Lieut.-Col.  1861,  for  gallant  and  meritorious 
service  in  the  battle  of  Wilson's  Creek,  Mo. 
Colonel  3rd  Cavalry  1861,  Brevt.  Brig.-Gen.  Vols. 
1862,  for  destinguished  service  in  the  battle  of  Pea 
Ridge,    Major    5th   Cavalry    1862,    Brevt.   Colonel 

married  Francis  Wescott,  of  Philadelphia.  Children,  Joseph  P.,  married 
Lilly  Morrison;  Harry,  married  Miss  Zimmermau;  Walter,  married 
Marie,  granddaughter  of  Gen.  C.  W.  Karney,  U.  S.  A.;  Nellie,  married 
Zimmerman;  Susie,  married  John  Inslee;  Fannie. 

124  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

1863,  for  gallant  and  meritorious  service  in  action  of 
Black  River  Bridge,  Brevt.  Major-Gen.  Yols. 
1865,  Brevt.  Brig.-Gen.  1865,  for  gallant  and 
meritorious  service  in  capture  of  Little  Rock,  Ark., 
Brevt.  Major-Gen.  1865,  for  gallant  and  meritorious 
service  in  the  field  during  the  war,  mustered  out  of 
the  service  in  1S66.  Lieutenant-Colonel  4th  Cavalry 
U.  S.  Army  in  1873,  transferred  to  5th  Cavalry 
April,  1873. 

691.  Eugene  M.  Carr,  born  2*0 v.  25,  1891. 
Marie  Louise  Chouteau.  196.  Born  in  St.  Louis 
in  1764,  died  there  Feb.  27,  1817-  Married  Jan.  9, 
1779,  Joseph  Marie  Papin,  who  was  born  in  Montreal, 
Canada,  in  1741,  and  died  in  St.  Louis,  April  18, 
1802.  A  French  officer,  the  first  of  the  name, 
came  to  Canada  with  General  Chaplain,  was  a 
native  of  France,  a  descendant  of  the  Orleans 
branch  of  the  De  La  Papin  family,  who  trace  their 
ancestry  to  the  13th  century,  where  they  are  estab- 
lished among  the  gentry  of  noble  standing.  His 
grandson,  Pierre  Papin,  was  born  in  Montreal  and 
married  Anne  Peletier;  their  children  were,  Gillis, 
born  in  Bourdon ville,  married  Marie  F.  Chapman, 
and  secondly  Marie  Benoist :  Joseph,  married  Mar- 
guerite Pepin ;  Joseph  Marie,  married  Marie  Louise 

692.  Joseph  Papin,  born  in  St.  Louis,  June  8, 

1780,  died  there  April,  1850 ;  he  married 
Feb.  15,  1830,  the  widow  Bradshaw. 

693.  Marguerite  Papin,  married  M.  P.  Leduc. 

694.  Alexandre  La  Force  Papin,  married  Julia 


Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  125 

695.  Marie    Therese   Papin,    married    Antoine 


696.  Marie  Louise  Papin,  born  in  St.  Louis,  in 

1786,  married  secondly  H.  Renard  ;  her 
first  husband  was  Antoine  Roy ;  he  was 
a  grandson  of  Julius  Le  Roy,  who  came 
to  St.  Louis  in  1764,  and  married  in 
Mobile,  Ala.,  Marie  Barard,  and  had 
the  following  children,  Charles,  mar- 
ried Susan  Dodier;  Madelaine,  married 
Francis  Hebert ;  Julius,  married  Louise 
Coble,  his  son  Antoine  married  Marie 
Louise  Papin. 

697.  Hypolite  Leber  Papin,  married  Josephine 


698.  Pelagie  Papin,  born  in  1789,  died  in  179S. 

699.  Sophie   Papin,  born    in  1791,    died   April 

22,  1808. 

700.  Pierre  Millicour  Papin. 

701.  Sylvestre   V.   Papin,  married  Clementine 


702.  Emilie  Papin,  married  F.  D.  Chauvin. 

703.  Pierre    Didier   Papin,    married  Catherine 

■  701.  Theodore  Dartigny  Papin,  married  Marie 

Marguerite  Papin.  693.  Born  in  St.  Louis  in 
1781,  died  there  April  1,  1808.  Married  Aug.  30, 
1802,  Marie  Philip  Le  Due,  who  died  in  St.  Louis. 
Son  of  Giles  Le  Due,  and  grandson  of  J.  A.  Le 
Due  and  Marie  Humeler ;  was  born  in  St.  Denis, 
Paris,  France,  in  1773,  and  when  a  young  man  came 

126  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

to  Louisiana  with  his  mother,  then  a  widow,  and 
two  brothers,  where  he  remained  until  1793.  He 
was  private  secretary  to  Governor  De  Lassus  and 
came  with  him  to  St.  Louis,  as  secretary  of  Upper 
Louisiana.  He  rilled  various  positions  in  the  civil 
government  of  the  province,  until  his  death  in  St. 
Louis  in  1810. 

705.  Zoe  Le  Due,  born  in   St.  Louis  in  1807, 

died  in  1823,  unmarried. 
Alexandre  La  Fokce  Papin.  69L  Born  in  St. 
Louis  in  1783,  died  there  in  1849.  Married  July  10, 
1810,  Julie  Brazeau,  granddaughter  of  Joseph 
Brazeau,  a  native  of  Canada,  who  removed  to 
Kaskaskia,  where  he  was  killed  by  the  Indians  in 
1779 ;  his  widow,  born  in  Canada  in  1719,  moved  to 
St.  Louis  with  her  children  and  died  there  Mch.  13, 
1793,  leaving  the  following  children,  Joseph,  born  in 
Canada,  died  in  St.  Louis  Xov.  23,  1816,  married 
Marie  Therese  Delisle  ;  Louis,  Sr.,  born  in  1715,  died 
Dec.  5,  1828,  married  Marie  Louise  Delisle,  who 
was  born  in  Kaskaskia  in  1750  and  died  in  St.  Louis 
Nov.  26,  1810;  Francoise,  born  in  1757,  died  April, 
1826,  married  Jno.  B.  Chauvin.  The  children  of 
Louis  Brazeau,  Sr.,  were,  Joseph,  married  Julie 
Phisbec ;  Louis,  Jr.,  married  Therese  DeMoulins; 
Auguste,  married  Melanie  St.  Cir ;  Marie,  married 
J.  B.  Duchouquette ;  Therese,  married  Charles 
Bosseron ;  Julie,  married  Alexandre  L.  Papin ; 
Cecille,  married  Charles  Sanguinett;  Aurora,  mar- 
ried Louis  Bompart. 

706.  Marguerite    Papin,    married    Henri   Mas- 


Creoles  of  /St.  Lout's.  127 

707.  Fannie  Papin,  married  Larkin  Deaver. 

708.  Alexandre  Papin,  born    in  1817,  died  in 

Mexico,  unmarried. 

709.  Aimee  Henriette  Papin,  married  Jeremiah 


710.  Julie  Papin,  born  1820.      * 

711.  Marie  Sophie  Papin,  born  in  1823. 
Marguerite  Papin.  706.  Born  in  St.  Louis, 
Nov.  2,  1828.  Married  Dr.  Henri  Masure,  who 
was  born  in  Belgium,  and  with  his  brother,  Dr. 
Angnste  Masnre,  came  to  St.  Louis,  where  they 
were  both  very  successful  in  their  practice ;  they 
both  removed  to  Mexico. 

712.  Aimee  Masnre,  married  John  Johnson. 
Adiee  Masure.     712.     Born  and  died  in  St.  Louis, 
married  John  Johnson  of  St.  Louis,  stepson  of  Dr. 
Saunderson,  and  was  living  in  St.  Louis  in  1893. 

713.  George   Johnson,  living   in  St.    Louis  in 

1893,  married  and  had  several  children. 
Fanxie  Papix.  707.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  May  10, 
1815,  died  there  July  11,  1891.  Married  in  1831, 
Larkin  Deaver,  who  was  born  in  Baltimore,  Md.,  in 
1801,  of  an  old  and  well-known  Maryland  family, 
and  came  to  St.  Louis  as  clerk  for  Isaac  Walker, 
and  afterwards  established  a  carpet  house.  He  died 
in  Baltimore,  Mch.  21,  1851. 

714.  Richard    Cromwell  Deaver,  died   May  28, 

*     715.  Julia  Deaver,   married   Henry  Chouteau  ; 
secondly,  C.  Hewitt. 

716.  Laura  Deaver,  married  Henry  Schultz. 

717.  Louisa  Deaver,  married  Bernard  Cauliield. 

128  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

718.  Sophie  Denver,  born  in  1838,  died  young. 

719.  James  A.  Deaver,    married  Louisa  Mur- 


720.  Augusta  Deaver,  died  young. 

721.  Maria  "  Puss  "  Deaver,  born  in  St.  Louis, 

was  living  in  California  in  1893.     Mar- 
ried, in  1868,  Charles  B.  Parker,  born  in 
Dubuque,  Iowa,  son  of   Captain  Parker, 
a  pioneer  Missouri  river  steamboatman. 
In  1893  he  was  in  business  in  Oakland, 
representing    an  eastern   tobacco    manu- 
facturing company. 
Julia  Deaver.     715.     Born   in   St.  Louis,   1833, 
living,  a   widow,  at    Washington,  D.  C,    in  1893. 
Married,   first,  Henry  Chouteau,  and  secondly  Cor- 
nelius  Hewitt;  he    was    born   in   Philadelphia,  and 
came  to  St.  Louis,  where  he  engaged  in  business. 

722.  May    Hewitt,  married    Lieut.    Williams, 

U.  S.  A. 
May    Hewitt.     722.     Born    in    St.    Louis,    was 
living   in   Washington,   D.  C,   in    1893.     Married 
Lieut.  John  x\..  Williams,  U.   S.  Army. 

723.  Juliette  Wrilliams. 
721:.  Dorothy  Williams. 

Laura  Deaver.  716.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  was 
living  there  in  1S93.  Married  Amos  H.  Schultz, 
who  was  born  in  Germantown,  Penn.,  and  came  to 
St.  Louis  when  a  youth  and  engaged  in  the  book 
business.     In  1893  was  in  the  real  estate  business. 

725.  Fannie  Schultz. 

726.  William  Schultz. 

727.  Lulu  Schultz. 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  129 

728.  James  Schultz. 

729.  Addison  Schultz. 

Louisa  Deaver.  717.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  in  1834, 
was  living,  a  widow,  in  Milwaukee,  in  1893.  Mar- 
ried the  Hon.  Bernard  Caulfield,  member  of  Con- 
gress from  Illinois.  He  was  born  in  Kentucky,  and 
came  to  St.  Louis,  where  he  married  and  then 
removed  to  Chicago,  where  he  died  in  1888. 

730.  George  Caulfield. 

731.  Josephine  Caulfield. 

732.  Louis  Caulfield. 

733.  Laura  Caulfield. 

James  Alexander  Deaver.  719.  Born  in  St. 
Louis  Oct.  1,  1840.  Student  of  Georgetown  Col- 
lege. In  1856  returned  to  St.  Louis  and  entered 
the  drug  business,  and  in  1867  engaged  in  farming 
in  St.  Louis  County.  He  married  Laura,  daughter 
of  William  Murdoch  of  St.  Louis,  and  was  living 
there  in  1893. 

734.  Marie  Deaver. 

Aimee  Henbiette  Papin.  709.  Born  in  St.  Louis 
in  1848,  died  there.  Married  Jeremiah  Wilcox,  who 
for  many  years  was  in  the  carpet  business,  with  his 
brother-in-law,  Larkin  Deaver.  After  his  wife's 
death  he  married  Clara,  widow  of  Danjin,  daughter 
of  Edward  Tesson  and  Lucy  Maroth.  Mr.  Tesson 
was  born  on  the  island  of  San  Domingo,  and  with 
his  parents  came  to  St.  Louis,  where  he  established 
the  banking  house  of  Edward  Tesson  &  Co. ;  his 
children  were,  Edward ;  Clara,  married  Danjin  and 
secondly  Jeremiah  Wilcox;  Cecile,  married  Renoist; 
Naomi ;  Theodore  ;  Louis  ;  Joseph. 


130  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

735.  Fannie  Wilcox. 

736.  Ida  Wilcox,  married  U.  S.  Senator  Dick- 

son  of  Butte,  Montana,  and  was  living 

in  Washington  in  1893. 
Hytolite  Leber  Papin.     697.     Born  in  St.  Louis 
in  1788,  died  there.  Married  July  4,  1815,  Josephine 
Loisel  born  in  1801  and  died  in  1812,  daughter  of 
Registre  and  Helene   Chauvin  Loisel. 

737.  Hypolite  Papin,  Jr.,  born  in  St.  Louis  in 

April  6,  1819,  was  living  there  in  1893, 

738.  Joseph   L.  Papin,   born   in    St.   Louis  in 

1821,  married    Sophie    Shaw ;  she  mar- 
ried secondly,  Captain  Patrick  Yore. 

739.  J.  Theodore  Papin,  married  Adeline  Yion. 

740.  Alexandre  P.  Papin,  born  in  St.  Louis  in 

1838,  married Lodier. 

741.  Henry  Papin. 

742.  Pierre  Millicour  Papin,  married  Marie  De 


743.  Eugene  Papin,  married  Mary  Boothe. 

744.  Marie  Louise  "  Manette "  Papin,  married 

E.  C.  Dupre. 

745.  Zoe  Papin,  married  Edward  Tracy. 

'  746.  Emily  Lise  Papin,  married  James  Waugh. 

747.  Marie    Josephine    Papin,    married   P.   C. 

J.  Theodore  Papix.     739.     Born  in  St.  Louis  in 
1830.     In  1893  he  was  living  there.      Married  Ada- 
line  Vion,  who  was  living  in  St.  Louis  in  1893. 

748.  Gracie  Papin. 

749.  Adele  Papin. 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  131 

750.  Rene  Papin. 

751.  Yion  Papin. 

752.  Sophie  Papin,  married  H.  L.  Hey  del. 

753.  Alise  Papin,  married  W.  H.  Walker,  Jr. 

754.  Zoe  Papin,  married  De  Lor  Burthe. 
Sophie  Papin.  752.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  Jan.  5, 
1867,  living  there  in  1893.  Married  April  15,  1890, 
Harry  L.  Hey  dell,  who  was  bom  in  Louisiana, 
Aug.,  1860,  son  of  Dr.  Heydell,  who  married  Mary 
E.,  daughter  of  John  Byrne,  Jr.,  the  pioneer  real 
estate  agent  of  St.  Louis.  Dr.  Heydell  entered  the 
real  estate  business  with  his  father-in-law,  at  whose 
death  the  firm  'svas  changed  to  F.  L.  Heydell  & 

755.  Marie  Heydell,  born  May  1,  1891. 
Alise  Papin.  753.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  was  living 
there  in  1893.  Married  May,  1890,  William  H. 
Walker,  son  of  DTD.  Walker,  of  the  firm  of  Ely  & 
Walker,  one  of  the  largest  wholesale  dry  goods 
houses  in  the  west. 

756.  Adelied  Walker,  born  May, -1891. 

Zoe  Pappn.  754.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  living  in 
ISTew  Orleans  in  1893,  married  De  Lor  Burthe  of 
that  city,  a  member  of  one  of  the  old  and  promi- 
nent Creole  families  of  Louisiana. 

757.  Carlisle  Burthe,  born  in  1888. 

758.  De  Lor  Burthe. 

Pierre  Mpllicour  Papin.  742.  Born  in  St. 
Louis,  Feb.  22,  1823,  living  there  in  1893,  married 
in  1851,  Marie  De  Moulins,  who  was  born  in  St. 
Louis  in  1852,  daughter  of  Auguste  De  Moulins, 
who  came  to  St.  Louis  at  an  early  day. 

132  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

759.  Augnste    Papin,    born    in    St.    Louis  in 


760.  Marie  "  Manette  "  Papin,  married  Charles 


761.  Edward  Papin,  died  young. 

762.  Alphonse  Papin,  died  young. 

763.  William  Papin,  died  young. 

764.  Marie  Eugenie  Papin,  married  Walter  B. 


765.  Eobert  H.  Papin. 

766.  Joseph  E.  Papin. 

767.  Pierre  Millicour  Papin. 

768.  Sylvestre  Papin. 

Marie  "Manette"  Papin.  760.  Born  in  St. 
Louis  in  1857;  in  1893  was  living  in  St.  Joseph, 
Mo.,  where  she  married  in  1881,  Charles  Shroup, 
of  that  place. 

769.  Marie  Manette  Shroup. 

770.  Pegnier  Shroup. 

771.  Mason  Shroup. 

Marie  Eugenie  Papin.  764.  Born  in  St.  Louis, 
in  1893  was  living  in  St.  Louis  County;  married 
Walter  B.  Colburne  of  St.  Louis. 

772.  Marie  E.  Colburne. 

773.  Frederick  M.  Colburne. 

Eugene  Papin.  713.  Born  and  died  in  St.  Louis. 
He  served  throughout  the  war  in  the  Confederate 
army.  Married  in  1860  Mary  Boothe,  who  was 
living  in  St.  Louis  in  1893.  Daughter  of  William 
and  Mary  Tesson  Ilonore  Boothe. 

774.  William  Boothe  Papin,  born  Dec.  3,  1868. 

775.  Fanny  M.  Papin,  born  May  17,  1870. 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  133 

776.  Josephine  Papin,  born  June  18,  1870. 

777.  Eugene  Papin,  born  in  1877. 

Louisa  "Manette"  Papin.  744.  Born  in  St. 
Louis  in  1817 ;  married  Eugene  Charles  Dupre,  a 
native  of  Paris,  France,  who  came  to  St.  Louis  at 
an  early  date,  and  opened  a  ladies'  Parisian  cloak 
establishment  and  afterwards  established  the  first 
electrotyping  enterprise. 

778.  Alphonse  Dupre,  he  was  arrested  by  the 

Federal  authorities  in  1862,  and  impris- 
*  oned  at  Alton,  HI.,  escaping  in  company 
with  Major  "Wyman  of  St.  Louis,  joined 
the  Confederate  army,  serving  through- 
out the  war,  was  killed  in  one  of  the 
last  battles. 

779.  Minnie  Dupre,  died  unmarried. 

Zoe  Papin.  745.  Born  in  St.  Louis  in  1827,  died 
at  Faribault,  Minn.,  April,  1875;  married  Edward 
M.  Tracy,  who  was  drowned  in  the  Mississippi  river. 
Son  of  Edward  Tracy,  who  came  to  St.  Louis  in  1818 
from  New  York  City  and  engaged  in  business.  He 
was  appointed  in  1851  city  auditor.  In  1820,  he 
married  Mary  Ann, daughter  of  Capt.  John  Xelson  of 
Kentucky,  and  died  Xov.,  1852.  His  wife  died  in 
1869 ;  their  children  were, Charles  F.,  married  Sophie 
Martin ;  Edward,  married  Zoe  Papin ;  Auguste, 
married  Celeste  Pratte ;  William,  married  Maggie 

780.  J.  Clarke  Tracy,  born  in  St.  Louis,  was 

living  there  in  1893,  married  Mollie, 
daughter  of  Dr.  Frazier,  of  St.  Louis, 
and  had  several  children. 

134  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

781.   Marie  Josephine    Tracy,  married  William 
.       782.  Theodore  Tracy. 

783.  Elise  Tracy,  married  W.  A.  Newman. 

784.  Loisel  Tracy,  living  unmarried  in  1S93. 

785.  Belle    Tracy,  married  C.  H.  Nash,  sec- 

ondly, Calvin  R.  Nutt. 
Marie  Josephine  Tracy.  781.  Bora  in  St.  Louis, 
May,  1853,  was  living  there  in  1893  ;  married  Aug.  20, 
1874,  "William  Faribault,  who  was  born  at  Fort  Snell- 
ing,  Minn.,  Nov.  9, 1846,  and  in  1893  was  engaged  in 
the  real  estate  business  in  St.  Louis.  Son  of  Alex- 
ander Faribault,  the  pioneer  fur  trader  of  the  north- 
west, and  founder  of  Faribault,  Minn. 

786.  Zoe  Faribault,  born  July  9,  1875. 

787.  William  Faribault,  born  Nov.  24,  1879. 
Elise  Tracy.  783.  Living  in  St.  Louis,  in  1S93 ; 
married  William  Newman,  grandson  of  Captain 
Jonas  Newman,  who  was  born  near  Harrisburg, 
Penn.,  in  1795,  and  with  his  parents  removed  to 
Point  Pleasant,  Va.,  and  finally  settled  in  St.  Louis, 
where  he  engaged  in  steamboating ;  he  married  Mayl, 
1826,  Susan,  daughter  of  Louis  Tartaran  Labeaume, 
and  died  July  1, 1849,  leaving  an  only  son,  Socrates 
Newman,  who  was  born  Oct.  21,  1820,  and  married 
Dec.  21,  1852,  a  daughter  of  Dr.  Vitalis,  a  native  of 

788.  Josephine  Newman. 

789.  Elise  Newman. 

790.  Socrates  Newman. 

Theodore  Tracy.     782.     Born  and  married  in  St. 
Louis,  where  he  was  living  in  1893. 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  135 

791.  Celeste  Tracy. 

792.  Raymond  Tracy. 

Belle  Teacy.  785.  Living  in  Washington,  D. 
C,  in  1893;  married  twice,  her  second  husband  was 
Calvin  R,  Xutt,  living  in  Washington  in  1893 ;  her 
first  husband,  C.  H.  ]Sfash,  and  had  the  following 

793.  Elise  Nash. 

794.  Kini  Nash. 

795.  Lalite  Xash. 

Emily  Lise  Papix.  746.  Born  in  St.  Lonis,  died 
there  in  1819.  Married  in  1843,  James  Waugh  of 
St.  Louis.  He  was  born  in  Canada,  and  came  to  St. 
Louis  at  an  early  day  and  engaged  in  the  dry 
goods  business  under  firm  name  of  Waugh  and  La- 
grave.  He  purchased  the  Belleville  Steel  and  Iron 
Works  and  operated  them  up  to  the  time  of  his 

796.  James  Waugh,  married  Felicite  Ogle. 

797.  Dr.  William  W.  Waugh,  in  1893  was  a 

practicing  physician  in  Belleville,  111., 
also  largely  interested  hi  the  steel  and 
iron  works  of  that  place. 

798.  Robert  F.  Waugh,  in  1893  was  living  in 

Belleville,  where  he  was  operating  the 
Belleville  iSteel  &  Iron  Works,  married 
Ollie  Hawson  of  Belleville. 
James  Waugh.  796.  Born  in  St.  Louis ;  in  1893 
was  living  in  Belleville,  interested  in  the  Belleville 
Steel  &  Iron  Works.  He  married  Felicite  Ogle  of 

799.  Adele  Waugh. 

136  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

Marie  Josephixe  Papix.  747.  Born  in  St.  Louis, 
was  living  there  in  1893.  Married  Robert  C.  Greer, 
born  in  Griggsville,  111.,  and  removed  to  St.  Louis 
in  1S50,  where  he  engaged  in  the  commission  busi- 
ness.    In  1893  was  in  the  real  estate  business. 

800.  Robert  P.  Greer,  living  in  San  Francisco, 

Cal.,  in  1893. 

801.  Edward    W;    Greer,   born  in    St.    Louis, 

Nov.  4,  1869,  in  1893  was  engaged  in 
the  real  estate  business  with  his  father. 
S.ylvestre  Yilrey Papix.  701.  Born  in  St.  Louis, 
in  1794,  died  there  Aug.  3.  1828.  Married  July  18, 
1817,  Clementine  Loisel,  born  in  1803,  granddaugh- 
ter of  Registre  Loisel,  a  native  of  the  parish  of  As- 
sumption, Lower  Canada;  he  married  Manette  Mas- 
sin.  Their  son  Registre  was  born  there  and  came  to 
St.  Louis  in  1793,  where  he  married  May  7,  1800, 
Helene,  daughter  of  Jacques  Chauvin  and  Marie 
Louise  Taillon.  He  died  in  New  Orleans  in  1804 ; 
his  widow  afterwards  married  Francois  Lebeau. 
Registre  Loisel  had  the  following  children,  Josephine, 
married  Hypolite  Papin ;  Clementine,  married  Syl- 
vestre  V.  Papin ;  Registre,  Jr.,  became  a  priest  and 
removed  to  Cahokia. 

802.  Marie  Clementine  Papin,  married  Leopold 


803.  Sylvestre  V.  Papin,  born  in  1820,  married 

Emmeline  Scofield.  Educated  for  the 
law  at  Bardstown  College  entered  into 
the  real  estate  business  in  St.  Louis, 
died  in  San  Francisco,  California  in 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  137 

804:.  Timothy  L.  Papin,  married  Mary  Yarland, 
secondly,  Marguerite  Brant,  thirdly,  Lida 

805.  Theophile    Papin,   married    Julie    Henri, 

secondly,  Emilie  Carlin. 

806.  Marie  Papin,  born  in  1826,  died  young. 
Marie  Clementine  Papin.  802.  Born  in  St. 
Louis,  Aug.  1817,  was  living  in  Old  Orchard,  Mo., 
a  widow,  in  1893  ;  married  Leopold  Carriere  in  1838. 
He  was  born  in  Brest,  France,  about  1815,  and  died 
in  St.  Louis. 

807.  Clementine    Carriere,    married    J.    Griff 


808.  Heloise  Carriere,  married  Manning  Tread- 

Clementine  Carriere.  807.  Born  in  St.  Louis, 
was  living  there  in  1893.  Married  Jan.  13,  1859, 
John  Griff  Prather,  born  in  Clearmont  County,  Ohio, 
June  16,  1831,  son  of  Wesley  F.  Prather,  who  mar- 
ried Margaret  Taylor  of  St.  Louis,  sister  of  Daniel 
G.  Taylor ;  at  one  time  mayor  of  St.  Louis ;  they 
moved  to  Maysville,  Ky. ;  where  their  son,  John 
Griff,  attended  the  common  schools  of  that  place ; 
at  an  early  age  he  left  home  and  made  the  river 
business  his  occupation,  and  has  always  retained  his 
connection  with  that  interest ;  in  1893  was  director 
of  the  Anchor  Line  of  steamers.  In  1863  he  raised 
the  5th  Regiment  of  Missouri  National  Guard,  and 
was  commissioned  Lieut. -Col.  of  the  regiment. 
He  has  been  Democratic  committeeman  for  sixteen 
years  and  in  1893  was  serving  his  fourth  term.  In 
1893  was  U.  S.  Coal  and  Oil  Inspector  for  the  City 

138  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

of  St.  Louis.  Mr.  Prather  came  to  St.  Louis  iii 
1S50  aud  has  always  been  identified  with  the  best 
interests  of  the  city. 

809.  Marguerite  Clementine   Prather,    born  in 

St.  Louis,  Oct.  S,  1859,  died  there  June 
5,  1881,  married  June  6,  1883,  Edward 
Cowan  of  Louis. 

810.  Daniel  Taylor  Prather,  born  Mch.  4, 1861, 

died  Sept.  1,  1891. 

811.  Louise    Prather,    married      Thomas     M. 

Knap  p. 

812.  Helen   May  Prather,   born  in  St.   Louis, 

May  1,  1866. 

813.  Corinne  Prather,  born  in  St.  Louis,  Oct. 

1,  1861. 
Louise  Prather.  811.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  Oct. 
1,  1862,  living  there  in  1893.  Married  Thomas  W. 
Knapp  of  St.  Louis,  a  prominent  young  lawyer, 
grandson  of  Edward  Knapp,  who  was  born  in  West- 
moreland, Orange  County,  N".  Y.  in  1778,  married 
in  1808  Frances  Flood,  born  in  County  Donegal, 
Ireland,  they  came  to  St.  Louis  in  1819,  where  he 
died  Sept.  15,  1823.  Their  children  were,  Edward 
J. ;  Eliza,  married  Judge  Rogers  of  Carlyle,  111. : 
Fannie,  married  Mr.  Beltzhoover ;  George;  John, 
married  Virginia  Wright ;  Mary,  William  and  Mar- 
guerite died  unmarried.  George  Knapp  was  born 
in  Montgomery,  X.  Y.,  Sept.  25,  1814,  and  married 
Dec.  22,  1810,  Eleonar  McCartan,  daughter  of 
Thomas  McCartan  of  St.  Louis.  In  1820  with  his 
father  came  to  St.  Louis,  and  entered  as  apprentice 
in  the  employ  of  the  "  Missouri  Republican"   after 

Creoles  of  Si.  Louis.  .  139 

serving  in  various  capacities,  until  1855,  he  and  his 
brother  John,  became  owners  of  the  paper.  At  the 
breaking  out  of  the  Mexican  war  he  was  among  the 
first  to  offer  his  services,  and  was  a  lieutenant  in 
the  St.  Louis  Grays,  served  throughout  the  cam- 
paign, and  on  the  return  of  his  company  to  St. 
Louis,  was  promoted  to  rank  of  captain,  and  sub- 
sequently to  the  rank  of  lieut. -colonel  of  the  St. 
Louis  Legion.  In  1862  Col.  Knapp  organized  the 
Missouri  Republican  Guards,  and  was  elected  cap- 
tain of  the  company.  He  had  the  following  chil- 
dren, Louise,  married  Xap.  MilliMn,  and  secondly  H. 
R.  TVhittemore  ;  Ida,  married  Hoblitzell ;  Shepard  ; 
Yernon;  George;  Andy  J;  Benjamin;  Thomas 
Mi  married  Louise  Prather ;  Eleonar ;  Nellie,  married 
Stephen  Yon  Phul ;  Harry,  married  Louise  "Whett- 

814.  Griff  Prather  Knapp. 

815.  Henry  Knapp. 

Heloise  Cakrieke.  808.  Born  in  St.  Louis, 
where  she  was  living,  a  widow,  in  1893.  Married 
Manning  Treadway,  who  died  in  St.  Louis. 

816.  Dimple  Treadway. 

817.  Clifford  Treadway. 

Timothy  L.  Papix.  801.  Born  in  St.  Louis, 
June  8,  1822.  Graduated  from  the  Medical  De- 
partment of  the  St.  Louis  University,  went  to 
Paris,  where  he  remained  several  years.  In  1852 
he  was  professor  of  Clinical  Practice  at  the 
St.  Louis  Hospital,  in  1873  professor  of  Gyne- 
cology in  the  Missouri  Medical  College ;  he  was 
the   originator   and   first   president  of    St.    John's 

140  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

Hospital.  Dr.  Papin  married  three  times,  his 
first  wife  was  Mary  Garland,  whom  he  married 
Jan.  22,  1850,  she  was  born  in  1S28,  daughter  of 
U.  A.  Garland,  who  in  1S40  was  clerk  of  the  House 
of  Representatives  in  Washington. 

818.  Marie  C.  Papin,  married  Edward  Blair. 

819.  Yilrey  Papin,  died  unmarried. 

Marie  C.  Papin.  818.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  Oct., 
1850,  was  living  there  in  1893.  Married  Edward 
Blair  of  Chicago. 

820.  Yilrey  Blair. 

821.  Zoe  Blair. 

822.  Mimie  Blair. 

823.  Marguerite  Blair. 

Timothy  L.  Papix.  804.  Married  secondly  Jan., 
1855,  Marguerite  Brent,  daughter  of  Dr.  Brent  of 
Louisiana,  formerly  of  Maryland.  She  died  in  St. 
Louis,  Jan.,  1869. 

824.  John  B.  Papin,  born  in  St.  Louis  in  1856, 

studied  medicine,  in  1893  was  practicing 
his  profession  in  St.  Louis,  unmarried. 

825.  Timothy  Papin,  died  unmarried. 
Timothy   L.    Papix.     804.     Married  thirdly,  Lida 
Yarnall,   daughter   of    John  J.    Yarnall    of    West 
Yirginia;  she  died  in  St.  Louis  in  1876. 

826.  Lida  Papin,  died  a  religieuse  of  the  Sacred 


827.  Loisel  Papin,  died  unmarried. 

828.  Henry   Papin,  born  in    St.  Louis,    1870, 

was  living  there  in  1893. 
Theophile  Papix.     805.     Born    in    St.    Louis    in 
1827 ;  he  was  living  in  St.  Louis  in  1893.     Mr.  Papin 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  141 

was  for  many  years  engaged  in  the  real  estate  bus- 
iness ;  he  retired  from  all  active  pursuits,  and  was 
succeeded  in  his  business  by  his  eldest  son.  He 
married  twice,  his  first  wrife  was  Julie  Henri. 

829.  Theophile  Papin,  Jr.,  born   in  St.   Louis, 

April  23,  1857.  In  1893  Mr.  Papin  was 
engaged  in  the  real  estate  and  manufac- 
turing business. 

830.  Julie  Papin,  born  in  1862. 
Theophile  Papix.     805.     Married  secondly  Emily 
Carlin,  who  was  living  in  St.  Louis  in  1893. 

831.  Edward    Vilrev    Papin,    bora    in    Dec, 


832.  Emilie  Lucile  Papin,  born  in  Mch.,  1873. 
Emilie  Papin.  702.  Born  in  St.  Louis  in 
1797.  Died  there  in  1819.  Married  in  1816, 
Francis  De  Vince  Chauvin,  grandson  of  Joseph 
Chauvin  of  Charleville,  France,  who  with  his 
elder   brother  Jacques   Chauvin,*    settled  in   Can- 

*  Jacques  Chauvin  assumed  the  name  of  Charleville,  by  which  name  his 
descendants  are  known.  He  removed  to  Kaskaskia,  where  he  married 
Anne  Bonacceuil,  and  had  children,  Annie,  married  John  Beauvais  of 
Ste.  Genevieve;  John  Baptist  Charleville,  married  Francoiee  Brazeau, 
who  came  to  St.  Louis  about  1788,  their  children  were:  Genevieve,  mar- 
ried Pierre  Duchouquett;  Joseph,  married  Victoria  Verdon,  whose 
children  were,  Pelagie,  married  A.  Boyer;  Henrietta,  married  Theo.  Hunt; 
Athenaise,  born  in  1810,  living  in  St.  Louis  in  1893,  married  Wilson  Far- 
ris,  who  was  born  in  Virgioia,  came  to  St.  Louis  about  1828,  and  had 
children,  Liza,  married  Thomas  O'Flaherty;  Jane,  married  Charles  San- 
guinette;  Amanda,  married  R.  L.  McCallister;  Zeliua,  married  J.  A. 
Tatura;  Charles  H.,  married  Clemence  Benoist;  Josephine,  married 
George  Wilson.  Thomas  O'Flaherty  was  killed  at  the  Gasconade  dis- 
aster, and  left  the  following  children:  George,  killed  in  the  Confederate. 
army;  Thomas;  Kate,  married  Mr.  Chopin,  of  New  Orleans;  Marie; 
Fred;  Victoire.  Mrs.  George  Wilson  had  children:  George;  Farris; 
Jeanette;  Pierre. 

142  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

ada.  His  son  Jacques  Chauvin,  born  in  Canada, 
in  1788,  came  with  the  colonists  to  St.  Louis  in 
1764,  and  died  there  in  1826.  He  married  Marie 
Louise,  daughter  of  Joseph  Michel  and  Marie  Bas- 
sett,  and  had  children,  Jacques ;  Le  Fremier ; 
Francois ;  Devaux ;  Eulalie,  married  Pierre  Belaud ; 
Helen,  married  Antoine  Loisel.  Jacques  Chauvin 
married  Antoinette  Dubit,  and  had  children,  Zelie, 
married  John  Moore;  Marie  Antoinette,  married 
Jule  Primo ;  Joseph  married  Marie  Des  Rouin ; 
Eliza,  married  Gr.  Chapman.  Le  Fremier  Chauvin 
married  Adele  Belon,  and  had  children,  Lise,  mar- 
ried Peter  Iff".  Ham,  whose  first  wife  was  Amelie 
Paul;  Caroline,  married  Finley  Pobb. 

833.  Marie  Louise  Chauvin,  married  Charles  A. 


834.  Robert     S.     Chauvin,     married      Martha 


835.  Lucille     "  Manette  "     Chauvin,    married 

Louis  C.   Hirschberg. 

836.  Sophie  Chauvin,  married  Louis  C.  Hirsch- 


837.  Vilrey  Chauvin,  born    in    St.  Louis.     In 

1861  entered  the  U.  S.  Volunteer  Serv- 
ice, served  throughout  the  war,  died  ta 
Knoxville,  Tennessee. 

838.  De  Yaux  Chauvin,  died  young. 

839.  Joseph  Chauvin,  died  young. 

Maeie  Louise  Chauvix.  833.  Born  in  St.  Louis, 
died  there  in  1849.  Married  Charles  Antoine 
Genestelle,  a  native  of  Cologne,  Germany,  who 
came  to  St.  Louis,  at  an  early  day,  and  engaged  in 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  143 

the  dry  goods  business  with  the  Chenie  Brothers. 
lie  died  in  Philadelphia,  June,  1S53. 

840.  Mirni    Genestelle,     married    Douglas    W. 


841.  Jules  Genestelle,  died  young. 

842.  Adele  Genestelle,  died  young. 

843.  Charles  Genestelle,  died  young. 

Mimi  Genestelle.  840.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  Feb. 
14,  1845,  living  in  Troy,  Mo.  in  1893,  married  Oct. 
11,  1864,  Dr.  Douglas  Wyatt  Tice,  who  was  born 
in  "Warren  County,  Mo.,  Oct.  28,  1835.  He  studied 
medicine  at  the  University  of  Virginia,  and  grad- 
uated from  the  St.  Louis  Medical  College  Mch.  1, 
1860.  Was  appointed  assistant  surgeon  of  the  6th 
Mo.  Cavalry  U.  S.  Volunteer  Service  and  resigned 
in  1862,  when  he  removed  to  Troy,  Mo.,  and 
entered  into  the  practice  of  his  profession. 

844.  Vilrey  Chauvin  Tice,    born  Oct.  3,  1865. 

845.  Louis  Douglas  Tice,  born  Xov.  8,  1867, 

died  Feb.  26,  1871. 

846.  John    Hoppe  Tice,  born   Jan.  13,    1870, 

married  Nov.  11,  1891,  Dorinda  Brady 
of  St.  Louis. 

847.  Louis    Hirschberg    Tice,    born    Feb.    11, 


848.  Edward  De  Vence    Tice,  born  Dec.   15, 


849.  Frank  Hirschberg  Tice,  born  July  20, 1878. 

850.  Lucille    Marmaduke    Tice,  born    June  3, 


851.  Douglas  Lillburn  Tice,  born  June  21, 1883. 
Robert  Sylvestre  Ciiauvin.     834.     Born  in  St. 

144  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

Louis.  Died  there  in  1866;  he  was  for  many  years 
connected  with  the  Iron  Mountain  Company,  married 
Martha  Moore  of  St.  Louis. 

852.  Lucille  Manette  Chauvin,  married  Pierre 

Lucille  Manette  Chauvin.  835.  Born  in  St. 
Louis,  was  living  there,  a  widow,  in  1893.  Married 
Sept.,  1853,  Louis  Charles  Hirschberg,  born  in 
Rhenish  Bavaria  in  1812,  came  to  St.  Louis  in 
1810,  where  he  invested  a  part  of  his  means  in  the 
banking  and  insurance  business.  He  was  a  director 
of  the  old  Missouri  State  Bank  and  helped  to 
establish  the  German  Savings  Institution  and  the 
Lumberman's  and  Mechanic's  Insurance  Company 
and  was  largely  interested  in  the  lumber  business  of 
the  citjr.  Mr.  Hirschberg  was  one  of  the  progressive 
and  representative  business  men  of  the  city,  and 
died  in  1889. 

853.  Francis  D.  Hirschberg,  born  in  St.  Louis, 

Sept.  10,  1851.  After  the  completion  of 
his  studies  at  the  "Washington  University 
he  entered  the  wholesale  grocery  house 
of  D.  A.  January  &  Co.,  where  he  re- 
mained until  they  retired  from  business ; 
he  then  embarked  in  the  insurance  busi- 
ness in  company  with  his  brother,  repre- 
senting several  of  the  best  known  and 
most  substantial  insurance  companies  of 
Great  Britain  and  the  United  States. 
He  married,  in  1877,  Mary,  eldest 
daughter  of  Gen.  D.  M.  Frost  of  St. 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  145 

854.  Louis  Emil  Hirschberg,  born  in  St.  Louis, 

July  29,  1857,  entered  into  the  insurance 
business  with  his  brother,  and  died  Jan. 
4,  1890. 
Sophie  Chauvix.  836.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  died 
there  in  1851.  Married  in  1848,  Louis  Charles 
Hirsehberg,  who  afterwards  married  Lucile  Manette 

855.  Robert  Louis  Hirsehberg,  married  Eliza- 

beth Mulholland. 
Robert  Louis   Hirschberg.     855.     Born   in   St. 
Louis,    June    10,  1851 ;  in  1893  was  living  in  Ar- 
kansas, married  Elizabeth  Mulholland  of  St.  Louis. 

856.  DeVince  Hirschberg. 

857.  Manette  Hirschberg. 

Pierre  Didier  Papin.  703.  Born  in  St.  Louis  in 
1798,  died  there  May,  1858.  He  married  Catherine 
Cerre,  Sept.  26,  1826,  she  died  April,  1884,  daughter 
of  Pascall  Leon  Cerre  and  Therese  Lami,  only  child 
of  Michell  Lami,  who  was  born  in  Montreal,  Canada, 
and  came  to  St.  Louis  in  1764.  In  1774  he  mar- 
ried the  widow  of  Francis  Duchouqnett  and  brought 
the  family  to  St.  Louis.  He  died  Jan.  3,  1784,  and 
his  widow,  Dec.  25, 1820,  leaving  the  following  chil- 
dren, Pascall  Leon,  Jr.,  died  unmarried;  Michell 
Lami,  married  Helen  Lebeau ;  Catherine,  married 
Pierre  D.  Papin. 

858.  Armentine  Papin,  married  H.  T.  Xorcum- 

859.  Palmire  Papin,  married  J.  B.  Wilkinson. 

860.  Leon  J.  Papin,  married  Medora  C.  Dag- 


861.  Alfred  J.  Papin,  married  Virginia  McCord. 


146  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

Abmentixe  Papin.  85S.  Born  in  St  Louis  in 
1838,  was  living  near  St.  Louis  in  1S93.  Married 
Dec.  8,  1858,  Henry  T.  Norcum,  who  was  born  in 
Edenton,  jST.  C,  Sept.  25,  1832;  and  was  engaged 
in  business  in  St.  Louis  in  1893. 

862.  Louise  Xorcum,  born  in  1859. 

863.  Adele  Xorcum,  born  in  1863. 

861:.  Frederick  Xorcum,  born  in  1867,  died  in 

865.  Mary  L.  Xorcurn,  born  in  1870. 

866.  Robert  Xorcum,  born  in  1872. 

867.  Emily  Xorcum,  born  in  1876. 

868.  Alfred  Xorcum,  born  in  1879. 
Palmire  Papix.     859.     Born  in  St.  Louis,  living 
in  St.  Louis  County,    a  widow,  in  1893.     Married 
J.  B.  Wilkinson. 

869.  Charles  Wilkinson. 

870.  Genevieve  Wilkinson. 

871.  Joseph  Wilkinson. 

872.  Benjamin  Wilkinson. 

873.  Marie  Wilkinson. 

874.  Lucille  Wilkinson. 

875.  Blanche  Wilkinson. 

Leox  J.  Papix.  860.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  Aug. 
11,  1829,  living  there  in  1893.  He  was  admitted  to 
the  bar  in  1819,  and  in  1893,  was  practicing  the  pro- 
fession. Married  Jan.  22,  1S52,  Medora  C,  born 
Aug.  26,  1833,  daughter  of  Capt.  Daggett,  who  was 
born  in  Attleboro,  Mass.,  and  came  to  St.  Louis  in 
1817,  where  he  engaged  in  business.  In  1827  he  was 
elected  an  alderman,  and  in  1841  mayor.  He  mar- 
ried Feb.  12, 1830,  Sarah,  daughter  of  Samuel  Sparks 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  147 

of  Maine,  and  died  May  9,  1774:.  His  children 
were,  James,  married  Athalie  Masure ;  William ; 
Harriet;  Eliza;  Henriette. 

876.  Pierre   Didier   Papin,  born  in  St.  Louis, 

Aug.  3,  1853,  living  there  in  1893,  he 
married  Feb.  2,  1S82,  Addie  M.  Sanford. 

877.  Marie  Alma  Papin,  married  L.  A.  Lepere. 

878.  Emile   Stephen   Papin,   married    Ida    W. 


879.  John  Marie   Papin,  born   Sept.  9,   1862. 

880.  Louise  Papin,  born  Dec.  10,  1864. 

881.  Zoe  Stella  Papin,  married  Felix  Proven- 


882.  Richard  Kenrick   Papin,   born  Mch.   23, 


883.  Francis   de    Sales   Papin,    born   April   4, 

Marie  Alma  Papin.     877.    Born  in  St.  Louis,  Jan. 
8,  1857,  living   there  in   1893.     Married   Jan.    22, 
1883,  Leo  C.  Lepere. 

883.  Pierre  Eugene  Papin,  born  Dec.  7,  1890. 
Emile  Stephen  Papix.  878.  Born  in  St.  Louis, 
JSTov.  3,  1859,  living  there  in  1893.  Married  May 
23,  1880,  Ida  M.  Ruth. 

884.  Ida  Ruth  Papin,   born  Jan.  20,  1881. 

885.  Preston   Raymond   Papin,  born.  Dec.  8, 


886.  Florence  Adele  Papin,  born  May  13,  1887.. 
Zoe  Stella  Papix.  881.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  Sept.  17, 
1867 ;  died  there  May  5, 1889  ;  married  Feb.  8,  1887, 
Felix  Provenchere,  born  in  St.  Louis,  Aug.  19,  1865. 
He  married  secondly  in  1892,  Mary  A.  Gross  ;  grand- 

148  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

son  of  Pierre  Provenchere,  who  was  born  in  Orleans, 
France,  about  1740 ;  was  for  many  years  tutor  to  the 
Duke  de  Berri,  son  of  Charles  X.,  king  of  France. 
Escaping  from  his  native  country,  during  the  French 
revolution,  came  to  Philadelphia  in  1792,  where  he 
died  Jan.  19,  1831,  leaving  one  son,  Antoine  Proven- 
chere, who  came  to  St.  Louis  in  1802,  and  married 
Mary  Eutgers,  daughter  of  a  St.  Louis  merchant,  a 
native    of   Holland,  and  left  children,    Ferdinand; 
Amelia,    married     George   Maguire,    ex-mayor    of 
St.  Louis;   their  daughter  Eulalie  married  Charles 
W.  Francis ;  Eliza,  married  Frederick  Saugrain  and 
died  in  1835,  leaving  one  son,  Antoine,  who  served 
throughout  the  war  in  the  Confederate  army;  Mrs. 
"William  Pettus  and  Mrs.  John  Waddell ;   Eulalie, 
married  Saugrain  Pobinsin .    Ferdinand  Provenchere , 
born  in  St.    Louis,  in    1806;  died    there    in    Sept., 
1877  ;  he  married  Mary  F.  Linton,  widow  of   Alfred 
Saugrain,   whose   children   were,    Mary   Ann    Sau- 
grain, married  F.  C.  Bury,  and  Therese  Saugrain, 
married  Charles  Tillman.     The  children  of   Ferdi- 
nand   Provenchere  and    Mary    F.    Saugrain   were, 
Peter  W. ;  Eulalie,  married  M.  T.  Dickson;  Mary 
A.,  married   Charles  W.  Francis;  Ferdinand,  mar- 
ried Mary   Douglas ;  Genevieve ;   Fred  E. ;    Felix, 
married  first  Zoe  Papin,  and  secondly  MaryA.  Gross. 
887.  Marie  Louise  Provenchere,  born  Feb.,  1889. 
Alfred  J.  Papix.     861.     Born  in  St.  Louis,  Feb. 
11,  1842;   in  1893   was  living  in    St.  Louis,  in   the 
employ  of   the  city  government;    married  in  1882, 
Virginia  McCord,  who  was  born  Aug.  8,  1861,  at 
Prattville,  Alabama. 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.'  149 

8S8.   Myrtle    Virginia   Papin,    born    Feb.    17, 


889.  Laclede  Cerre  Papin,  born  Aug.  6,  1885. 

890.  Hazel    Armentine   Papin,    born    Aug.    -1, 


891.  Elhvood  Lee  Papin,  born  Jan.  19,  1892. 
Theodore  Dartigxy  Papix.  704.  Born  in  St. 
Louis  in  1799,  died  there  July  10,  1851 ;  he  married 
Oct.  20,  1820,  Marie  Celeste,  daughter  of  Francois 
Lafleur  Duchouquett,  a  fur  trader  of  Xew  Chartres, 
111.,  who  was  born  in  Montreal,  Canada,  and  married 
in  Kaskaskia,  in  1757,  Celeste  Barrois,  where  they 
resided  several  years,  and  where  all  their  chil- 
dren were  born.  They  removed  to  St.  Louis, 
where  he  died,  leaving  children,  John  Baptiste, 
married  Mary  Brazeau ;  Henry  Lafleur,  married 
Felicite  Philips ;  Marie,  married  Louis  Tesson 
Honore*  ;  Pierre,  married  Genevieve  Charleville  ; 
Francois,  died  unmarried ;  Celeste,  married  Louis 
Bompart,  and  secondly  Henri  DeLaurier. 

892.  Marie   Papin,    married  G.   "W.   Atchison? 

secondly,  Dr.  Gratz  S.  Moses. 

893.  T.  Adolph  Papin,  married  Marie  Saucier. 

894.  Henri  Papin,  married  Harriet  Wilkinson. 

895.  Coralie    Papin,  born  July   24,  1839,  died 

Feb.  1,  1847. 

*Louis  Tesson  Houore,  originally  from  Canada,  settled  in  Kaskaskia, 
where  he  married  Magdeline  Peterson  and  came  to  St.  Louis  about 
1806.  Children:  Louis  Tesson,  married  first  Marie  Douchonquett,  sec- 
ondly Therese  Creely;  Francis,  married  Susie  Labarge;  Marie,  married 
Louis  Baudoin;  Elizabeth,  married  Antoine  Barada;  Michael,  married 
Genevieve  Menard;  Noel,  married  Mary  Sipp;  John,  married  Mary  Polly; 
Victoire,  married  George  Schulz. 

150  '  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

Marie  Papix.  892.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  Dec.  2, 
1823,  living  there  in  1S93 ;  married  twice,  her  sec- 
ond husband,  Dr.  S.  Gratz  Moses,  was  born  in  Phil- 
adelphia, Oct.  6,  1813;  his  ancestors  were  merchants 
that  came  to  this  country  at  an  early  date  and  set- 
tled in  Pennsylvania.  His  father  was  a  Philadelphia 
merchant ;  Dr.  Moses  received  his  preliminary  edu- 
cation in  Philadelphia,  and  then  entered  the  classical 
department  of  the  University  of  Pennsylvania, 
graduating  in  1832  j  he  graduated  in  medicine  in 
1835,  from  the  medical  department  of  the  same 
University,  and  entered  into  the  practice  of  his  pro- 
fession at  Bordentown,  X.  J.,  where  he  resided 
until  1839,  when  he  went  to  Europe  as  private 
physician  to  Jerome  Bonaparte,  ex-king  of  Spain. 
Returning  to  Philadelphia  in  1840,  removed  to  St. 
Louis  in  18-il ;  in  1812  he  was  active  in  the  estab- 
lishment of  the  first  city  dispensary,  and  has  filled 
various  chairs  in  the  prominent  medical  and  surgical 
institutions  of  the  cit}T.  In  1861,  owing  to  his  sym- 
pathy with  the  Southern  cause,  was  arrested  and 
thrown  into  prison  by  the  Federal  authorities,  and 
escorted  into  the  Confederate  lines,  by  an  armed 
guard ;  he  volunteered  his  services  to  the  Confeder- 
ate government,  in  caring  for  the  sick  and  wounded 
in  the  hospitals  of  Savannah,  Ga.  After  the  close 
of  the  war  returned  to  St.  Louis,  where  he  resumed 
his  practice.  In  1855  he  married  his  first  wife,  Mary, 
daughter  of  Col.  Samuel  P.  Ashe,  planter  and  revolu- 
tionary soldier  of  Wilmington,  ^ST.  C,  who  was  taken 
prisoner  by  the  British  at  the  siege  of  Charleston. 
By  this  marriage  he  had  two  sons  and  a  daughter ; 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  151 

his  eldest  son,  Dr.  Grata  A.  Moses,  in  1893  was 
in  practice  with  his  father;  his  youngest  son,  John 
A.  Moses  was  in  1893,  a  merchant  of  Silver  City,  !N". 
M.  Marie  Papin,  married  first  George  W.  Atchison, 
whom  she  married  April  5,  1839;  he  died  Feb.  6, 
1851 ;  by  this  marriage  they  had  the  following  chil- 
dren : 

896.  Louise      Atchison,     married      C.      Bent 


897.  George  T.  Atchison,  born  Sept.  15,  1847, 

died  May  5,  1877. 

898.  Henry   P.  Atchison,  born  Sept.  18,  1849, 

died  July  31,  1851. 
Louise  Atchisox.  896.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  Oct. 
12,  1840,  living  there  in  1893.  Married  Oct.  12, 
1858,  C.  Bent  Carr,  who  was  born  in  St.  Louis,  and 
has  always  been  indentified  with  the  best  interests 
of  the  city,  was  director  in  the  St.  Louis  Agri.  and 
Mch.  Association  and  represented  other  important 
interests,  grandson  of  Walter  Carr  of  Virginia,  and 
son  of  Judge  William  C.  Carr,  who  was  born  in  Albe- 
marl  County,  Va.  in  1773 ;  came  to  St.  Louis  in 
1804,  and  was  appointed  circuit  judge  in  1820.  He 
married  first,  ^STov.  17, 1807,  at  Ste.  Genevieve,  Ann, 
daughter  of  Dr.  Aaron  Elliot,  and  had  children,  Ann 
married  G.  W.  Kerr ;  Virginia,  married  Charles 
Cabanne  ;  Cornelia,  married  Thos.  P.  Dyer.  Judge 
Carr  marriedsecondly  Dec.  10, 1829,  Dorcas,  daugh- 
ter of  Judge  Silas  Bent,  and  had  children,  Walter 
B.,  married  Eugenia  L.  Paschall ;  Dabney ;  Thomas  ; 
Robert;  C.  Bent,  married  Louise  Atchison; 
Eugenia,  married  Philips  and  was  living  in  Europe. 

152  Creoles  of  8i%  Louis. 

899.  George  A.  Carr,  born  July  31,  1859,  died 

May  5,  1890. 

900.  Dorcas  B.  Carr,  married  Ernest  P.  Bell. 

901.  C.  Bent  Carr,  Jr.,  born  Aug.  31,  1867. 

902.  Fannie  L.  Carr,  born  May  11,  1S70. 

903.  Marie  P.  Carr,  born  Aug.  9,  1872. 

904.  Robert  C.  Carr,  born  May  26,  1879. 

905.  Hazel  A.  Carr,  born  Oct.  17,  1882. 
Dorcas  B.  Carr.  900.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  June 
15,  1861.  Married  July  12,  1887,  Ernest  P.  Bell, 
grandson  of  Henry  Bell  of  Wilmington,  Del.,  mar- 
ried Miss  Bell  of  Maryland,  and  settled  in  Salesbury, 
Md.,  and  had  the  following  children,  Daniel 
W. ;  Noah  D. ;  Clarence  ;  Henry,  Daniel  "W.  Bell, 
born  at  Salesbury  Md.,  1830,  in  company  with 
his  brother  Henry,  removed  to  Lexington,  Ky., 
where  they  engaged  in  business  and  in  1857  came  to 
St.  Louis  where  they  established  a  large  wholesale 
dry  goods  house ;  Henry,  married  Catherine  War- 
field.  Daniel  W.,  married  Eleanor  Warfield,  and  bad 
children,  Clara,  married  Charles  T.Tracy  ;  ErnestP,, 
married  Dorcas  B.  Carr.  Eleanor,  wife  of  Daniel  W. 
Bell  was  great-granddaughter  of  Elisha  Warfield,  of 
Elkridge,  Md. ;  married  about  1781,  Miss  Dorsey,  of 
Elkridge  ;  their  son  Elisha  movedto  Lexington,  Ky., 
where  he  married  Maria  Ban* ;  their  son  Elisha,  born 
at  Lexington,  in  1811,  married  Catherine  Ware, 
daughter  of  Nathaniel  Ware,  of  Charleston,  S.  C, 
and  had  children,  Nathaniel  Warfield,  of  Louisville  ; 
Lloyd;  Percy;  Mary,  married  Bryan  Clemens; 
Catherine,  married  Henry  Bell,  secondly  Captain 
Muncie  of  Louisiana;  Eleanor,  married  Daniel  W. 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  153 

Bell,  and  secondly  Erastus  Wells,  who  was  born  in 
!N"ew  York,  in  1823,  came  to  St.  Louis  in  1813.  He 
was  the  pioneer  in  street  railway  traffic ;  his  first 
wife  was  a  daughter  of  J.  F.  Henry,  and  had  child- 
ren ;  Roll  a  Wells  and  two  daughters. 

906.  Ernest  P.  Bell.,  Jr. 

907.  Bent  Carr  Bell. 

T.  Adolph  Papin.  893.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  June 
25,  1825,  died  there  Jan.  25,  1860.  Married  Marie 

908.  Julie  M.  Papin,  born  Dec.  24,  1852. 

909.  Clara  Papin,  born  Feb  6,  1854. 

910.  F.  Ashley  Papin,  married  Stella  Brown. 

911.  Louise  Papin,  born  May  18,  1857. 

912.  Adolph  Papin,  born  Feb.  25,  1860. 

F.  Ashley  Papin.  910.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  June 
12,  1855,  was  living  there  in  1893 ;  married  Stella 

913.  Ashley  Papin,  born  April  30, 1882. 
914.'  Lewelleyn  Papin,  born  Oct.  27,  1884. 

915.  Marie  Louise   Papin,  born  Oct.  31,  1889. 

916.  Maurine  Papin,  born  June  6,  1892. 
Henri  Papin.     894.     Born  in   St.  Louis,  Jan.  20, 
1827,  died  there   Feb.  20,  1872.     He  married  Feb. 
6,  1852,  Harriet  Wilkinson. 

917.  Henry   Papin,    born   Dec.  2,    1852,  died 

June  28, 1864. 

918.  Emily  Papin,    born  June    22,  1854,  died 

Jan.  30,  1855. 

919.  Louis  Papin,  born  Dec.  9,  1855. 

920.  George  Papin,  born  Dec.  25,  1857. 

921.  Celeste  Papin,  born  June  29,  1863. 

154  .  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

922.  Mary  Papin,  bom  Mch.  9,  1860. 

923.  Harriet  Papin,  born  Sept.  12,  1865. 
924:.  Guy  Papin,  born  Mch.  6,  1866. 

925.  Rita  Papin,  born  Mch.  12,  1868. 
Marie  Therese  Papix.  695.  Born  in  St.  Louw 
in  1788.  Died  there.  Married  Oct.  26,  1805,  An- 
toine  Chenie.  His  ancestors  came  from  France  i:i 
1651,  and  settled  in  Quebec,  Canada.  He  was  born 
at  Point  Claire,  Canada,  April  14,  1768;  after  leav- 
ing school  in  Montreal  he  entered  the  service  of 
the  Canada  Fur  Co.,  and  in  1795  came  to  St.  Loui.s. 
where  he  was  employed  by  the  American  Fur  Co. 
After  his  marriage  he  engaged  in  commercial  life, 
and  built  the  first  three  story  brick  house  in  the 
city,  where  he  resided  until  his  death,  May  26, 

926.  Louise  Chenie,  married  Bernard  Pratte. 

927.  Antoine  Leon    Chenie,  married  Julie  De 


928.  Amanda  Chenie,     married  Auguste    Ma- 


929.  Jules    Chenie,    married    Josephine    Lane. 

930.  Tulie  Chenie,  married  Henry  Gourd. 

931.  Athalie  Chenie,  married  J.  S.  Pease. 
Antoixe  Leox  Chenie.  927.  Born  in  St.  Louis, 
and  died  there  in  1866.  He  was  a  prominent  mer- 
chant and  was  identified  with  the  business  interests 
of  the  city.  He  married  Julie  DeMun,  born  in  St. 
Louis  in  1817,  died  May  31,  1888,  daughter  of 
Jules  and  Isabelle   Gratiot  de  Mun. 

932.  Isabelle  Chenie,  married  Ellsworth  Smith. 

933.  Julie  Chenie,    married   Shepard  Cabanne. 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  155 

934.  Leon  Chenie,  married  Amanda  Sill. 

935.  Therese  Chenie,  born  in  St.    Louis,    and 

died     there    June    30,     1885.     Married 
John  M.   Sellers. 

936.  Marie  Chenie,  married  Charles  Ouinett. 
Isabelle  Chexie.  932.  Born  in  St.  Louis  in 
1838,  living  there  in  1893.  Married  in  1861,  Dr. 
Ellsworth  Smith,  born  in  St.  Louis.  Son  of  ^Will- 
iam Smith,  and  brother  of  Charles  Bland  Smith. 
Dr.  Smith  was  practicing  his  profession  in  St.  Louis 
in  1893. 

937.  Ellsworth  Smith,  Jr. 

937.  Demun  Smith. 

938.  Julie    Smith,    married    "W.    D.    Crosby, 

U.  S.  A. 

939.  Shepard  Smith. 

940.  Emilie  Smith. 

Julie  Smith.  938.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  Mch.  4, 
1867,  living  at  Fort  Missoulla,  Montana,  in  1893. 
Married  William  D.  Crosby,  Surgeon  U.  S. 
Army,  stationed  at  Fort  Missoulla,  Montana,  in 
1893.  He  was  born  in  Berkshire  County,  Mass.,  in 
1856,  and  was  appointed  surgeon  in  the  U.  S. 
Army  in  1881. 

941.  Isabella  Crosby,  born  Feb.  25,  1892. 
Leon  Chexie.  934.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  was  liv- 
ing there  in  1893.  He  married  Amanda  Sill, 
daughter  of  Prof .  Sill,  who  at  one  time  was  profes- 
sor of  Latin  and  Greek,  at  the  old  Kemper  College 
in  St.  Louis. 

942.  Joseph  Chenie. 

943.  Jules  Chenie. 

156  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

944.  Isabella  Chenie. 

945.  Louise  Chenie. 

946.  Therese  Chenie. 

947.  George  Chenie. 

Marie  Chenie.  936.  Bom  in  St.  Louis,  died  in 
Montreal,  Canada,  where  she  married  Charles 
Ouinette  of  that  city.  Mr.  Ouinette  died  shortlv 
after  the  death  of  his  wife. 

948.  Chenie  Ouinette,  born  and   died  in   Mon- 

Amanda  Chenie.  928.  Born  in  St.  Louis  and 
died  there.  Married  Dr.  August  Masure,  who  was 
born  in  Belgium,  and  came  to  St.  Louis  with  his 
brother,  Dr.  Henry  Masure,  where  they  practiced 
their  profession.     They  both  removed  to  Mexico. 

949.  Athalie  Masure,  married  William  Daggett ; 

secondly,  Antoine  Charlebois. 

950.  Auguste  Masure,  died  unmarried. 

951.  Therese     Masure,     married     Constantinc 

Athalie  Masure.     949.     Born    in    St.    Louis    in 
1840,  living  in  Montreal,  Canada,  in  1893.    Married 
twice ;  her  first  husband  was  William  Dagget  of  St. 
Louis,  where  he  died. 

952.  Amanda  Dagget,  married  Joseph  Bernard. 
Amanda  Dagget.  952.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  living 
in  Montreal,  Canada,  in  1893.  Married  there  Jeseph 
Bernard,  a  prominent  architect  of  Montreal. 

953.  Athalie  Bernard. 

Athalie  Masure  Dagget.  949.  Married  sec- 
ondly, Antoine  Charlebois  of  Montreal,  Canada, 
where  they    were    living  in    1893.     Mr.  Charlebois 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  157 

was  a  nephew  of  Louis  Panet,  who  married  Marie 
Cerre,  sister  of  Madame  Auguste  Chouteau. 

954.  Antoine  Charlebois. 

955.  Marie  Charlebois. 

956.  Josephine  Charlebois. 

Therese  Masuee.  951.  Born  in  St.  Louis  in 
1814,  living  in  Sacramento,  Cal.,  in  1893.  Married 
Constantine  Schnerr,  born  in  Germany  and  came  to 
St.  Louis  as  a  youth.  He  at  one  time  owned  a 
large  brewery  in  St.  Louis,  which  he  relinquished 
and  accepted  a  government  position  in  New  York 
City.  In  1893  he  was  engaged  in  business  in  San 
Francisco,  Cal. 

957.  Constant  Schnerr. 

958.  Edward  Schnerr. 
.    959.  Antoine  Schnerr. 

960.  Marie  Schnerr. 

961.  Therese  Schnerr. 

Athalie  Ciiexie.  931.  Born  in  St.  Louis  and  died 
there.  Married  Joseph  Swasey  Pease,  who  was  born 
at  Hudson,  New  York,  and  came  to  St.  Louis  when  a 
young  man,  where  he  was  engaged  in  the  hardware 
business  up  to  the  time  of  his  death  in  1882. 

962.  Athalie  Pease,  married  C.  C.  Hathaway. 

963.  Oliver     Chenie     Pease,    married     Mary 


964.  Therese  Pease,  born  in  St.  Louis  in  1814, 

died  there  Feb.,  1891,  unmarried. 
Athalie  Pease.     962.     Born  in  St.  Louis  in  1840, 
living,  a  widow,  in  Kansas  City  in  1893.    Married  in 
1865  C.  C.  Hathaway,  born  in  New  Hampshire  and 
came  to  St.  Louis  about  1860  :  after  their  marriage 

158  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

they  removed  to  Kansas  City,  where  he  engaged 
in  the  produce  business,  and  died  there  in  1892. 

965.  Joseph  Pease  Hathaway. 

966.  Charles  A.  Hathaway. 

Oliver  Chexie  Pease.  963.  Born  in  St.  Louis, 
July  17,  1843,  in  1893  he  was  engaged  in  the  hard- 
ware business,  in  which  he  had  been  engaged  since 
leaving  school.  Married  in  1870,  Marie  Louise 
Champaign  of  St.  Louis. 

967.  Maud  S.  Pease. 

968.  Oliver  Pease,  Jr. 

969.  Dupre  Pease. 

970.  Allyne  Pease. 

Jules  Chexie.  929.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  where  he 
died.  Married  Josephine,  daughther  of  Dr.  Harvey 
Lane  of  St.  Genevieve,  sister  of  Harriet  Lane,  who 
married  Henry  Soulard. 

971.  Harriet     Chenie,     married     Francis     X. 

Tulie  Chexie.     930.     Born  in  St.  Louis,  living  in 
Lyons,  France,  in  1893.     Married  Henry  Gourd,  a 
native  of  France.     In  1893  he  was  a  silk  merchant 
of  that  city. 

972.  Louise  H.  Gourd,  married  the  Marquis  de 


973.  Fannie  Gourd,  married  Poc  Maddoux,  a 

civil    engineer ;    they     were     living     in 
France  in  1893,  and  had  one  son. 

974.  Sophie  Gourd,  married  Baron  de  Cazon. 

975.  Paul  Gourd. 

976.  Gerard  Gourd,  married  Celeste  Johnson  of 

Lyons,  and  was  living  in  France  in  1893. 
One  child. 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  159 

Louise  Gourd.  972.  Born  in  France.  Married 
the  Marquis  de  Barrin  of  France,  and  was  living 
there  in  1893. 

977.  Anne  de  Barrin. 

978.  Rene  de  Barrin. 

Sophie  Gourd.  974.  Born  in  France.  Married 
Baron  Henri  de  Cozon  of  France,  where  they  were 
living  in  1S93. 

979.  Henri  Gourd  de  Cozon. 

Harriet  Chexie.  971.  Born  in  St.  Louis,  died 
at  Manitou,  Col.,  Sept.  20,  1878.  Married  first, 
Oct.  11,  1861,  Francis  X.  Lamotte,  born  in  St. 
Louis,  Feb.,  1813,  graduate  of  the  St.  Louis  Uni- 
versity, he  then  entered  the  real  estate  business, 
which  he  followed  up  to  the  time  of  his  death,  which 
took  place  at  Ashville,  S.  C,  Feb.,  1868,  where  he 
had  gone  on  account  of  his  health. 

980.  Joseph  Soulard  Lamotte,  married  Augusta 


981.  Elizabeth    Patterson     Lamotte,    married 

John  Mullanphy  Cates. 
Joseph  Soulard  Lamotte.  980.  Born  in  St. 
Louis,  Aug.  10,  1S65,  living  there  in  1893.  He 
was  taken  from  school  and  adopted  by  his  grand- 
uncle,  Henry  Soulard,  and  made  one  of  his  heirs. 
Married  April  11,  188S,  Augusta  Zeibig;  her  father 
was  a  native  of  Germany,  and  came  to  St.  Louis  at 
an  early  date,  and  entered  into  business  there. 

982.  Harriette  Chenie  Lamotte,  born  Dec.  12, 

Elizabeth   Pattersox  Lamotte.     981.     Born  in 
St.  Louis,  June  9,  1867,  living  there  in  1893.  Mar- 

160  Creoles  of  St.  Louis. 

ried  Oct.  11,  1886,  John  Mullanphy  Cates,  son  of 
Joseph  Byron  and  Catherine  Jane  Clements  Cates. 
He  was  born  in  St.  Louis,  Feb.  15,  1861.     In  1893 
was  engaged  in  the  real  estate  business.  His  mother, 
Catherine    Jane    Clements,    was    granddaughter  of 
Jeremiah  Clements,    whose    son,    James  Clements, 
was  born  in  Kentucky,  Oct.  29,  1791,  and  came  to 
St.    Louis  in   1816,  where   he  engaged  in  the  dry 
goods  business.     He  married   Jan.  10,  1833,  Eliza, 
daughter   of   John   Mullanphy,  and  died  Jan.  12, 
1878,  his  wife  having  died  Aug.  20,  1853,  leaving 
children,  James  S. ;  Byron  M. ;  William ;  Catherine 
J.,  married  J.  B.  Cates;  Adele,  married  the  Baron 
von  Vorsen,  and  was  living  in  Europe. 

983.  Francis  Byron  Cates,  born  Aug.  17,  1887. 
981.  John  Lamotte  Cates,  born  Sept.  25,  1889. 
985.  Lucile  Mullanphy    Cates,  born   July  22, 
Harriette  Chexie  Lamotte.     971.     Married  sec- 
ondly, Feb.  11,  1871,  Gen.  D.  M.  Frost,  his  second 
wife.     His  ancestors  emigrated  to  this   country  at 
an  early  day  and  settled  near   Jamaica  Plains,  L.I. 
One  of  his  grandfathers  fought  in  the  revolutionary 
war,  and  his  father,  a  civil  engineer  of  note,  was  a 
man  of  attainments,  and  a  member  of  the  State  leg- 
islature, who  raised  a  company,  which  served  in  the 
war  of  1812.     Gen.  Frost  was  born  in  Schnectady 
County,  X.  Y.,  Aug.  9,  1823,  and  was  admitted  to 
the  U.  S.  Military   Academy  at   16  years  of   age. 
In   1811    brevet  2d  Lieut.    1st    Keg.    of  Inf.     In 
1816    was    transferred    to  a  regiment   of  mounted 
rifles,    then  stationed   at  Jefferson    Barracks,   and 

Creoles  of  St.  Louis.  161 

in    the   same   year  was  ordered  with   his   company 
to  Mexico,  where  he  served  under  Gen.  Scott,  par- 
ticipating in  almost  all  the  battles  of  the  Mexican 
campaign.     He  was  breveted  1st  Lieut,  for  gallant 
conduct.     In  April,  1851,  he  married  his  first  wife, 
Lilly,    granddaughter    of    John    Mullanphy,    and 
daughter  of   Major  Richard  Graham,  one  of  Gen. 
Harrison's  aides  in  the  war  of  1812.     In  1853  Gen. 
Frost  resigned  his  commission    and  returned  to  St. 
Louis,  where  he    was    elected   commander  of    the 
Washington   Guards.     He  engaged  in    the  lumber 
business  under  the  firm  name  of  D.  M.  Frost  &  Co. 
In  1851  was  elected  to  the  State  legislature,   and  in 
1858  was  appointed  brigadier-general  commanding 
the  7th  military  district  of  Missouri ;  in  that  capacity 
commanded   at  Camp   Jackson,  May,    1861,  when 
captured  by  the   Federal  army  under  Gen.  Lyons. 
In  1861  he  entered  the  Confederate  army,  participat- 
ing in  the  battles  of   Pea  Ridge  and  Prairie  Grove. 
In  1864  he  resigned  his  commission  in  the  Confed- 
erate army  and  joined  his  wife  and  family  in  Canada, 
where  they  had  been  banished  by  the  Federal  author- 
ities.   After  the  cessation  of  hostilities  they  returned 
to  St.  Louis,  where  he  was  living  in  1893. 

986.  Edith  Mary  Frost,  born  Jan.  12,  1875. 

987.  Harriette  Mary  Frost,  born  April  4,  1876. 


162  Addenda. 


Page      7 —  16th  line,  read  26  instead  of  17. 
Page    28  —  12th  line,  read  Josephine  instead  of 

Page    31  —  24th  line,  omit  A. 
Pa£e    31  —  25th  line,  omit  A. 
Page    77  —  2d    line,  read    Cornelia    instead    of 

Page    77  —  2d  line,  read  Ray,  not  Boy. 
Page  116  —  10th  line,  read  Stephen  Yon  Phul. 





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Carr,  Dorcas  B 152,  153 

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47,  48,  49,  59 

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Clark,  John  O'.  F 23,  24 

Colbourne,  W.  B 132 

Collins,  Edward  1 83 




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Coursault,  Clemence  G 17 

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Crooks,  Emily Ill 

Crooks,  Marguerite Ill 

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Daggett,  Amanda ...   156 

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Deaver,  James  A 129 

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Dickinson,  J.  H 109 

Dickinson,  Louise 109 

Dickson,  Josephine 96 

Dillon,  John  A 19 

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Dubreuil,  Constance 60 

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Duff,  James 39 

Duff,  Julia 29 

Dupre,  Eugene  S 133 

Dyer,  John  N 22,     23 

Ewing,  Annie 65 

Ewing,  Augustus  B 64 

Ewing,  Clara 66 

Ewing,  Frederick 65 

Ewing,  William  L...63,  64,     65 

Faribault,  William 134 

Farley,  Augustus 37 


Farley,  Louisa 37 

Fleming,  May 65 

Fowler,  A.  H 90 

Frost,D.  M 160,  161 

Garland,  Mary 140 

Genestelle,  Charles  A.. 142,   143 

Genestelle,  Mimi 143 

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Goode,  Julia 74 

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Gourd,  J.  S..'. Ill 

Gourd,  Louise 159 

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Gratiot,  Adele 87 

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Gratiot,  Charles  L 87 

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Gratiot,  Eliza S3 

Gratiot.   Emilie 55 

Gratiot,  Emilie  M 101 

Gratiot,  Henry 79,     80 

Gratiot,  Henry  R 83,     84 

Gratiot,  John  "  Bunyon," 

96,     97 

Gratiot,  John  R 98 

Gratiot,  Julia 59 

Gratiot,  Julie 71 

Gratiot,  Jules  de  M...100,   101 




Gratiot,  Louise  1 91,     92 

Gratiot,  Marie  L 82,     83 

Gratiot,  Marie  T 79 

Gratiot,  Marie  V 78 

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Labbadie,  Emily 105,  106 

Labbadie,  Pelagie 121 

Labbadie,  Sophie 50 

Labbadie,  Sylvester 105 

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Maclot,  Virginia  E 62 

Maffitt,  Nancy 58 

Maffitt,  Pierre  C....1 58 

Maffitt,  William 57 

Marcy,  Etta 84 

Markley,  Elizabeth 55 

Marmion,  R.  A 32 

Masure,  Amiee 127 

Masure,  Atbalie 156 

Masure,  Augusta 156 

Masure,  Henri 127 




Masure,  Therese ...  157 

McCarthy,  Mollie 54 

MeDennott,  J.  F 51 

McNair,  Stella.  76 

Mellier,  Albin 43 

Menil,  A.  M.  de 50,  51 

Menil,  Nicola  de 50 

Menkins,  Virginia 41,  42 

Mitchell,  Charles 114 

Mitchell,  W.  C 65 

Montholon,  Aline  de 78 

Montholon,  Charles  F.  de  78 

Moore,  Martha 144 

Morgan,  Henry  A 16 

Morrison,  J.  L.  D 122,  123 

Morrison,  Martha 123 

Morrison,  Virginia 123,  124 

Moses,  A.  Gratz 150,  151 

Moulins,  Marie  de 131 

Mulholland,  Elizabeth 145 

Mun,  Isabelle  de 93,  94 

Mun,  Jules  de 91,  92 

Mun,  Julie  de 154 

Murdoch,  Laura 129 

Murphy,  Joseph 117 

Nash,  C.  N 135 

Newman,  William 134 

Nidelet,  Celeste 114 

Nidelet,  Frank 114 

Nidelet,  Lizzie 114,115,  116 

Nidelet,  Stephen 113 

Noble,  Ella  A 83 

Noel,  Charles Ill 

Noonan,  Thomas J20 

Norcum,  Henry  T 146 

Nutt,  C.   R 135 

Ogle,  Felicite 135 


Ouinette,  Charles 156 

Papin,  Aimee  H 129 

Papin,  Alexander  L 126 

Papin,  Alise 131 

Papin,  Armentine 146 

Papin,  Emile  S 147 

Papin,  Emilie 141,  142 

Papin,  Emily  L 135 

Papin,  Eugene 132 

Papin,  Fannie 127 

Papin,  F.  Ashley 153 

Papin,  Henri 153 

Papin,  Hypolite  L  130 

Papin,  Joseph  M 124 

Papin,  J.Theodore 130 

Papin,  Leon  J 146,  147 

Papin,  Louisa  M 133 

Papin,  Margueritel25,126,  127 

Papin,  Marie 150,  151 

Papin,  Marie  A 147 

Papin,  Marie  C 137,  140 

Papin,  Marie  E 132 

Papin,  Marie  J 136 

Papin,  Marie  M 132 

Papin,  Marie  T 154 

Papin,  Palmire 146 

Papin,  Pierre  D 145 

Papin,  Pierre  M 131 

Papin,  Sophie 131 

Papin,  Sylvestre  V 136 

Papin,  T.  Adolph 153 

Papin,  Theodore  D 149 

Papin,  Theophile 140,  141 

Papin,  Timothy  L 139,  140 

Papin,  Zoe 131,  133 

Papin,  ZoeS 147,  148 

Paul,  Adolph 41,  42 




Paul,  Amelie  C 35 

Paul,  Augustus  C 30,  31 

Paul,  Beatrice 32 

Paul,  Edinond  W 33 

Paul,  Estelle  F 40 

Paul,  Gabriel 41 

Paul,  Gabriel  R.26,  27,  31,  32 

Paul,  Genevieve 33 

Paul,  Gertrude 29 

Paul,  Harriet 29 

Paul,  Julia 28 

Paul,  Louisa  A 36,  37,  38 

Paul,  Medora  J 35 

Paul,  Rene 25,  26 

Paul,  Theresa 42 

Paul,  Tullia  C 38,  39 

Pease,  Athalie 157,  158 

Pease,  Joseph  D 157 

Pease,  Oliver  C 158 

Pedreauville,  Adele 97 

Peugnet,  Armand 112 

Peugnet,  Ernest 112 

Peugnet,  Louis  D 112 

Phinney,  James  A 16 

Phinney,  Marguerite  H 16 

Phinney,  J.  A 15 

Phinney,  Susan  B 16 

Plunkett,  Edward Ill 

Plummer,  Susan 75 

Prather,  J.  Griff 137,  138 

Prather,  Louise 138,  139 

Pratte,  Aimee 121 

Pratte,  Bernard...  105,  106,  107 

Pratte,  Celeste 113 

Pratte,   Emilie 110 

Pratte,  Julie 108,  109 

Pratte,  Lena 109,  110 


Pratte,  Louise 108 

Pratte,  Pelagic. ..117,  118,   119 

Pratte,  Sylvestre  A 110 

Pratte,  Theresa  S Ill,   112 

Priest,  Augustus 54 

Priest,  John  G 64 

Priest,  Mark 55 

Priest,  Thomas  H 55 

Provenchere,  Felix 147,   148 

Randolph,  Arthur  L 20 

Reel,  Mary 41 

Renick,  ^Nettie 114 

Ripley,  Viola 63 

Robinson,  P.  G 109,   110 

Rogers,  Louise  Doxon..31,     32 

Russell,  Martha 122 

Ruth,  IdaM 147 

St.  Vraiu,  Amelie  de 33 

Samuels,  Alice 38,     39 

Sanford,  Benjamin  C 56 

Sanford,  John  T 56 

Sanford,  Pierre  C 57 

Sanguinett,  Constance..  10,     11 

Sarpy,  Adele 122,   123 

Sarpy,  John  B 121,   122 

Sarpy,  Virginia 66,   112 

Saucier,  Brigite 49 

Saucier,  Marie 153 

Schnerr,  C 157 

Schultz,  AH 128 

Sheldon,  Anne  E 82 

Sherwin,  Frank 109 

Shroup,  Charles 132 

Sill,  Amanda 155 

Sloan,  May 110 

Smith,  Ellsworth 155 

Smith,  Julie 155 




Smith,  Philomina 46 

Smith,  Thomas  Floyd. ..43,     44 

Stivers,  Charles  B 29 

Tarrauts,  Nancy 87 

Taylor,  Clay 108 

Taylor,  George  R 42 

Taylor,  Ida  R 14 

Taylor,  James 29 

Taylor,  Laura 43 

Taylor,  William  S 66 

Thompson,  Helene 112 

Tice,  Douglas  W 143 

Tracy,  Belle 135 

Tracy,  Edward  M 133 

Tracy,  Elise 134 

Tracy,  Marie  J 134 

Tracy,  Theodore 134 

Treadway,  Manning. 139 

Ulrici,  R.  W 41 

Valle,  Blanche 19 

Valle,  Francis  Neree 18 

Valle,  Jessie 65 

Valle,  Genevieve  M 20 

Vion,  Adeline 130 

Von  Phul,  Celeste 116,  117 

Von  Phul,  Elizabeth 117 


Von  Phul,  Frederick, 

114,  115,   116 

Von  Phul,  Marie 117 

Von  Phul,  Stephen 117 

Walker,  W.  H 131 

Walsh,  Edward 58,  93,     94 

Walsh,  George 77 

Walsh,  Julius  S 96 

Washburne,  Elihu  B....87,     88 
Washburne,  Hempstead. 88,  89 

Washburne,  Marie  L 90 

Washburne,  Susanne  A....     89 

Waterman,   A.  M 75 

Watson, R.J 52 

Watson,  Sophie 52 

Waugh,  James 135 

Weisinger,  Blanche 45 

Wheat,  Amanda 98 

Whistler,  Mary  A 27,     28 

Wilcox,  Jeremiah 129 

Wilkinson,  J.  B 146 

Wilkinson,  Harriet 153 

Williams,  John  A 128 

Winthrop,  John  S 24 

Yarnall,  Lida 140 

Zeibig,  Augusta 159 






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Frauds  Gesso  Chouteau. 

Berenice  Menard. 

y  rede  rick 






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bJ  *"   Gratiot, 


Paul   "Messellier"   Gratiot 

Virginie  Billon. 



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E    LAE 

.■—Marie    A.-— .John   S 


Sophie  Labbadie. 

Auguste  P.  Chouteau. 



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